Cheap SUVs face the truth of the numbers

Alone on its planet, Dacia consolidated its place as an affordable producer over time, benefiting from a positive financial context. Its fashions could improve in value, they’re nonetheless clearly under the competitors and stay, no matter occurs, unbeatable if we superimpose the companies supplied by the vehicles.. But if the Europeans due to this fact gave up the battle in opposition to Dacia, the Chinese themselves believed that they might compete with the Romanians. By hatching electrical vehicles, which they grasp a lot better than thermal vehicles, main Asian producers have discovered their entrance into the Old Continent, whereas at the similar time, not depriving themselves of explosive and low-cost PHEV gross sales. Thus the MG ZS, at €17,990 at entry stage, has no rivals apart from the Duster, which begins at €16,990 however sells for €18,950 in primarily Expression end.. Beyond all impressions of life on board, we particularly wished to match these two fellows based mostly on statistics, undisputed information.

The petrol MG ZS is sold from €17,990.  © MG

Mechanics and weight: similar!

To put these two small SUVs on par, nevertheless, it’s essential to go to the dearer model of the ZS, as a result of the entry-level Comfort inherits a 4-cylinder 1.5 atmospheric 105 hp, that’s, a distinct structure of the finest. -selling Dusters, particularly the ECO-G 100 and its 3-cylinder 1.0 Turbo. To profit from such mechanics in the MG, you need to step as much as the Luxury trim, which gives a 111 hp 3-cylinder 1.0 turbo from General Motors along with the 4-cylinder 105.. Thus outfitted, our two heroes are even surprisingly shut of their measurements. On our unbiased scale, they weigh precisely the similar: 1,300 kg in working order with a full tank.

to measure MG ZS Dacia Duster
to measuresize MG ZS4.32 m Dacia Duster4.34 m
to measuresize MG ZS1.81 m Dacia Duster1.80 m
to measurepeak MG ZS1.65 m Dacia Duster1.69 m
to measurewheelbase MG ZS2.58 m Dacia Duster2.67 m

The legal guidelines of physics are simple, the urge for food of these two crossovers is sort of similar. Perhaps a little bit higher streamlined than the Duster and benefiting from the final tall gear, the MG ZS even manages to avoid wasting a couple of deciliters per 100 kilometers on the highway and freeway., which permits it to do barely higher on our weighted common of 40% metropolis, 40% freeway, and 20% freeway. On the different hand, if it’s not much less grasping than its counterpart of American origin, the 3-cylinder Renault maintains a giant benefit: its LPG compatibility, which provides the Duster XXL autonomy for 2 separate tanks.

Verified gasoline consumption of MG ZS and Dacia Duster

bicycle MG ZS Dacia Duster
bicycleCity prices MG ZS7.4l/100km Dacia Duster7.4l/100km
bicyclehighway value MG ZS7.9l/100km Dacia Duster8.0l/100km
bicycleFreeway prices MG ZS9.0l/100km Dacia Duster9.1l/100km
bicyclecommon value MG ZS7.9l/100km Dacia Duster8.0l/100km

Acting: To every his interest

In phrases of efficiency, the two opponents move the ball to one another, in all probability on account of totally different techniques in the field stage. Summarizing its first experiences, the Duster barely shines from 0 to 100 km/h – a pace it does not cross in the third report – and kilometers from a standing begin. Lively on start-up, the ZS on the different hand is far more sluggish, particularly between 80 and 120 km/h.. However, it’s this final space that impacts day-to-day security, whereas pure acceleration is just value evaluating. For the document, the ZS takes greater than 30 seconds to overhaul in sixth gear… Finally, the ZS brakes in addition to the Duster, even when, throughout our check, the latter was fitted with all-season tires.

Measured acceleration and pick-up of MG ZS and Dacia Duster

train MG ZS Dacia Duster
train0 to 100 km/h MG ZS11.2s Dacia Duster14.5 seconds
train1000m DA MG ZS33.4s Dacia Duster36.4s
train80 to 120 km/h in 4th gear MG ZS14.6s Dacia Duster11 seconds
train80 to 120 km/h in fifth gear MG ZS21.8s Dacia Duster15 seconds
train80 to 120 km/h in sixth gear MG ZS31.5s Dacia Duster23.8 seconds

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