Celtics vs. Costs, shipping: Boston refunds vs. Milwaukee, evens with the biggest win of Game 2

The Boston Celtics were embarrassed at home in Game 1. They made sure it never happened again in Game 2. Jaylen Brown put up a top 30 game as the Celtics came back with a 109-86 victory over the Bucks Tuesday night until the second game in one game. Game 3 is Saturday in Milwaukee.

Boston was hot from the start, surpassing Milwaukee 65-40 in the first half. Boston’s goal came mainly behind the arc as the Celtics tried 20 out of 43 3-points to test their success. The Celtics’ defense made life difficult for the defenders, who were kept up to 90 points.

The Bucks went to Boston on Sunday and gave the Celtics an amazing 101-89 victory in their opening game. In doing so, freedom fighters robbed a house court away from No. 2 seeds. Boston won again at TD Garden, and did so without the services of Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart, who had a right thigh. Here are three items taken from Game 2.

1. Boston Party 3

The Celtics tried 50 3-pointers in Game 1, but it was not intentional. The Milwaukee defense – already designed to protect the paint and deliver the 3s – took things to the next level with the opening of Bobby Portis along with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez. The idea was to set up a large ground floor so that the Celtics would be allowed to shoot anything but jump. They fell for it, and this time they made 10 2s in all games.

Many thought Boston would try to find ways to reduce the 3s in Game 2, but it did not. Instead the Celtics decided that this time around, they would only make all three points. The Celtics scored 65 points in the first half and started 11 of 17 games from behind. Grant Williams (6), Jaylen Brown (6) and Jayson Tatum (5) all made 3 more games per game than the Bucks did as a team (3). Boston beat Milwaukee by 51 points from the bottom, but in addition, that hot shot helped the Celtics get easy points in the first half. Milwaukee was so intimidated by Boston’s shot that his defense began to shut down the open Celtics. Boston returned with an impressive half of the ball drive to create a simple form that took advantage of Milwaukee’s scattering defense.

Boston’s problem was that it did not continue with a four-point strong error. The Celtics only got 44 points in the second half because their offense was lazy. He came back again and again in football to drive the car, passing with difficulty, power dying and Celtic to take the 3rd round of the game. If Boston can hold on to what they did in the first half going forward, they can win the series quickly. If it plays a minor error that it committed again? Milwaukee can oversee the list at home.

2. Williams Wall

There’s not enough success in defense defense Grant Williams provided in Game 2. There are a lot of games that need to be shown, but I want to explain this, in particular. No need to set up, let’s see:

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a 7-car freight train that has won two full-time MVPs and a Finals MVP, ran after Williams at high speed … and crashed. Grant Williams is a brick-free wall. If Giannis can’t strengthen his body against a young Boston player, no one can. The best part? He is not even Williams’ most defensive addition to the Celtics. Robert Williams III would have won the Defensive Player of the Year award which ultimately went to Marcus Smart if he had not been injured late in the season.

Grant is 23 years old. Robert is 24. He shares the front line with Al Horford at the moment, but if Boston manages to keep both, he will have the best and most versatile pair that protects the big men in all basketball. in the future, and both have the same last name. Robert has been widely praised all season for his illumination blocks, but Grant’s strength was crucial in Game 2.

3. Play two different games

In two games so far in this series, the Celtics have scored 41 points 3 points over the Bucks. Again, some of them are manufactured. Milwaukee defense is designed to allow 3s. But his mistake was made to take them too. Milwaukee finished fifth in the NBA with 38.4 3s in the playoffs. Boston took a low of 37.1 per game. However in Game 2, the Celtics took 43 3s and the Bucks only took 18.

18 3-point experiments with and very few of Mike Budenholzer was in Milwaukee. Under his training, the Bucks had never picked up less than 22 games before Game 2. But Boston changed his defensive game plan in a way that cost 3s Milwaukee life due to a foul. Instead of doubling Antetokounmpo and allowing him to support two numbers as he did in Game 1, Boston Grant Williams and Al Horford to take him one by one. They were very successful. Giannis fired 11 of 27 shots from the field.

Without further ado for him, the Celtics were able to stay home to the strikers, and with Khris Middleton out, the Bucks had no shooting ability to get their favorite look. Now it is up to the Bucks to figure out how to turn off their shots against Boston as Boston changed for them on Game 2.

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