Catanzaro is loopy. Iemmello and Curcio stretch Crotone. Also check out the Giallorossi studio



THAT’S IT: 45 ‘pt Iemmello (Cz), 23’ st Curcio (Cz).

CATANANA (3-5-2): Fulivnati; Britenslli, britnets, scognamillo; Vandaputte, sounas (38 ‘St Cinelli), Ghion (38’ stridden), verna, tentardine (28 ‘Stsatum); Immello (38 ‘St Centici), Baasi (18’ St Curcio). Expenses: Sala, Rizzuto, Gatti, Mulè, Wellock, fazio, pontiso, katsheris. Teacher: Vivarini.

CROTONE (4-3-3): Branduani; Calapai Golemic, Bove, Mogos; Awua (28 ‘st Giannotti), Petriccione, Tribuzzi (28 ‘st Rojas sv, 37 ‘st Bernardotto); Chiricò, Gomez, Kargbo (10 ‘st Vitale). Available: Dini, Gattuso, Giron, Papini, Crialese, Cantisani, Panico, Pannitteri, Tumminello. Teacher: Lerda.

The prosecutor: Monaldi of Macerata.

Assistant referees: Galimberti and Catallo.

Fourth Chief: Open it.

FROM: 44 ‘st Lerda (Cr) from the bench attributable to protest.

AMMONITES: Brighenti (Cz), Tribuzzi (Kr), Sounas (Cz), Iemmello (Cz), Vivarini (Cz), Lerda (Kr), Biasci (Cz), Mogos (Kr), Ghion (Cz), Cianci (Cz ) ), Vandeputte (Cz

Viewers 12185. (999 from Crotone).

First Iemmello, then Curcio and on “Ceravolo” Catanzaro celebrates. The first level of the competitors goes to the Giallorossi and to not Crotone di Lerda with a transparent two to zero which presently establishes the statistics and offers the first reply to the stage of energy in the league. Personality eagle, lucid in the recreation; shark as a substitute of a whole lot of character and bodily power that is not all the time in a position to management the nerves and is overwhelmed in the large moments of the disaster.
CHRONICLE – Vivarini and Lerda don’t change to the eleven ready for the night: Situm is sitting on the bench in the Giallorossi groups – as a substitute he is nonetheless Tentardini – whereas on the different aspect is Bove who replaces the suspended Cuomo. What occurred was an excellent efficiency – greater than 12,000 spectators in the stands – deafening cheers, sizzling air earlier than the ball even due to the arguments of the interpreters.

The first half – On the fringe of your nerves you stroll the entire first half with the eagles who’re extra beloved by the recreation in comparison with the opponent dedicated to compactness and pragmatism. It’s the costs that say no to Vivarini’s males in the first quarter of an hour: the sixth to beat him and Vandeputte with a hidden free-kick, in the thirteenth Biasci with a shot that shoots him sufficient earlier than going out. sides. Catanzaro is in the recreation and it reveals however Crotone is not a small factor in any respect: Gomez and Kargbo are punished in entrance and above all the factors of Sierra Leone they drive Brighenti to go to further time at the finish. At forty the cowl removes Fulignati resisting a punch from the exterior of Petriccione and instantly after interfering with the weak head of Gomez. Four minutes handed and the Giallorossi took the lead: Vandeputte from the proper discovered an opportunity and went in, Iemmello did the relaxation in the middle of the space, utilizing the assist he was given and making noise on the bleachers.

Half Tuesdays – So we go to relaxation in the slope, resume Crotone lifts between gravity and put one thing at risk even to regulate. During the sixth ground of FREE from Chiccw, fulknati is harshly crushed in the nook – then at eleven and Triazzi who finds the option to the head however the choose sees providing. Rosseblu’s press, appears to grab from the physique; It’s at this level the place the viewers throws an eagle, steady, and arrange a brand new concrete – out of Baasci – on Scorecard at the finish of the nearest alternate. Kargbo has been injured and left the subject to Vitale; New Vivarinish troopers and Situm, Cinelli, Cinelli, Cineli and Cingi and Cineli and Cinoki have been positioned on tar insteading. Fear rises in a shark home and pay the outcomes with Lerda and Diggì vordna fired on the bench for gratitude. Until the finish, Catananaro will make a big phrase, and then have fun the appropriate outcomes underneath the nostril that begins not just a little bit on the commercial.

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