Carrefour has launched the rental of Dacia Sandero at a very favorable daily value, here are the conditions

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Carrefour creates a shock in the automobile rental sector. The retail model is launching a new provide that allows you to hire a Dacia Sandero for a fastened value of €4 per day According to Carrefour, this rental provide goals to struggle inflation by supporting “family affordability”.

This distinctive provide continues to be topic to a few conditions. It is thus restricted to thirty consecutive rental days, even whether it is all the time potential to resume it after this era. Also, a price per kilometer has to be added to the rental quantity. Downward, this fee is ready between 20 and 24 euro cents per kilometer.

Offer a handy rental?

Depending on the distance the renter travels, the provide could come again at a reasonably excessive value. An individual who travels 500 kilometers per 30 days can pay 220 euros, together with a 30 consecutive day rental. In comparability, the LLD for the Sandero from Dacia is out there from €162.59 per 30 days for 49 months, with no first down cost and a most mileage of 50,000 km. Carrefour’s providing is absolutely aimed at small occasional riders who do not essentially have to hire a automobile for a complete month.

Carrefour businesses that hire Sandero €4 per 30 days

The Carrefour rental provide that lets you acquire a Dacia Sandero for €4 per day is out there at over 100 Carrefour location businesses in France. Here is the listing of businesses the place it’s supplied as of November 2022:

  • Abbeville-Cordeliers
  • Aire-sur-la-Lys
  • Angulins
  • Anjean Valmont
  • Armentiers
  • Athis-Manas
  • Aubigny-en-Artois
  • Auchel-Allouagne
  • Achi les mines
  • Avranches Saint Martin
  • Barentine
  • Barnville-Carterett
  • Bayeux
  • Beaune
  • Beaurains Boreal
  • Burke
  • Bonneval Louveteri
  • Bilge
  • Bray-sur-Seine
  • Europe
  • breast
  • Busy Saint-Georges
  • Chalons champagne
  • Chalons-sur-Saône (South)
  • Champs sur Marne
  • Charleville-Mezieres
  • Charnay-les-Macon
  • Chateauneuf-les-Martigues
  • scales
  • Cholet
  • Conde-sur-l’Escaut
  • Cretil
  • Davieux
  • Denaine
  • Gold Dijon Fleece
  • Drancy
  • alone
  • Epinal
  • Epinay-sur-Orge
  • Evreux
  • each
  • Ferries-en-Gatineau
  • flowers
  • Fern
  • the ant
  • Genevilliers
  • Gausenville
  • Grenoble-Melan
  • Grouchet le Valais
  • Guerret
  • Guingamp
  • Herouville Saint-Clair
  • Ivory-sur-Seine
  • love
  • Saint-Luc Chapel
  • Arrow Molans
  • Lamorlaye
  • La Neuville-sur-Resson
  • laon
  • slats
  • Hay-less-rose
  • Libourne
  • livin
  • in lima
  • Locmine
  • Lorient
  • Lormont
  • monom
  • Maubeuge
  • Mercin-et-Vaux
  • Merignac
  • Montigny-les-Cormeil
  • Mont Saint-Agnan
  • Morangis
  • Nevers
  • Niort
  • Orleans Saint-Mesmin
  • Oistreham
  • Pimpole
  • Peronas
  • Perpignan Claire
  • Pont Audemars
  • Pontault Combault
  • Quimper
  • Railencourt
  • Rambouillet
  • Reams
  • Cerne
  • Rennes-Saison
  • the illness
  • The reception
  • ruble
  • Rungis Belle Epine
  • Saint-Maxim
  • St. Renan
  • Salanchus
  • Sanois
  • Sartreville
  • Six-four-less-pledge
  • Swax
  • Saint-Andre-les-Vergers
  • Saint-Breaux-Langueux
  • Saint Jean de Luz
  • Saint Martin at Laert
  • Saint-Paul-sur-Mer
  • Saint Quentin Fallavier
  • Saint-Symphorian-sur-Cois
  • Tavern
  • Toulon Grand Var
  • Toulouse-Purpan
  • Prevention of Tournus
  • Valencians
  • valve
  • Vaulx-en-Velin
  • the calf
  • Venet
  • Venetians
  • Vernon
  • in the villa
  • Villefranche-de-Roy
  • Villejuif
  • in Villeurbanne
  • yen

3 questions on Dacia Sandero rental provide at Carrefour

How a lot is the Dacia Sandero rental value at Carrefour?

The new Carrefour rental provide launched at the finish of October 2022 lets you hire a Dacia Sandero at a very favorable value. This value has thus been fastened at solely 4€ per day! According to a assertion from the French retail model, the provide was created to “help the buying energy of households”.

What are the phrases of this rental provide?

To take benefit of this Dacia Sandero at €4 per day at Carrefour, you continue to want to meet a few conditions. The rental interval can’t thus exceed 30 consecutive days, even when it have to be renewable after this era has been exceeded. Finally, every kilometer traveled is billed at a diminished fee of between 20 and 24 euro cents.

How to take benefit of it?

To take benefit of this new rental provide, merely go to Carrefour places that provide it At the time of writing, greater than a hundred of them can help you hire a Dacia Sandero for 4€ per day.

In quick

Renting a Dacia Sandero for €4 a day is now potential because of Carrefour. The retail model is launching this unprecedented rental provide, which continues to be topic to a few conditions. A diminished fee of between 20 and 24 euro cents per kilometer traveled is charged.

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