Champions League, round 1: Trentino Itas-Menen 3-0

Trento, November 10, 2022

Champions League, round 1: Trentino Itas-Menen 3-0

The matches qualifying for the primary round of Pool D of the 2023 CEV Champions League ended on the BLM Group Arena. The scores are:

Trentino Itas-Decospan VT Menen 3-0
(25-16, 25-17, 25-12)
TRENTINO ITAS: D’Heer 3, Sbertoli 1, Lavia 21, Lisinac 5, Nelli 19, Džavoronok 15, Pace (L); Berger 1. Ne Kaziyski, Michieletto, Depalma, Laurenzano and Podrascanin. Everything. Angelo Lorenzetti.
DECOSPAN VT MEANS: Capet 7, Van de Velde 5, Van Hoyweghen, Hainnen 5, Sinnesael 4, Kindt 6, Bille (L); Vanneste 4, Stuer (L), Dedeyne, Dermaux 2, Ocket. Pastor Frank Depestele.
STARTERS: Pop from Cluj (Romania) and Simonovska from Podgorica (Montenegro).
SAVE TIME: 22′, 23′, 20′; at 1h and 5.
NOTE: 1,630 viewers, accumulating 10,413 euros. Trentino Itas: 9 blocks, 8 aces, 9 service errors, 3 service errors, 62% in assault, 57% (21%) in reception. Decospan VT Menen: 4 blocks, 2 aces, 5 service errors, 4 service errors, 32% in assault, 34% (11%) in reception. Mvp Nellie.

Sports report. In the primary worldwide match of the season, Angelo Lorenzetti will use the fitting change, putting Sbertoli within the dribble, Nelli dealing with one another, Džavoronok and Lavia in 4 positions, Pace free and Lisinac and D’Heer within the center. Decospan VT Menen responds with Van Hoyweghen main, Lindt reverse, Capet and Hanninen spikers, Sinnesael and Van de Velde central, Bille free. The starting is within the Tuscan signal in opposition to, who acknowledges all of the energetic factors of the hosts (two assaults and two partitions) for the primary 5-2. The company battle to enter the sport by combating and Trento takes benefit of the margin (8-2), however after a while from coach Depestele they attempt to increase their heads (9-6). The Gialloblù return the fuel with the log (beating these of Sbertoli and D’Heer) and flying at +6 (13-7); the margin that will likely be unstable till 15-11 (Kindt’s assault), as a result of later Lavia entered the sport (two assaults and an ace), serving to Džavoronok the most effective seen within the first change (18-11, 22 -13) ). The closing of the primary set to 25-16, and Nelli once more seems within the service.
The second quarter was very sturdy, opened by one other sharp one from the Tuscan hammer (4-0), and characterised by a quick and fast response of the Belgians who in a couple of minutes return after their opponents (7). -6). Itas Trentino tries to shake Menen (11-8) and Lavia within the web, and on this case Mener does it due to a mistake within the web of D’Heer (11-11). Then Džavoronok (ace and pipe assault) takes care of putting issues (15-12), as a result of then on a wave of enthusiasm Trentino Itas relaxes, elevating the barrier with Lisinac and Nelli (20-15 and 23-16) and goes to 2-0 to 25-17 (D’Heer’s block).
Trentino Itas needs to shut rapidly and within the third set it begins on the hit; A shift in Lavia’s service takes it to 9-1, Nelli is distributed out on the web. Depestele rapidly runs out of time, however the hosts don’t hand over (12-6 and 15-7) and rapidly take the second consecutive 3-0 victory of the season with three factors in a row. in video games over an hour (25-12). In the final place and the debut of Berger, who instantly scored with the primary half.

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