Check out English learning tips on the internet without falling into the trap

A company that acts as a virtual job board, the 57th payroll survey by Catho, indicates that an employee’s remuneration in English, in a management position, is up to 70% higher than that of a professional in the same classified level, but without language fluency. With this need in mind, telemarketer Hebert Cena, 23, wants to expand his knowledge of English through a course, but he sees financial problems as a barrier.

In conversation in English, Hebert learned through music, series and movies that he could read and understand very little. Its strategy in 2022 was to focus on one area that guarantees fast professional returns. Since she earns little, she chooses a scholarship from Educa Mice Brasil for a technical course in nursing. For him, qualification is the kick-off for building a career in healthcare. As her income improves, she believes she will find resources to expand her knowledge in English through an online course.

“I believe that nowadays, job interviews are not as different as before. Today it is already a basic prerequisite to even send a resume. I want to get this highlight and master a new language “, he explained.

Hebert sees with skepticism the miraculous promise of fluency announced on the Internet in a matter of months, strategies for those who want to learn for themselves, and even very cheap courses. The young man believes that this type of training requires investment and special professional assistance. “I admit that I’m a little skeptical about a very, very cheap course or institution that I’ve never heard of. That’s because I think the course at a traditional language school isn’t really cheap, “he said.

With his experience teaching English online, Professor Alessandro Vasconcelos understands Hebert’s fears and believes that caution is needed in the face of a promise to teach very quickly. For him, learning is a constant thing and reading this concept of fluency in a very short time can bring harm and frustration to the student. “In the three months since we started the journey towards zero results, you can’t reach the end in the time you set, and it will be frustrating. CNA Go’s online teacher highlights that this irresistible expectation is one of the main reasons why students are locked up and develop beliefs that limit their learning.

Vasconcelos believes that without the numerous promises of proven learning, proven methods or quality of teaching materials, ultimately, the result of a project that has little commitment to the student. He quoted a phrase from Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman that “in virtual life everything is easy, but we have lost the art of social relations and friendship”. “I dare say that this false promise of ease and speed would be what Bauman would call ‘liquid English’, where the promise of learning is less.

How to start learning another language with little money?

Professor Alessandro noted that the first and most valuable tip in starting to learn English or any other language is to break down the limited beliefs that exist in common sense. “The number of students who start an English course (front-facing, hybrid or online) with the idea that speaking English will be difficult, English pronunciation is complicated, everything has to be written backwards in English. There is no real freedom to let the learning process happen without constructing these maxims, ”the teacher observed.

The second step, of course, is to understand that learning is a process. It requires time and investment – not just financial, but personal. A tip for those who want to get started: Find alternatives that match your income “It’s important to understand that English is an investment, not an expense, because at the first sign of a crisis, we need to cut back. One important thing is to invest in our career which is consistent with our earnings. Here comes the choice of course type. It is imperative that the value of the investment fits into the budget without compromising where necessary, ”advises Professor Alessandro.

Accessible and reliable English

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. On the internet, the options are numerous and it is possible to know more about the quality of the course with a simple click. There are complete online options, such as CNA Go, which is part of CNA, one of the largest networks of language schools in Brazil.

At CNA Go, there are affordable plans with monthly fees between R $ 65 and R $ 200. To make the value more accessible, the company has a partnership with Educa Mais Brasil, a student incentive program. Together, they offer up to 35% discount on English scholarships, which over the course are over R $ 700.

Despite being 100% virtual, the student does not feel that he is learning alone, one of the fears of student Hebert. At CNA Go, there are live conversation classes. Super Class addresses current issues in real time and under the guidance of a teacher. “We recently had a Christmas class which was a huge success! The great thing about these classes (recorded and live) is that students can choose to review new content on a variety of topics or review it to better understand, whenever they want, without time constraints, “said Professor Alessandro. Professors responsible for.

One of the positive points of the course method is to work with the difficulty of the students beyond “you made a mistake, try again”. “The goal of the exercises is to train this student, to provide an explanation of the content that will help him achieve the right results in the activity,” explains Alessandro.

The teacher further emphasizes that in order to ensure greater learning, the student is supported by exercises within the application that train the four skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – in addition to the video class, the possibility of dispelling doubts. The teacher will answer the application online and get the help materials in PDF for download.

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