Candreva case, technical and human error. Commentary on Teotino

The Candreva case: obscure and delayed statements from The Hague add to the story. The significance of understanding how and why the way in which to view and use Var is altering this yr

An unacceptable mistake, after all. Especially because it wasn’t anybody’s fault. There is know-how concerned, by which we’ve got to consider blindly. Instead, the blinders have been the cameras that hid Candreva’s place and stole a daily purpose from Juventus.

Making issues worse and complicated, the Referees Association’s phrases: gradual, obscure and insufficient. Fortunately, yesterday’s Gazzetta, intimately, has reconstructed the checklist of occasions and occasions that led to the “mistake”, because it was accurately known as.

Again it’s the lack of transparency that’s extra disturbing than the significance and severity of the Turin scandal. Apart from publicizing the dialog between the gamers and the Var room. In addition, realizing what they mentioned through the enjoyable would most likely make the error insufferable. So it’s clear that even probably the most superior technical gear will be unable to unravel errors or make correct choices in a contact sport comparable to soccer. The necessary factor could be to know, the coaches themselves, who’re more and more asking on the boards, what is going on, how and why the way in which to see and use Var is altering this yr.

There is little doubt that it’s altering. The protests of Lecce and Fiorentina on Sunday, which have been left with totally different proof of the errors made in opposition to Juventus, are primarily based on occasions that immediately are evaluated in a different way than up to now. Handballs within the space, first. We’ve gone from fixed stress to (nearly) fixed stress. In the 2019-2020 grace interval he broke the all-time file with 0.49 penalties per recreation. Then issues modified to round 0.38-0.39, nonetheless greater however not a lot greater than the remainder of Europe. Now the typical has dropped to 0.23, that’s from first to fourth place among the many 5 main European competitions. It is critical to say “rigorini sufficient”, however with out exaggeration.

We are additionally seeing a higher tolerance within the recreation of soccer, on this space however not solely: opponents now don’t see them as dangerous and flying.

But above all we’ve got gone from the avant-garde use of Var – it was used to search for doable errors, not “clear and apparent” – to a single protocol, by which any distinction by which the choose is judged is not going to be fascinating. , though within the face of the reconstructed photographs it’s clearly seen the elbow like that of Kasius on Martinez Quarta. All this elsewhere in Europe, apparently on the recommendation of FIFA and Uefa, a special strategy was taken, in order that within the Premier League and Bundesliga the most well liked debates of those weeks are associated to the quantity of Var. it has prompted the scores to finish for the minority group, who see no fault within the referee.

We are going again, whereas others are transferring on, and we do not perceive why. So there’s all the time the suspicion that right here the ability may be very a lot affected by the connection between the choose who’s on the court docket and the one who’s within the management room. That is, that Maggioni has bother remembering Orsato from the film, whereas Banti can intrude with Marcenaro’s resolution with out query. But right here we’re getting into slippery territory, with psychology, and a course of that must be revised after greater than 5 years.


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