Check out the animations that talk about blackness for kids

Released in 2019, ‘Hair Love’ was a big Oscar winner in the Best Animated Short Film category in 2020.

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Representation and anti-apartheid education are issues that are always on the agenda and are essential in discussions of racial equality. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 56% of the Brazilian population is black or brown. The population is the majority, but the minority in terms of space in movies and television.

The director and the journalist said that he did not know himself in the movie Diane Rosario Decided to study communication. At the age of 30, he is a filmmaker who helps us bring presentations to the screen and acknowledges the importance of this work in childhood. “Art has the power to transform imagination. When we use cinema as a tool to encourage children to discover their content, they begin to connect with their own identities,” the director explained.

“Often, black babies are born without this reference. I’m thirty years old and I realize that in my own childhood, we had more market deficits than we do today.”

Thinking about the references that children will carry in the future from childhood and now, he celebrates the quality of new work that has found a place in the media. “My nieces have basic things like black dolls, the presence of black characters in cartoons and on TV. We have moved on and this is the result of public policy and the demands of the black movement. .

The works are not exclusive to the black population and there are many films available for those who need help in this mission. With the help of Daiane Rosário and other experts in the area, Estadao I have selected some work that can help in this mission.

Watch with kids:

1. ‘Kiriku and the Magician’

Kiriku It was the first children’s film to reproduce the culture and traditions of the African people, especially the thinking about black children. It is based on a legend introduced by the tradition of oral tradition and directed by the French Michel Oselt, who was part of his life in Guinea.

The film was released in 1998 and tells the story of the brave Kiriku, a child who decides to confront a witch who threatens the village where the little boy lives with his family. With the help of his uncle, he decides to find the woman and tell her to stop spreading evil propaganda. After meeting him, they discover that people are not always as bad as they seem.

2. ‘Hair love’

Love the hair A film about curly hair, affection and self-esteem. Released in 2019, it was the big winner of the Oscar in the category of Best Animated Short Film in 2020. The film tells the story of a black family living in the United States and when the jury realizes that the little girl has run into problems, the jury itself is dissatisfied with the hair. The baby’s father completes the jury’s task of rebuilding his self-esteem and relies on the help of a comb, cream, lots of creativity, some bobby pins and a dose of love to show his daughter.

Where to look: HBO Max

3. ‘Spirit’

Released in 2020, Spirit A Disney movie that talks about dreams. Joe became a musician and high school teacher. Enthusiastic about jazz, he did not have big ambitions, life did not meet his expectations and after death, his soul began to help people discover their true passion and role. In one of these trips, he discovers that the world could be bigger and more fun than he imagined, as his passion for music turned into a passion for life.

Where to look: Disney +

4. ‘Nana and Nil’

Nana and Neel Two twin children who visit the Amazon and remember the importance of protecting animals and forests so that the world can balance. In the adventure, the pair discover a Brazilian with animals of different cultures, rhythms and different shapes and colors. They show that despite the differences, animals and humans can be friends, just respect the cultural characteristics of each state and exploit the best that Brazil can offer.

The animation was created by Brazilian and producer Shav.

5. ‘Super Shock’

One of the most watched animations on Brazilian Open TV in the early 2000s, Super shock Virgil Hawkins tells the story of a teenager who, due to an accident, ends up developing electromagnetic energy. He is excited by the power of super power and power control and uses his power to fight crime. In 2019, the animation won a live action produced by HBO.

Where to look: HBO Max

6. ‘World of Action’

Can girls rape? Karma Grant to prove that he is the star of this animation. Full of talent and dreams, the young woman could not stop composing rhymes and compositions. But at school, the boys think he shouldn’t even try. Some people think that her hair is ‘very curly’, while others think that she is ‘very girl’. But Karma knows one thing: ‘Whatever you throw into the world, comes back to you’, so he shares his love, his passion for music and his desire and courage to change the world through his rhymes.

Where to watch: Netflix


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