Casado has bid farewell to the PP presidency to pave the way for Nunez Feizo

The The PP has begun a two-day congress in Seville today, at the end of which he will replace Pablo Casado, who resigned after an internal feud with Madrid community president Isabel Diaz Ayuso. Nunez Fizio, 60, who has led the Galicia region for 13 years, is the only candidate to replace Pablo Casado, 41.

“I reaffirm that everything has been valued and that any stain is a sign of the effort that comes with working for the Spanish people,” Pablo Cassado underlined in his farewell speech at the PP’s 20th Extraordinary Congress.

Casado says “it’s important to be responsible” in politics: “I have reached a democratic congress [em 2018] And I will bid farewell to a democratic congress, leaving my mandate at your disposal, “the outgoing leader told the more than 3,000 delegates to the Conclave.

In his speech, he recalled that he took the reins of the PP in July 2018, when the party lost power in Spain through a “painful” condemnation motion.

The outgoing leader stressed that in the last three years, he has been able to cope with all the unforeseen circumstances that the party has faced, “said Monkloa. [sede do Governo]After a long journey into the desert “

He also defended his internal management to the PP chief, as he always tried to “give everyone their place” because “everyone needed”, ranging from popular young people “whose hair is gray and still have a lot to contribute”.

The PPP’s stable president announced at the end of his speech that he had decided to relinquish the Congress of Deputies (lower house of parliament) as well as “any party responsibilities”.

Prior to Casado’s intervention, former PP prime ministers Mariano Rajoy (2011-2018) and Jos Marিয়াa Ajn (r (1996-2004) gave their strong support to Alberto Nেজেজez physio, and encouraged him not to fail.

Mariano Rajoy, urging the PP to “unite” around the new leader, at the same time evaluating Pablo Casado’s “sacrifice” at a very difficult time and telling him not to “leave anyone out”.

Former Prime Minister Socialist Pedro Sanchez has sharply criticized the current government, insisting that if supporters of Catalonia’s independence remain calm now, it is because Article 155 of the constitution provides for the possibility of federal intervention in a community. , Was applied. Autonomous

Rajya recalls that Cassado presided over the party at a time of extreme difficulty and wanted to value and thank him “in a special way” for his dedication and encouragement to protect PP.

For his part, former Prime Minister Jos Marিয়াa Azারn made an intervention in which he encouraged the PP to “put mistakes behind it and move forward, but not the people” and praised and thanked Pablo Cassado for his work since taking the lead. The team until his recent resignation.

Ajnar, who was present at the video conference to test positive for the Covid-19, recalled that Cassado took responsibility “when it was not easy” and had to face a “more radical” government.

“With his resignation, this new situation has arisen. Wherever you are, thank you for your efforts,” said Ajner, who then called for unity around Alberto Nunez Feizo, because his “success” would be PP and Spain.

The former head of the Spanish government offered his support to the next leader of the PP “unprotected and hopefully”, adding that his “success” would be “for all”, as well as a warning: “We cannot fail”.

For many PP officials, the choice of Alberto Nunez Feizo will mark the return of an experienced manager to the national political scene, where other major parties are led by young people.

After winning the last four regional elections with an absolute majority in Galicia, where he managed to avoid the rise of the right-wing Vox party, Nunez Feizo now needs to transform into national politics, which is very different, and where PP needs support from Vox (right) to rule again.

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