Children’s drummer from inside SP participates in an international competition for the second time: ‘Inspiration for other children’. Sorocaba and Jundiaí

A Sorokaba (SP) child drummer with a passion for music has conquered the world. Nine-year-old Beatriz da Silva Ferreira (Bibi) has been playing the instrument since the age of four and has inspired children around the world, even participating in an international drum competition for the second time.

Per g1The father of “BB No Drummer”, as he is known, Ailson Ferreira, says he learned about the competition through a drummer who follows his daughter on social networks.

“He cites other Brazilian drummers as a reference who have already competed in several competitions and said that BB has a lot of potential. He has given us incentives and he participated last year,” he reported.

In the 2021 international competition Hit Like A Girl competed with more than 70 drummers from around the world, the BB participated in two categories: the 13-year-old world and the 17-year-old Latin America.

“He was the only Brazilian kid in the competition and had an exciting place. In the best drummer category in the world, he was fourth and he was third in Latin America. The competition opened many doors for him and, this year, he is participating again.”

‘Bibi Na Batara’ dreams of taking Brazil to the world – Photo: Bibi Na Batara / Personal Archive

In 2022, BB again represented the city and country in the hit category Like a Girl. According to the father, the competition covers several situations: the technique used in the drum, the analysis of creativity and naturalness. Winners will be announced May 20, in online format.

To participate, each contestant must submit a one- to three-minute video, write a short biography to talk about their musical journey and inspiration, and submit a recent picture of their work on the song. Check out the video that BB sent to this contest Link.

“We took a jazz background and it was BB who created the music story. It was incredible,” Dad said.

Raimundos plays ‘Bibi Na Drummer’ on the show in Votorantime

Bibi has inspired children around the world to dream of mixing hobbies, having fun and even making a living from it. On social media, he has become an influential figure in the field of music and has received many messages.

Directed by her father, the little girl has more than 44,000 followers on social networks. The posts have started playing an instrument to many children and many older people.

“These days we called an African from Cape Verde, and he told us he used his video as inspiration, even to overcome the prejudice against women in music.”

On Friday (29), BB invites him to the school where he is studying to give a presentation to the high school students. All of these encourage other students to pay attention to the music part.

‘BB or Drummer’ playing at school – Photo: Personal Archive

Even though the music did not come from a family, Bibi was born with the gift of music. Always encouraged by his parents, he started playing drums at the age of four.

Bibi is playing drums in Sorokaba at the age of five

Bibi is playing drums in Sorokaba at the age of five

“It’s hard to explain his talent and musicality. He learns complex songs easily. He has no idea about his talent. He played it.”

The little one says he plays for an hour a day, because the rest of the time is divided between school work, cartoons and games. Bibi said she dreams of working as a drummer when she grows up, but she also wants to be a veterinarian, pianist and swimmer.

‘Bibi Na Batara’ dreams of taking Brazil to the world – Photo: Bibi Na Batara / Personal Archive

The father who is by her side in all the work is proud of her daughter’s talent. “I’m a businessman, a supporter. I help in class. I make videos. I edit. I’ve learned a lot to be able to follow BB. I didn’t mess with it. I’m a metallurgist.

Currently, Bibi has played more than a hundred songs in drums. His favorite genres are rock n ‘roll, but he also plays other genres such as reggae, samba, pop, k-pop, American funky and heavy metal.

“He influences us with the songs we hear today. Something completely different from the current generation.”

‘Bibi Na Batara’ dreams of taking Brazil to the world – Photo: Bibi Na Batara / Personal Archive

With all her dedication and talent, Bibi became acquainted with great national drummers, such as Caio Cunha, Bacalhau, and Aquilas Priester. In 2019, the girl received a standing ovation when Kunha played the song “Mulhar de Fasses” with the band Raimundos after being invited.

On her social networks, Beatriz makes life with musicians from around the world. On the internet, the girl still teaches her tricks to fans.

“He says he wants to be the best drummer in the world by carrying the country’s flag. He dreams of becoming a full-fledged musician. Now, in addition to drum lessons, he is taking songs and keyboard lessons,” his father concluded.

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