Canelo Alvarez hears that he beat Dmitry Bivol, asks what the judges score

Canelo Alvarez lost for the first time since 2013 Saturday night, when Dmitry Bivol won a clear victory at their biggest Las Vegas event at DAZN-per-view.

Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KO) spoke at a press conference after the fight, and was unhappy because he entered the courtroom immediately after the fight, questioning the judges’ scoring, and not performing well. retaliation or impending, which is good because the fight just ended a few hours ago.

Note what Canelo said in the press.

On the disappearance of Dmitry Bivol

I personally feel better. I do not give any reasons. I feel I have won the battle. I think maybe, I probably lost four or five times, but I didn’t win the war. I think I was a little tired when I got to the final game, but I feel better. We’ll see what happens.

“Maybe his weight was a minor issue, and I didn’t feel 100 percent in the fight. … I always look for tough fights. I went to watch this difficult battle. Normally, I feel good with 168, but I always try to deal with stress. That’s a punch. Tonight I was looking for greatness. “

On goals

“I think, as I said, I think he won four or five races. I got a little tired of going to the finals. Maybe it was because of the fight. But personally, I feel like I said, that he only won four or five races.

For what they would have done differently in a replay game

“We need to see. I have to look again and see what we would have done differently. “

“It simply came to our notice then. I am a competitive person, I have many years ahead of me, and I will come back strong.

On what he feels the judges missed

“I often see judges judging what they should not do. For example, I was holding a shotgun and I was rolling a box, which I think was a mistake. ”

If he was disappointed by Bivol to take his power

“I think you should pay homage to Bivol, and a very hard fighter to hit the head. You have to give him a reputation.”

On what is going on in his mind

“I am proud, boastful, and competitive. Climbing and fighting 175, I came out of my comfort zone and fought with a weight that was not mine. There is no shame in that. I am looking for challenges that some may be afraid to face because they may lose. That’s what I’m here for. No one wants to see a fight where people know who will win. It’s about 50/50 fights, that’s what people want to see. “

If he was wounded in the battle


If they think they can fight more than 175 after the Bivol race

“My ideal weight is 168, and that’s when I feel good. We will see if we can take part in the replay. “

If they still come in September or take a break

“We’ll see what happens, discuss and let us know.”

On what he will do tomorrow

“Play golf, I guess.”

About whether this loss is as painful as the one against Mayweather

“No, I do not feel that way. I feel like I can get out of this fight with my head up. I gave my best in a different weight class. I look for challenges in my career that take me out of my comfort zone. I am proud and I feel good. “

If Bivol will be the enemy of job description

“He could be.”

On judges to have him 4-0 after four innings and lose seven of the next eight

“It doesn’t make sense.”

Being against the ropes frequently in battle

“I felt good about the ropes. I was there and I was able to draw and control myself. I felt so good there.”

At Team Bivol it wants to negotiate a replay

“We’ll see.”

Tired of the previous groups

“Maybe it was (because of its weight). I don’t know.”

If this would make him a better fighter

“I always enjoy learning about things. Today I feel as if I have learned a lot, and I can assure you of it in the coming war. ”

Although they still feel that Bivol was the right choice instead of Benavidez or Charlo

“Yes. It is very important that I come out of the comfort zone and do these difficult things in my job. “

If he felt he was behind the battle


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