Chicago Blackhawks finds Chicago Cubs’ Jeff Greenberg as front office

The Chicago Blackhawks are hiring Jeff Greenberg, the former Chicago Cubs, as their new chief executive.

Chief executive Kyle Davidson confirmed the matter to ESPN on Thursday, saying Greenberg “will help carry the Blackhawks to the next generation.”

“That’s where I want to go,” Davidson told ESPN. ‘The area that most other sports currently have, to improve, to improve and to add to the forefront of decision-making, that hockey does not play. To a significant extent, in my opinion. “

Davidson, 33, was appointed general manager in March after ownership led a number of searches, including Greenberg, 36, as the finalist. Davidson has now completed what he calls a “core brain trust” after hiring NHL chief executive Mac Maciver as another senior manager. Maciver, 57, worked for the Blackhawks for 14 years before moving to Seattle Kraken. Maciver will oversee Chicago operations.

The Blackhawks are in the early stages of reconstruction, and Davidson said as they progress, the team wants to renovate his office and change its technology. In particular, Greenberg will be tasked with building new computer systems and software that will be able to streamline the organization’s information – a journey he has had in the past with Children. Davidson said in the end, the team will have all the information in the middle and “up to our finger” which “will reduce things like unwanted phones.”

“I started a conversation with GM, and it sounded good, and it made sense to talk to [Davidson] and [Maciver] recently, that there is an opportunity to do something new here. There is a desire to bring back some of the things we have made in baseball that can help make decisions – and this will affect everything from researching to developing players to finding players. “

Greenberg spent 11 years playing baseball with the Cubs, plus recently as a senior assistant coach. He joined the club in 2011 and contributed to the reorganization that delivered the 2016 World Series in Chicago.

“I had a special experience with the Cubs to get down, and show what we were building,” Greenberg said. “To build a sports team, the ability to develop domestic talent is important; this is not dangerous and should not surprise anyone who listens. The problem is, how do you do it? How do you do it? that’s where you can split up. “

Greenberg, who has a law degree, also worked at the front offices of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Pittsburgh Pirates, and spent time with Major League baseball working on staff liaison. Davidson said Greenberg does not participate in the day-to-day running of pay and contracts, even if his team oversees it. Davidson said the Blackhawks will fill in for the rest of the hockey team in the coming weeks.

Davidson warned that the sections Greenberg wanted to make “would take time” and “were not made overnight.”

“We’re just starting the first phase of rebuilding,” Davidson said. “I’m happy, and I’m happy about this job because we now have a cornerstone that can make ice cream.”

Although he spent most of his career in baseball, Greenberg said he always considered himself a “heart hockey man.” Greenberg started gymnastics at the age of 3 and played hockey growing up. She was raised in Pittsburgh, realizing that she was born the year Mario Lemieux was drafted by the Penguins, and enjoyed the success of Pittsburgh until the 1990s.

Greenberg will start with the Blackhawks on May 9th.


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