Celtics vs. Money, transport: Al Horford has a night job as Boston hold meetings in Game 4 to the list

The Boston Celtics made an 11-point threat in the second half, and walked away in the final minutes to beat the Milwaukee Bucks in their 4th game of the game at 116-108. The series is now tied 2-2 and will return to Boston in a crucial game 5 Wednesday night.

In the second consecutive game, the Celtics fell for a few minutes in the third quarter, and had to dig themselves into the hole. But unlike Game 3, when their return was in vain, they completed the task. He won the Bucks 43-28 in the fourth round, and led well on the Al Horford 3-pointer with 5:40 remaining.

This was appropriate as Horford played one of the best games in his career. He finished with 30 points out of 11 of the 14 from the field, eight innings and three assistants to go with the star defense. Jayson Tatum, meanwhile, went on to play 3 wickets for 30 points, 13 rebounds and five assists.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks’ defeat, finishing with 34 points, 18 rebounds and five assists. Brook Lopez scored 17 points, while Jrue Holiday added 16 points, seven rebounds and nine assists.

In honor of his first 30-point playoff game, here are some of the highlights Al Horford took on the game:

1. Horford back and front with Giannis

At the start of the third season, Giannis came out of the semi-transition and dropped an eagle on Al Horford. Later, the Greek Freak had words and ideas for the old man, and he was affected by the technical problem of ridicule. In retrospect, you can see Horford nodding and saying, “All right.” It turned out that at that time he was planning a retaliation.

“I don’t know what he told me,” Horford said. “But the way he looked at me and the way he did things didn’t make me happy. At the time, something changed with me.”

A quarter later, Horford got his chance. With less than 10 minutes to play in the fourth, Horford fired in the 3rd line and headed for the basket. As Giannis tried to recover, Horford dropped the hammer (and grabbed Giannis with an unconscious arm, which sharpened his skills). Horford who is often detained has given up everything, switching and screaming with his teammates.

“The Playoffs are affected,” Horford said. “They’re dangerous. Tonight things weren’t as we could have been. They were tough there for the third time there for a while. [Marcus] Smart continued to speak in public. He just kept telling us to have it. Of course, as many ideas as that, and that’s what it was. “

2. The Horford Slam empowers players to participate

Horford is a veteran of the Celtics team, and is often described as a calm presence – someone who has experienced it all and can help the team stay strong during difficult times. And he did this at various venues early in the game Monday night. But below he also did a very different work of mind.

When Horford put Giannis in the picture, it was not very interesting; it was an encouragement to the team that struggled to get everything in the full game at Milwaukee.

“It’s a great game, obviously very emotional,” Horford said. I think our team has made us move forward. … There is not much to say. It is a contagious species. Everyone hears. I feel like it encourages everyone. While each of us has every kind of drama. At that moment you just want it to continue. ”

While the Celtics had already struggled – when the free throw settled down, the game built the game at 81-81 – they now had the power to shut down the show. Since then, the Celtics defeated the Bucks 35-27, and looked like a new team.

“Playing big time, big time in the gym,” said Marcus Smart. “We’ve been on the other side of it a couple of times, so we felt good to have that one. Al still has it. We weren’t surprised, but we were happy. We needed it. We heard it. Everyone’s Power changed as soon as it happened from Al.

3. Horford, the Celtics take advantage of defensive defense against the Bucks

Much has been made about the safety of the Bucks edge of the series, and for good reason. Giannis Antetokounmpo et Brook Lopez is probably the most dangerous within the league, and together they have reduced the Celtics to 124 points in the entire series.

It’s fun, but to keep the Celtics from painting, the Bucks allow 3 shots. After cooling off in Game 3, the Celtics regained their form behind the arc. She went 14 out of 37, good for 37.8 percent.

Horford made five of them, going 5 out of 7 in his best 3-point shooting game this season. This was the first time they had made 5s in the game since last January, and it was a good time for the Celtics.

“Al, as I said we know we can shoot him at any time,” said Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. “I told him to be very aggressive.

The Celtics ran very fast, but also used other methods to make Horford appear. Sometimes he sees it in the corner – “we like to hide him somewhere in court,” said Udoka – to force Lopez not to win. If Lopez stays with Horford, it opens the ring, and when he goes to defend the rib opens.

Horford did well 6 out of 6 from fourth, and three times put the Celtics ahead.

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