Cardinal Gibbons 23 kills Cinderella with a 4A title, beating Ardrey Kell in the PKs.

– When 110 minutes of football were not enough and Cardinal Gibbons and Ardrey Kell watched the shooting to select the NC High School Athletic Association 4A competition on Saturday, the Crusaders had full confidence in Rhian Lawrence.

Lawrence, the young footballer has been a football player since mid-season. Lawrence, who saved the ball throwing three straight games in the past during the Gibbons game.

As has been the case for some time now, Lawrence stood up for the match and saved twice as Gibbons beat Ardrey Kell 4-2 in a 1-1 draw to claim his third girls soccer title in programming history and first at level 4A.

Thanks to his heroes, Lawrence received the most important respect of the players.

“My teacher told me to just think, and if I go the right way, I’ll go the right way,” said Lawrence, who rejected Arlie Rellchman’s Ellie Riechman and Ellie Newman. “But I started looking into their eyes and they just looked the other way, and I could see they were going the other way.”

The race was the final title of the highly skeptical No. 1 race. The 23 teams of Crusaders that combined victory in the teams were third (Chapel Hill), first (Hoggard) and second (Ardrey Kell).

Six of the 16 Gibbons winners of the season (16-6-2) came out of the postseason game, and the Crusaders were below .500 recently while on April 25 before the end of the year in the 11-game winning streak.

“We lost at the start of the season,” Gibbons head coach Brian Morgan said, “and I think he played a big part in how he was able to deal with the challenges and difficult times in the playoffs.

Ardrey Kell, a 4A runner in 2008, 2009 and 2011, was featured in his fourth game. The Knights ended the year at 25-2-1.

At the start of the first half, both teams had a long run when they forced their opponents into the 18-yard box, with the Gibbons scoring in the 10th minute as second-placed Nya Folk struggled.

As the half-whistle blew, Ardrey Kell had a better argument as the closest part of scoring goals thanks to the effort from senior defender Kayley Newman. In the 22nd minute, Newman left with a throwing shot and opened the shot that seemed to be steady and headed to the right-hand corner until Lawrence of Gibbons jumped well, and fired a cross. .

Newman came close to scoring a free kick before the 38th minute. In the same position as the last shot, Newman, from the area, fired down as he looked down at the right post.

But regardless of the Knights ’intentions around, the second half started without anything separating the two sides. As the second half progressed, both the Knights and Crusaders took turns putting the other one under pressure but did nothing in the third quarter.

With nothing to separate the two teams and both sides struggling to break into the back four, Gibbons player Lily Pryzwansky took matters into her own hands and opened the scoring in the 67th minute with a goal that looked like nothing.

With the permission of Ardrey Kell, Pryzwansky had time to catch a glimpse and release a high-pitched shot that flew from the back of the net, into the bottom of the cross. The way he fired left Ardrey Kell player Emily Casey helpless, despite his best efforts to save.

But Ardrey Kell remained steady and kept waking up as the clock ticked. In the 79th minute, the Knights’ persistence paid off. After being fed the ball from the left side, second-half substitute Taylor Suarez threw a threat near his 18th goal in the team, which is no bigger than this.

Neither side threatened within 30 minutes, though Suarez fired shots at Lawrence’s shot.

When it came time for him to choose the title, the Crusaders settled down. Pryzwansky, Sydney Hennesen, Hailey Juhasz and Lauren Doyle all played Crusaders games, which was greatly assisted by Lawrence.


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