Captive Mother is the theme of the book which shows children ‘different stories’ – 06/05/2022

There is a saying “Mom is all one, just change your address”. And, in the case of the protagonist of the book “The Best Mother in the World”, the word works well: she really is very similar to everyone else, in the sense that she is an amazing woman and she really has a different address.

He is temporarily living in a prison.

In the book, written by Nina Riji, the painter Veridiana Scarpelli chose to present the characters of the birds. “I thought it was important to create characters that could be identified by all the kids. Nina’s writing was so strong, sensitive and beautiful that I wanted everyone to be able to read it from the inside out and see and see themselves through the character’s eyes,” he explains. Veridian.

“Turning characters into animals was a great way to do this, and I like to draw animals. And in that sense, birds were apt to talk about freedom and imprisonment, always violent and tragic, even ‘just’.”

The author talks to Nina to learn more about Falhinha’s work.

Do you think that every child thinks their mother is the best mother in the world?

I really believe that. Every mom has her own way: some work outside the home, others may have more time. Some are very lively and others are calm. Just like kids. And that’s what makes each so special. And only daughters and sons know why their mother is the best in the world.

Did you mention this mother in your book as the best mother in the world?

In addition to being such a beautiful mother to the child in the book, playing, telling stories, collaborating on challenges and attending whenever she can, she is a very active woman in her community and one of the reasons she is so proud.

The son of this great mother, who narrates the story, said that he was sometimes harassed at school. Why do you think that is?

Kids sometimes make fun of others for no reason: because they wear glasses, because their hair, skin, body, because they are not very good with the ball … these kinds of things are not cool and hurt us a lot. , Especially when they put mom in the middle of a joke. In the case of the child in the book, because he went to live somewhere else.

Where is it?

This place is a prison. Unfortunately, her mother was captured, she is there with other women in the same situation and they can only see the day of seeing their children, which is on Sunday, and only then can they hug, play and strengthen the bond of love.

In the book we don’t know why he lives there. Why did you choose not to tell this part to the reader?

So that those who are reading it can come to this conclusion on their own. Other than that, I do what I don’t say in the parable, do I? But I also keep thinking that those bars, for some people, could mean something else, all bars are not just in prisons, but in some mental hospitals, for example. This can be a metaphor for children whose mothers work far away and have to sleep in their jobs.

Why did you decide to write his story?

I really wanted kids like the book to be able to present their mom in a story, because we know most great mom stories are very different. I hope these kids can say that their mothers are, yes, the best mothers in the world, because they are like you and me! And those other babies and those who have grown a little older can meet other types of mothers and know that they can be wonderful, no matter where they come from and wherever they are.

The boy says he hopes his mother will be proud of him when he returns home. Why do we like when mom is proud of us?

Our mother, or the person we have as a reference to her as a mother, is the first real heroine we know, the heroines who work very hard to keep us healthy and happy. And just as our mothers want to see us happy, we really want to see them happy! There is a happiness that transcends the hearts of mothers and children in this sentence: “You have made me proud!”. If Mom was proud and happy, we would be even happier. So, mother, happy to see us happy again, how cool!

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