Children who play team games have a lower risk of depression

According to research published in the scientific journal Plos One, those who play team sports have a 10% lower risk of depression and anxiety than those who do no activity. The survey was conducted by California State University in the United States and included data from 11,000 children aged nine to 13 years.

On the other hand, individual sports such as tennis or wrestling, for example, can increase the risk of anxiety by 15%. Children who play team sports are also 17% less likely to have social problems and 12% less likely to develop attention deficit disorder.

According to scientists, activities with other people create a healthy sense of competition, enhance opportunities for positive social interaction, and develop feelings of closeness and companionship with other participants.


Meanwhile, solitary sports performance can be responsible for anxiety, when a person is very nervous about his or her own outcomes and parental expectations can increase the child’s stress.

Researchers say more studies are needed to determine which sports can be a “problem” for children and to understand how other individual living conditions interfere with the problem. The study should follow participants for 10 years.

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