Charlie Montoyo, the baseball manager who has a swing

The band of salsa llevaba 45 minutes of their first set in the Lula Lounge in a Saturday hosted by Charlie Montoyo set in the main gate. One of the dunes of the music club in Montoyo and the conductor, with his invitations, has a reserved reservation. Era la que estaba más cerca del escenario.

Montoyo, 56 years old, has a jacket and a greeting for the members of the band that knows. At the moment, Montoyo, the manager of the Toronto Azulejos — one of the most important teams in the Baseball Grand League — was arriving with the gang and the dieron, a Latin, and a Latin American instrument. The man is still sounding the questions of the hours and media.

“This night our company is the great manager of the Azulejos”, said Luis Franco, the vocalist of the band, in public in Spanish. Hizo una señal para que Montoyo se uniera a el en la parte delantera del scenario y continuó: “Este hombre está haciendo un trabajo impecable con nuestro equipo. Please, applause.

Montoyo dio un paso al frente y abrazó a Franco, mientras sonreía y saludaba al público. But he quickly preferred his position: with the band members, between the instruments.

It is possible that the baseball sea is the engine of the life of Montoyo, but the music has the following rhythm. At the office of the stage there is a replet of bongos, congas, timbales, maracas and discos. The results of the games are salsa to relax. Y, a veces, pasa los fines de semana de la temporada acampañando a las bandas en los clubs nocturnos con un güiro, an instrument quo produni sonido al terrotar un palo contra una calabaza hueca con muescas.

“Charlie saltando al escenario ha sido algo que ha estado presente en toda nuestra relación”, dijo la esposa de Montoyo, Sam, en una reciente interrevista telefónica. “I want to know how to look at the right side of your life with the people, and stay in the script with the gang.”

In the camp, the Azulejos are a group of entertainment and entertainment. Después de que un jugador hace un jonrón, sus compañeros corren a conseguirle una chaqueta azul, en la que aparecen los nombres de los países representados en el equipo, desde Kanada hasta la Domúpican Dominá, pasando por Cuba y Corea del Sur.

Montoyo is a great leader, even if he has a lot of time to stay at this point. After 18 years, I spent a lot of time conducting the men and women of the Tampa Bay Rays and a number of years as a trainer in the majors, finally having the opportunity to conduct in Toronto in 2019.

The cargo of a promising plant will be reconstructed and will be eliminated in 2020. Los Azulejos will be able to win another victory in the post-war season, but the 2022 commemoration will be a popular selection for the World Cup season. Hasta el miércoles, su balance era de 33-23.

En todo momento, la banda sonora de Montoyo ha sido la salsa.

“Ha estado fenomenal”, dijo el gerente general de los Azulejos, Ross Atkins, sobre Montoyo. “His experiences are always attractive to me, personally. Your experiences in minor leagues, your experiences as a player, your cultural experiences. We are exactly the ones who are waiting for the contract and something else ”.

The little city of Florida, Puerto Rico, Montoyo is in the throes of salsa and baseball. Following a convocation of four matches with the Montreal Expos in 1993 and 1,028 matches in the league leagues, Montoyo retired and commented on the coaching career.

“I always want to be a pilot,” he said at the Rogers Center in Toronto. “I don’t think you can be a musician. Poco a poco, seguí tokando. And I love salsa. But now I want to be a musician ”.

In the difference of his Germans, Montoyo never assisted the music classes in the college band. To create, to learn the music of intuitive manner. En las parrandas, una tradión puertorriqueña que es como cantar villancicos por la noche, ayudaba a tocar las maracas, el güiro o la pandereta mientras iban de puerta en puerta. In the reunions in the beach, we watched as the children of the congress and the party in the kitchen.

Montoyo has a large collection of instruments in the permanent residence of Tucson, Arizona, and in the office of the Rogers Center, which also has a dedicated sanctuary in Puerto Rico and salsa. His show of surprise with a picture of an autograph of his favorite music, Herman Olivera, and a new congress game for the office of contracting in Toronto.

Montoyo dijo quo conocer a algunos de sus héroes musicales —como Roberto Roena, Oscar Hernández, Eddie Palmieri y Olivera— ha significado para el más quo conocer a manyos jugadores de basebol famosos.

During the 2019 Spring Festival, Montoyo organized an impromptu event at the Dunedin, Florida office, with the singer Marc Anthony, with an entertainment company with a baseball agency representing the prime minister of Azulejos, Vladimir. Anthony canto “Aguanile”, the classic salsa of Willie Colón and Hector Lavoe, mintoras Montoyo tocaba los bongos. Other members of the Puerto Rico Azulejos body are summed up at the party.

(Last night in the Lula Lounge, Montoyo gave Anthony a video of his actuation. “Wepa”, the answer to Anthony in Spanish. “What a swing, papito. I love it. Made my day”).

Montoyo organizes improvisation sessions. Una vez invitó a unos cuantos muzicos del club a su oficina, y tocaron hasta las 4:00 am Pero la mayor parte del tiempo, Montoyo está solo, poniendo video musicales en la televizión horas antes de un partido y tocando.

“We are in a competitive position and the position in which it is a lot of pressure and attention from what is between clubhouse”, Said Hector Lebron, 44 years old, an interpreter of the Azulejos who play for Montoyo in the Menor League of Tampa Bay. “The music to relate to a little and to think about.”

Montoyo tocó por primera vez en el Lula Lounge en 2019. In his conversation, Luis “Luisito” Orbegoso, a local artist, said that he could find out what Montoyo knew about what he was talking about and inviting him to the club tonight. Montoyo acudió y tocó, y asi comenzó su amistad.

“Always what is in Toronto, you love me and say: ‘When are we going to take care of you? ¿Cuándo vamos a rumbear? ‘”, Dijo Orbegoso, de 51 años, que nacio en Peru i se mudó a Canadá a los 12 años. “Included in the winter, el offseason, contact me and take me videos. Nosotros somos pura salsa ”.

El Lula Lounge takes one of the things that Montoyo extras from Toronto in 2020 and 2021, when the restrictions on the Canadian pandemics of Obligation oblige the Azulejos to play in the city of Buffalo and its Florida prefabricated houses. .

“He has a water here,” said José Ortega, a co-owner of the Lula Lounge, who recommended organizing salsa classes at his Toronto apartment in 2000 with the help of a number of guests who have been able to convert to the restaurant. el club del que es copropietario con José Nieves. We know you like a member of the gang ”.

Montoyo has totally in the Lula Lounge six times in total, including two times this time of the parties in the house of the Sabbaths. It is worthwhile with the directors of the trainers of the team and they have taken care of their stay during the visit from Arizona, where they have been studying for years with their best men. Montoyo estaba cansado el día de su visita más reciente —los Azulejos estaban en medio de un tramo de 20 días seguidos de juegos— pero el club es su escape.

“If you know that you are a sabado and that we have lost a difficult part and that you are alone in the apartment, I can say that you are all right and frustrated,” said Montoyo.

As you can see, the Azulejos vencieron a los Astros de Houston —un part of que Montoyo fue expulsado en la quinta entrada por diskusir un tercer strike a Guerrero— estuvo en el Lula Lounge con la banda Luis Franco Worldwide Salsa.

“Nosotros le decimos swing”, by Alex Naar, 42 years old, a bandwagon percussionist who takes the throne of Montoyo a giro and a guide to the most modern arrangements. “He has a natural swing of music. He was in the heart. He has the rhythm. ”

Tras el primer set, Montoyo poso para las fotos con algunos fans. After a DJ classics of salsa and rehearsals, Montoyo took the stage to play the songs at the rhythm of the song. And when the gang regressed for a second set, the union.

“The baseball is very caribbean,” said Ortega, who was born in Ecuador and born in New York. “It is Puerto Rico, it is dominant, venetian, and everything is rhythm and style and gargoyle that the Latinos bring to the game. This ambience, like my hand. As you say to me, when Charlie stays here, he says: “Wow, this is a unique and perfect union of all these things.”

In all aspects of your life, Montoyo has a representative to represent in the island, where the diamond is the script.

“It’s difficult to find a level,” they said. “I don’t want to go here, sincerely, after all the years. For this I have the flag of Puerto Rico in my hand, for all hands. I am the organ of where I am and of music ”.

Poco después de la medianoche, cuedo quedaban unas pocas canciones en el segundo set de su reciente visita al Lula Lounge, Montoyo terminó. Le devolvió el güiro a Naar, le dio un abrazo y se despidió. I don’t want to, but the Azulejos have a lot of time at 1:00 pm I started and started with the teams of the team that had to come. Pero volverá.

James Wagner has a baseball cap — the Mets durante dos años y medio y ahora los Yankees— for The New York Times since June 2016. Anteriormente trabajó en The Washington Post durante seis años y cubrió a los Washington Nationals. @ByJamesWagner• Facebook

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