Can you sleep Doctors explain the care of children who hit their heads

Posted on 02/04/2022 18:41 Updated on 02/04/2022 19:03

A fall can be anything from a wound, an excoriation, a common injury to a big trauma – (Credit: Reproduction)

My child fell, now what? There are many questions about what to do after a baby or toddler falls – and especially what to do if your little one hits his head. The Mail Sandy Sato, a pediatrician in obstetrics and gynecology in Brasilia, listens to what to look for, when to take her to the doctor, to see if the baby can sleep, and what symptoms are serious.

What could be the cause of the fall?

A fall can be anything from a wound, an excoriation, a more important trauma to a common injury, and the consequences vary, depending on the area affected. If the baby falls on the arm and hits the arm, this fall can result in anything from pain to fracture. If it is due to a brain injury, if a child falls and hits his head, it can range from an exacerbation to bleeding and a head injury.

When do I take it to the emergency room?

In young children, under 2 years of age, or with suspected head trauma, it is important to evaluate immediately. In older children, it will depend on the symptoms, so, if, right after the fall, they have a major symptom, such as loss of consciousness, vomiting on a jet, severe headache or a large sore, any symptoms that are serious, we need. An immediate clinical assessment.

What else can I worry about except headaches?

It is important to note that there are other important traumas, including abdominal trauma or limb fractures that require medical evaluation. Above age, the type of trauma defines the best time to take action, but I always say that when in doubt, it is better to make a mistake for the extra.

Can you let the baby sleep after the fall?

There is no scientific evidence that it can exacerbate or worsen the consequences of trauma, so the question of insomnia is about the difficulty of observing a child after a fall. When we talk about not letting the baby sleep, we are talking about a brain injury that has a risk of head injury or brain hemorrhage, but there is no evidence of that. Too often we deprive the child or infants of sleep, this can make them more annoyed, more stressed and thus make it harder for us to observe.

How long will I observe the baby after the fall?

In the case of a fall from a small height the baby soon woke up crying and was well, it is necessary to observe whether a wound, a scratch, did not appear. If any of these neurological symptoms occur, such as nausea, disorientation or excessive drowsiness, jet vomiting, any of these symptoms need to be assessed by another child. So the ideal is to observe for the next 72 hours, focusing on the first 12 hours, but any other symptoms that cause suspicion in parents, the ideal is to take a medical prescription.

Here are some safety tips:

  • Be careful when holding a baby, most falls in children under 1 year of age fall from the lap;
  • Place a guardrail next to the cage and bed
  • Protect balconies, windows and pools;
  • Use protection in sports, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads;
  • Keep the child in the care of an adult.

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