Celtics vs. Bucks: Jayson Tatum, Giannis Antetokounmpo has fought a heavy battle for many years

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jayson Tatum gave us a hard-fought battle for many years on Friday, plus 90 points in 62 shots.

It came to help. Tatum, who finished with 46 points in 17-for-32 shots, scored the most. Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart added 43 points on nine points, both of which hit key points. The main support that Antetokounmpo received was 17 calm and insignificant points from Jrue Holiday. Outside of Pat Connaughton’s 14 off the bench, no other Buck scored more than six points.

Tatum took things in stride during the game. The Bucks cut 14 points from Boston to four and just eight minutes left to play Giannis 3 from the top of the key. The house is on fire. The Celtics were then almost losing their power. Tatum then jumped 10 straight on some of the most beautiful jumps you could ever shoot.

In less than three minutes, Boston led to 11 and it was safe all the way. Brown called it a “signature” from Tatum, and he’s right. Think about the history of the Boston Celtics, and Tatum is now nothing more second player in franchise historyjoining Sam Jones, to post a series of 45-point playoff games.

Tatum’s 46 is also the second Boston player in the playoffs, tied by Paul Pierce. Tatum is also one of five players in a 45-year history of history – including forcing 7 games, joining LeBron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Kawhi Leonard and Jamal Murray.

Boston, apparently in addition to his defense, has been head-to-head because, among other things, Tatum dropped the champion ball, but the Celtics needed a champion in Game 6 and he climbed up. He did well on Friday, but like Giannis, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Tatum has shot 85 in the last three games. James Harden took a double shot in the second half of Philly’s loss of season Thursday. He entered Game 6 shooting 40 percent of the series, but would not come out quietly. It has, and has, zero light-emitting targets.

You always expect the best for you, but the consistency of the winner is appreciated in times like these. Giannis is the same way. No one went to Milwaukee, so he put his head down, basically, and scored 44 for the Bucks in 30 shots. He also added 20 rebounds to join Shaquille O’Neal as the only player of this century to score 40-20 games in playoffs. Throw away his six supports and stand alone.

I was too late to go to Giannis’ group. I was, and still am, a skeptical player who can’t shoot and force me to the edge (yes, I know Giannis has done very well as a midfielder even as a 3-point shooter, even if he did well. The numbers are very bad based on the final). Koma power then the time spent here.

Antetokounmus’ complete refusal is rejection, his desire to flirt with her, and he often blames uncontrollable debt and debt repayment by going down from time to time, his quest for frustrating timber, his body dangling as he grabs his own. they miss and go back up, it’s boring to see. But they are not new. He never stops coming. Harden once said that Giannis was incompetent, and I would be cursed if any part of me unknowingly connected, but I am here to tell you, an engine like this on the body like that, is not a skill, it is very powerful.

Tatum buckets are beautiful. Antetokounmpo cannot fail. For these reasons, I want to give the Bucks a little edge over Game 7, the Boston home court chance however. Giannis arrives somewhere near 40. I bet everything. Tatum, however, has a very reliable support for Brown and Smart and I would bet on a great Al Horford game, too. The absence of Khris Middleton could be clearly seen in the launch of the mid-court game 7.

However it goes well, what a controversy between the two best players in the game we got on Friday. Considering the views of these guys, I wouldn’t be surprised even if we found out more on Sunday.

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