Chiefs Free Agency: at WR Justyn Ross, GM Brett Veach trusts team doctors

On Monday, Kansas City Chiefs reportedly signed former Clemson receiver Justyn Ross on a free contract deal. With hundreds of unregistered players pushing to keep up with the team and the opportunity to test, Ross is set to become the highest-profile player to ever hear his name in the NFL Draft last week.

As a newcomer and sophomore, Ross seemed to be in the top 10; he was the best receiver in the Clemson teams who appeared in the 2018 and 2019. World Cup games. Unfortunately, Ross missed the 2020 season after being diagnosed with a bulging disc that required spinal surgery. When he returned to the field in 2021, none of Ross (or the entire program) seemed to be great. After a prearranged procedure that was difficult to deal with with a foot injury, she went unprepared.

At his press conference earlier on Tuesday, Chiefs general manager Brett Veach discussed how his team felt free to add a talented player with a serious injury, citing a recent medical example that the team has already started.

“I’m with Justyn,” Veach explained, “everyone knows his story – he’s a very talented man who was injured in Clemson. If you go back last year to the time Trey Smith was established, I’ve always said that our doctors are on the right side.”

Smith – the 2021 team’s nominee for the senior team – joined the team due to a blood clot in his lungs that caused him to miss most of his time in Tennessee. But Kansas City team doctors believed the problem was behind him – and by 2021, he had started every game he deserved.

“We’ve been in a long time – and I know our doctors in the (University of Kansas Health System) have been talking to the experts who worked with Justyn – and he’s been fired,” Veach said. “I know how good our medical staff are – both (Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance) Rick (Burkholder) and his team and the docs we have at KU. , ‘I’m not trying to be a doctor right away and trying to say,’ Well, this team said that. ‘ Pa, [if] our doctors say, ‘We’re fine,’ we’re fine. And Rick and his staff said, ‘We are good.’

Veach also admitted that spinal surgery was not the only thing that caused Ross to step down from the writing board.

“I think one of the things that came out was the foot,” recalled Veach, “and what stopped him at the end of the season. And then I think he didn’t have time to try and teach, I think. about a couple of seasons ago with a neck. But I think you just throw a foot, not having time to try. ”

A former working relationship with Ross’ assistant helped him move to Kansas City.

“I know his assistant very well,” Veach said. “Tory Dandy – Sammy Watkins’ assistant – joined us as the work progressed. When the writing was completed, she was just passing through – and we connected. So yesterday, we reconnected.

Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK

What Ross has done in the past will not be a problem as the Chiefs are considering what they can bring to the list.

“According to expectations,” Veach said, “like most of these guys – whether you’re a first or second runner – you should come here to study a game book. You should have it. [the] confidence [of] training staff to do your job. You need to be confident [of] Pat (Mahomes) to make you believe you are doing your job. And if he can, I would say a smart guy – as long as he’s healthy – will shoot. It will just come to him and the way he deals with the game and moves – and becomes healthier – and becomes more active in looking back and forth. [doing] things he can do to his body.

“But there are a lot of guys who are in the same boat: when you come here, with a combination of talent, be smart. [and] being on top of education — and that means when you’re away from the place, too. So, like many young people, if they do those things — based on their ability — they should come here and help.

“But I think that’s the beauty of the 90-person list: where the guys come in and I always tell them, ‘We’ll keep the best players.’ [It] it does not matter where you are registered or where you are selected. If that person comes here and finds a place in the team, we will be fine with it. But I just think it will be a very interesting race in just five or six rounds. I think we have a lot of talent out there. “

Ross’ first chance to impress with his new coaches comes this week as the Chiefs host their annual rookie camp. To learn more about his suitability with the Chiefs, please read Kristian Gumminger’s excellent review.

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