Cincinnati Bengals Draft Class 2022: Various winners and losers in a three-day event

The Cincinnati Bengals went with an impressive display, foresight and flexibility in this year’s preparation class. Although it did not have any fighting equipment left to the left, quarterbacks and / or more receivers, depth and future stability were achieved this week.

Although many people have benefited from their findings, they leave questions to some. Let’s see:


Lou Anarumo:

It was Coach Lou’s week, with five of the six going to his footballing side. His thumb is on both sides of the ball, as he has created a fast and moving part.

He may be on the wrong side of things for a number of years when it’s time to try this class and we see what happens with Vonn Bell and Jessie Bates III, but he added a lot of speed and athleticism to his unit. sabbath.

Charles Burks and Robert Livingston:

The team’s defensive backs should be disappointed with how the weekend went. Not only did he get three players behind the defense, but the Bengals moved twice (a great need, to put it mildly) to take two of those players.

Daxton Hill, Cam Taylor-Britt and Tycen Anderson all bring high speed, skill and high speed. It was a sign week for the two of them teaching.

Marion Hobby:

The Bengals waited until the third round to deal with the Hobby team, but 33% of the team’s choices were made. Carter is as impressive as a moving piece on the line with the fastest running game (6’4 ”, 282), while Jeffrey Gunter provided the biggest advantage with the team’s choices (more on that later).

As mentioned earlier, add that Hobby is back with Joseph Ossai and Wyatt Hubert injured this year and this is becoming a very interesting team.

Darrin Simmons … type:

Simmons didn’t make the team sign up for any “battery members” (shooter, long snapper, punter — not that they needed several of them), but some of these options should help in speeding up punching.

Although it is not necessary, in theory, how it goes with the top choices, but one has to keep the list of Bengals in order. 2022 was not to find a newcomer to the group of different places, as was the case in the 2019-2021 classes. It’s about building on a fixed future list.

Oh, and the Bengals found a long painting on Cal Adomitis from Pittsburgh.

Locker Room:

Another set-up is another team full of top players, great roles, a record of success and / or former team leaders. Taylor-Britt and Anderson wore “C” in Nebraska, while Volson was part of the FBS powerhouse North Dakota State.

After losing a lot of glue in the locker room with CJ Uzomah, the Bengals immediately tried to recapture some of the best of their hard-hitting end-of-the-year team-building class this year.


Troy Walters:

It’s good to be there when the team’s first three recipients are the most successful in the NFL so far, but some extras on the receiving end — especially the comeback would help. Cincinnati did not choose the main receiver and one of their choices, which was a bit of a distraction.

Yes, the group retains Stanley Morgan, Jr. and Mike Thomas, and also lost Auden Tate. Lack of a recipient can also explain the likes of “The Trent’s” —Taylor and Irwin — by Pooka Williams, Jr. (listed as the recipient on the group page).

James Casey:

As was the case with Walters, Casey’s team did not add up until the free trial period (Kentucky’s Justin Rigg). Casey says he was deeply moved by Trey McBride’s performance and the team also expressed interest in preparing for Isaiah May.

Not surprisingly, it means in-depth foresight and the use of three-time draft plans in high school, but not just once with a solid environment. The group lost Uzomah to free will and has expired contractors after 2022 with Hayden Hurst and Drew Sample.

Old Security:

As mentioned in Wednesday’s winners and losers, Bates, Bell and Brandon Wilson all have contracts expiring this season. We are aware of the history and lack of long-term management systems with Bates, so the selection of three defenders and two potential defenders will affect things in the team going forward.

The Daxton Hill and Tycen Anderson choices show a number of things. Number one, it is a possible sign that the Bates and Bengals camp is very different for any of the long-term nations. And, secondly, it gives Cincinnati more power and influence in the negotiations of three players going forward.


Apple had a tough 2021 season and it was amazing for the Bengals. Personally, he is at the top of our list of “Unsung Hero of the Year” awards, for riding with Trae Waynes and playing the best football in his professional career.

However, when the Bengals did not find Stephon Gilmore (whether it was real or not), we knew that the creditors would be at the top of the list. Hill will be part of the Swiss Army Knife, which should replace Ricardo Allen in the first place, but Taylor has already realized that Taylor-Britt is vying for a place in the outside world.

Brian Callahan:

After exciting classes and frustrating choices in the first two competitions in all three of Zac Taylor’s previous recordings, the Callahan team bounced back on Saturday. It didn’t help that the Bengals ended the weekend with fewer choices than they started with, but only one in six were selected for his football career.

Amid the group collapsing in some way, upcoming defense defenses and the Bengals violating Taylor’s previous classes, Callahan’s team sat back this week.

Jackson Carman and Hakeem Adeniji:

When the Bengals elected Cordell Volson, many people pressured him to become the leader of the group. But, really the guards are where Volson seems to be heading.

“The strength they play with, the strength they play with,” Frank Pollack said via “I don’t think they have a problem getting in,” Pollack said as the Bengals picked up their first player over the weekend. “(He is) the best driver out there. There are so many guys playing tackles that I don’t think they can play inside.”

With what has been said in the past by frustrating coaches who see Adeniji looking in and Carman being shot when there were no left-handed guards, it looks like the two could have a good job for them. With Adeniji being Jim Turner’s successor and a shocking report on Carman earlier this week, the directors could be fighting for a starting position right away.

Wyatt Hubert and Khalid Kareem:

Assistant referee Marion Hobby told me on Super Bowl media week that she loves the guys she signed last year, from Hubert and Joseph Ossai. Their return to the lineup seems like an additional option, but Hubert and Kareem, elected in 2019, are competing in this year’s class.

Kareem has always been hailed as a stand-alone player on the line, but his failure to constantly interrupt is something to look forward to with Zachary Carter’s selection. The selection of the third team of 2022 by a businessman, also climbed to EDGE, with his play in the 280s last year.

Hubert has a role as a runner, but so is his seventh teammate at Gunter.

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