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The actor who played Saul in Reyes is not in his first Bible novel, Carlo Porto. The famous star starred in the first episode of Genesis in 2020. In addition to record TV, he has also worked at SBT and Globo. Carlo married a singer and became a father for the first time about two years ago.

Who is the actor who played the role of Saul in Kings?

Carlo Porto is the actor who played Saul in the Telenovela race. The artist is 40-year-old and governor of Valladares, Minas Gerais. Carlo is married to singer Leah Suarez, who competed on the global musical reality show The Voice Brasil. In August 2020, the couple welcomed their first child. Leah gave birth to a daughter, Maria Liz.

The actor’s most recent role as Saul in Reis was in another biblical novel on record: Genesis. In the plot, Carlo Porto played the role of Adam, the first man created by God. Heartthrob starred in the entire first episode of the series, which featured Eden Gardens, The Forbidden Fruit, the married life of Adam and Eve, and the rivalry between the couple’s children, Kane and Abel, leading to the first murder. The Bible

In 2021, the actor’s work won again. He compiled Genesis, The Ten Commandments, and The Promised Land into a single novel entitled The Bible.

Prior to signing the record, Carlo Porto worked on the Portuguese soap opera Alma e Coração (2018). The same year he starred in the Finding Joseph film and the series Where the Strong Are Born.

Between 2016 and 2018, he was at SBT, where Gustavo Larios, the father of the hero of Carinha de Anjo, lived. In previous years, he has appeared on four TV Globo Soap operas: Alto Astral (2014), Incensato Coracao (2011), Passione (2010) and Caras & Bokas (2009).

The small screen actor, who is currently playing the role of Saul in the soap opera Race, had his first role in the 2008 Casos e Acosos series. Before that, Carlo was a model. He has done national and international work. After a short stay in Europe, Carlo returned to Brazil and began his studies at Celia Helena High School.

The actor who played Saul in Kings
The actor who played the role of Saul in Reese started his career as a model – Photo: Reproduction / Record

Who is Saul among the kings?

Saul is God’s chosen man to be the first king of Israel. Samuel (Roberto Birindelli) is the man who expresses the sovereign decision to make man the ruler of the nation. The plot shows the transition from a judge to a monarchy.

Initially, Saul is uncertain about his new position in the novel Reyes and wonders if he is really the right choice for this position. After all, he was an ordinary country man who lived a quiet life with his six children until he was elected leader of Israel.

In the future of the Race novel, many battles await the actor who plays Saul. The celebrity had to be physically prepared and also learn how to handle the swords and weapons of the time.

Saul was anointed by Samuel as the new king of Israel. Remember:

Reis will be disrupted, but will return in 2022

According to Notícias da TV, Record will make some changes to its schedule and so the Telenovela Reis will be disrupted after the end of the current episode of Feuilleton. However, the Bible drama will return to the small screen later this year with a new season.

The last chapter of Kings – Gratitude will be broadcast on June 6. The soap opera will be replaced by All the Girls in Me, ending July 18. From July 19, Reis will be back in the public eye, now with a new season, titled The Rejection. Race premiered on March 22, 2022, and Soap Opera has aired two seasons in a row so far.

The decision may be confusing, but according to Flavio Rico, from the R7, it is part of the broadcaster’s strategy to place time slots for the main production on the channel.

Alternative novel
Actor who plays Saul in Race on the left and TV calls All the Girls and Me on the right – Photo: Reproduction / Globo

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