Children’s City is the subject of a meeting of the municipality’s platform for evaluating policy progress for children.

Children’s City is the subject of a meeting of the municipality’s platform for evaluating policy progress for children.

Posted on 04/25/2022 at 20:20

The theme of the platform meeting of the managers and delegates of the Foundation, affiliated with City Hall, which is held periodically by the government, reached its tenth meeting this morning (25th) this morning.

The meeting was chaired by Jos আন্ত Antonio Parimoshi, head of the Government and Finance Management Unit (UGGF), and was attended by Claudia Vidigal, a representative of the Dutch Bernard van Leer Foundation in Brazil, and Paula Mendonোনa, coordinator of the “Krianka” project. e Natureza “, from Instituto Alana, is a well-known organization on childhood issues and an important partner of Jundiaí.

“Jundiaí has ​​been a reference for other municipalities in terms of various topics, including the Cidade das Crianças program. In this sense, the meeting reaffirms Mayor Luiz Fernando Machado’s commitment to the intersectoral planning of public policy for children, which is multidimensional in transversal and scope, but reaches a significant portion of the population who need municipal public services in essential areas. Such as health, education, social assistance etc. Our priority is to provide programmed activities in the 2022-2025 Multi-Year Plan, which was prepared with the participation of children created by the WG (Working Group). It allows the city to realize the progress we are making in the policy dedicated to childhood, ”said Parimoshi.

The meeting was held in the city hall on Monday (25) morning

Representatives from the consultancy Atelier Navio also attended the meeting, which facilitated the intervention of the institute in the area, mainly in the municipality, mainly Fabrica das Infancius Japi, and in Villa Arens and Jardinas in Novo Horizonte and Sao Camillo.

“The ‘Children’s City’ program is a priority for the government and for that purpose, a child (WG) was placed in the City Working Group, as directed by the Alana Institute with representatives from the Management Unit. The meeting reaffirms the commitment of City Hall and is a new opportunity to sensitize all government officials on the issue, “said Marcello Peroni, culture manager, one of the WG members and responsible for chairing the Children’s Committee meeting.

Claudia Vidigal congratulated City Hall on initiatives such as active search for families in socially vulnerable situations, the Creansa Feliz program, unpaid return to school after the epidemic, and the Escola Inovadora program, in addition to work on municipal planning. . Of Early Childhood (PMPI), whose bill will be sent to the legislature for approval Claudia Mini-Documentary “Beginning of Life 2 – La Fora | The city and the children: a good place for everyone “, which illustrates part of the Jundia experience.

Representatives from the Bernard Van Leer Foundation and the Alana Institute attended the meeting

“Jundiai is not at the forefront of the movement that big cities around the world have created for children, and it involves a lot of participation and dialogue. That’s why it’s an innovation point in Brazil’s Urban 95 network, which includes 24 municipalities,” he said.

Paula Mendonsa shares her experience of hearing aids at the municipality, both by the children’s committee and in the proposed expedition to schools in the vicinity of Fábrica das Infâncias Japy, a cultural facility recently inaugurated by City Hall, with a natural park and first kindergarten area. Will also be placed.

The managers also addressed the importance of changing themes related to childhood and their interface in areas such as education, health, culture, mobility and urban planning.

The meeting also includes presentations by both UGGF Central Planning and Governance Units and Delivery Units on the actions, guidelines and targets set by the government in the Cidade das Crianças program in PPA 2022-2025.

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