Celtics vs. The Warriors have gotten better, trips: Stephen Curry climbed 43 points as a Golden State 2-2 series.

The NBA Finals’ 4 game between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics was a heated argument for 48 minutes when both sides met. However, in the end, it was Stephen Curry and the Warriors who played enough games to come away with a 107-97 victory to reach this series 2-2 and maintain their game ambitions.

Curry was a thriving Golden State finish with 43 games to go along with 10 appearances but was far from the only Warriors player to rise as the team was in high demand as Andrew Wiggins had game monsters. his which is 17 points and 16 rebounds. Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole also did their part plus 32 points.

On the other side of the game, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown led Boston but their efforts were not enough for the Celtics to face the big Curry night.

With A Warriors ’victory, Game 5 Monday night at the Chase Center should be as strong as any game we’ve seen after this season.

Here are three key elements to this game:

1. Curry has a special night

Steph Curry did well in the first three games of the series, and was fine on Friday night. He finished with 43 points, 10 rebounds and four assists, making 3-7 points and 14-of-26 shots from the field. This was a unique performance from one of the most recognizable characters in the game.

Initially, this was not like Game 1 or other parts of Game 3 where the Celtics had threats at the end of the defense and gave Curry more space. They got stuck in the job, chasing Curry across the court and finding the best contenders for his shot. It didn’t matter. He’s always the best shooter, and he also proved it in Game 4.

In addition, the Warriors need each of the 43 Curry points. They were on the road in rough terrain, going down 2-1 and following the major leagues. No one was in trouble – the whole team shot 40 percent off the field – and there were several places all night where it looked like the Celtics might have left. Curry should not let that happen.

Klay Thompson, who has been with Curry throughout the tour, named his best Finals career:

“I think [it ranks] maybe No. 1, ”said Thompson. I mean, his form is second only to anyone in this league. Steph played amazingly. “

2. The late offense of the Celtics burns them again

The Celtics closed the season on a 28-7 lead, and strangely enough, they were probably the best in the last few months. Twenty of the winners came with two numbers, plus 15 and less than 20 points. They break up teams, which means they didn’t have much of a chance to fix one of their biggest mistakes: late game error.

Even in the playoffs, it has been the same story. Eight of the 14 winners have doubled their numbers, and the number should be higher. With the exception of Game 1 in the first round against the Brooklyn Nets, there have not been many good minutes of late play from the team. He failed to advance late in Game 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks, and fell short in Game 5 of the series. In the Eastern Conference finals against Heat, he could not finish coming back in Game 3, could not progress late in Game 6 and was about to hit Game 7 badly.

Now, you can add 4 Finals games to the list of late game challenges. In the middle of the quarter, Jaylen Brown took the game slowly, scoring six straight points to put the Celtics ahead. Marcus Smart then added a free throw to make 91-86 Celtics with 7:32 remaining. They had a window there to leave and could go 3-1. Instead, they scored six points in the remaining games, and gave up their home chances.

“I’m a little suspended,” Celtics coach Ime Udoka said. “When we ran the ball and moved, we had a very good shape.”

“We wanted to speed up the ball and make a mistake. If we don’t have anything, we have to make them work all the time. We often felt like we were standing, not sure who we were trying to go to.

With the game within five minutes and five minutes left, which is defined as the time to spare, and the Warriors defeated the Celtics 15-0 in the same minutes in Game 4. This is a huge difference in the Finals’ game over the last 25 years. , and ESPN Stats and Info.

3. Wiggins smash glass

After starring Luke Doncic’s star at the end of the Western Conference, Andrew Wiggins feels like a forgotten man at times in the series. Although he did not perform well in the first three games, he did not produce much. That changed in Game 4, though not as you might expect.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr changed the game before the game, replacing Otto Porter Jr. in the first line of Kevon Looney. Going a little bit has its advantages, but the repetition was not one of them, and we saw the Warriors smashed on glass in Game 3. This was horrible again on Friday, but Wiggins didn’t let it happen.

“Wiggs was great,” Kerr said. “To compete with Boston, you have to fight Tatum and Brown, and they are strong, talented players. Great growth. They’re coming under you all the time, so we had to have Wiggs out there. I thought he was a great Defense. Apparently 16 rebounds, career- up, and plus -20 nights. So we needed every part of Wiggs’ donations. “

He was a machine on glass, working-high 16 rebounds to help the Warriors win rebounding battles 55-42. Although he did most of his work on the defensive glass, he also came back with clutch put-backs in the fourth quarter to take the Warriors to the non-Curry main points. The Warriors had 19 points for second place compared to 12 for the Celtics in a 10-game winning streak.

Most of the game will just focus on Curry, and rightly so, but the Warriors won’t win without a herculean effort from Wiggins. This was not the most impressive or successful of his work, but it was the most important. He finished with 17 points and 16 rebounds in 43 minutes, and the Warriors were 20 more down with him.

“I want to win,” Wiggins said. “I know recovery is a big part of this. I just want to win. And I feel like we sometimes play small games. That’s why I just try to get in there and support the team.”

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