Children conduct educational blitz against forest fires

The students approached 430 vehicles that were traveling around the main entrance of Jardim Botanico de Brasilia.

Students at Escola Classe Jardim Botânico celebrated National Environmental Education Day, this Friday (3), with a forest fire prevention and combat plan (PPCIF) and did their homework.

The students approached 430 vehicles that were traveling around the main entrance of Jardim Botanico de Brasilia to give a class on how to help the Federal District reduce fire-damaged areas during drought.

In DF, most forest fires are caused by burning pruning residues and clearing areas and pastures. Carolina Schubert, who is technically responsible for PPCIF at Environment Secretary (SEMA), said the move was important for Botanical Garden residents “to know how to avoid fires and who to go to when the drought is getting worse.” . ” He added that “the drivers were very appreciative of the move, appreciated it and showed themselves to be partners of the organizations present there.”

When it comes to partnering with students, he believes that an initiative of this size, which allows 10-year-olds to contribute to the sustainability of their region, will make a big difference in their lives. “They worked together as a team and learned this morning that they are a great source of information for family and friends. I think it’s a great value for the environment, “he said.

Students at the Escola Classe Jardim Botânico join members of the Blitz Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting Plan (PPCIF) this Friday (3).

The director of the school, Adriana Muzi, said the children loved the experience. “It simply came to our notice then. They were used in all teaching and material work produced in the classroom. They were in touch with the people, taking the position of ‘teachers’ and passing on all the knowledge they had acquired over the weeks, “he observed.

Pedro Cardoso, director of the forest fire prevention and prevention department at Brasilia Ambiental, explained that the blitz was done annually and was interrupted during a period of social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. “Today’s action marks our return to the road to conducting one of the most important environmental education activities, primarily because it gives us the opportunity to speak with those who live in the vicinity of the conservation unit, who are part of today’s organization and the children who make PPCIF.”

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Public health

Cardoso concludes that joint work allows both PPCIF to showcase its work and educate the population to avoid pruning remnants and burning empty lots. “The fire spreads and enters the unit, in favor of the emergence of forest fires, which could have a very negative impact on both the environment and public health in the region,” he said.

Diego Miranda, conservation manager of the Brasilia Botanical Garden, agrees. For him, the importance of joint and preventive measures is to spread public awareness, which reduces the number of incidents and avoids the indiscriminate use of fire. “Given that we are already in a favorable situation for the spread of fires that cause not only the death of animals and plants, but also many public health problems,” he said.


Corporal FensterSaefer of the Environmental Protection Group, noted the presence of children. “This initiative helps raise awareness, teaches them that burning garbage is wrong. For the rest of the pruning, composting would be ideal and the remaining debris would go to equipment like the Urban Cleaning Service (SLU) Garbage Sweeper. “

While working on the theme in the classroom, each child was invited to create drawings and drawings to be distributed on educational blitz. The younger Joao Pedro took the opportunity to record an important message of his work: “Do not cut down trees. Nature thanks you. “

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When you see a fire, call: 193 – Fire Department – and (61) 99224-7202 – for a fire at the Ecological Park and Conservation Unit.

* With information from DF Environment Department

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