Can Steph Curry deny anything the Celtics throw at him?

BOSTON – Stephen Curry could have skipped a press conference, but he knew what it would look like. He could have left the locker room after Game 3 on Wednesday to board a team bus and possibly immediately go for an MRI test to determine the extent of his left leg fracture when Al Horford fell on it.

No one could see Curry walking. No one could ask him how he felt. And everyone would have thought worse – that Curry suffered a serious injury and is in danger of missing the game 4 on Friday, with the Warriors already down 2-1 to the Celtics in this series. That the list could, by all means, end.

But Curry went to the press conference alone, took a deep breath, answered the questions and then calmly (and probably quickly) came out. Everyone is watching. With everyone asking and reviewing.

Was there any frustration when Curry moved to the uneven ground? Did they delay going up the stairs to the courtyard? Should she wear shoes? What did we really see?

I was there. I watched him go in and out. I asked a question. My conclusion: Curry showing the press was Curry showing us that he believed he would play Friday, even though his foot hurts, and there will be several hours of treatment to get him back down.

It was, in other words, Curry telling everyone that the list was not over. There may be many pains to come, but it is not over.

“I was caught – obviously in pain, but I’ll be fine,” Curry said of the moment Horford fell on his feet in the fourth round of football. “See you tomorrow, and get ready for Friday.”

In the worst case scenario for the Warriors and their fans, Curry said the pain was very similar to the injuries he suffered in March when Marcus Smart of Boston climbed the same foot, causing Curry to miss the last 12 regular games. weather; did not return until Game 1 of the first round against Denver.

“Not bad,” Curry said. Then he said: “I do not think I will miss the game. Spend the next 48 hours preparing. ”

Smart’s jump in March was less serious than the Horford crash on Wednesday, but none of the Warriors ‘tackles missed out on the Celtics’ arrival at Curry’s feet. The injury happened when Boston left in their 116-100 win at TD Garden, which was not the reason the Celtics won the game, but the Warriors would probably not win the series if Curry was slightly broken.

Curry recorded the pain after Horford’s fall but remained in the game for a few minutes. He looked angry. He then hit the middle while defending the Smart drive, grimaced the others, and Steve Kerr pulled him out with a game he had already lost.

Steph Curry sat on the bench for the fourth quarter as the Celtics left with a win. (Kyle Terada / USA Today)

But it is clear that the hit by Horford was a problem that was long overdue. And Curry teammates knew right away.

“I picked up (sixth) and pushed him (Smart) because he was screaming under the pile,” said Draymond Green about the extra scrum for Curry as he sat down. “Yeah, that’s what it is. I will take the worst. I’ll take her off her legs, though. “

I asked Curry: How dangerous was the time?

“It’s a big body, obviously,” Curry said, referring to Horford. “I haven’t seen the show, so I don’t know if it could have been avoided. I was in that situation with Marcus back in the Bay, and you just want to get your foot out of there. That’s all I was trying to do at the time, knowing the place I was.

All of this happened after the Warriors were heavily beaten by the Celtics in the first half, they bounced back in the third quarter behind Curry and Klay Thompson in the first red finale and lost to Boston’s growth and run in the fourth quarter. when he won 23-11.

All of this happened after Curry became the Warriors’ best player, scoring 31 points in a 12-22 shot (6-for-11 from 3), and Curry being hunted continuously on the defensive side. He got into trouble first, which put him in danger, and the Celtics punished the Warriors by getting him to join either Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown.

“Yes, it ‘s not surprising,” Kerr said. “You know, they put him in a pick-and-roll. They put a few of our guys in a pick-and-roll. Try to protect us.

“We just kept him out, and I don’t know, he ended up with four mistakes? Then he played very well. He looked like a madman, and apparently, his shooting was amazing in that third episode. We were allowed to take the lead, but on the fourth day, we did not have enough. ”

All in all, Game 3 was a clear indication that Curry is the A Warriors ’main response to almost everything on the list, and sometimes it’s hard to see how they can do it all. He has to score. He has to force the Celtics defenders to come to him, which opens the way for other Warriors players. They must insist on protection. He must be strong when the Celtics come to shout at him.

And it is one part of the reason why Kerr does not play Curry beyond 39 to 40 minutes in every game in this series, even though the Celtics are accumulating victory. Curry is doing a lot while he is out, there is a high risk of coming back. And yes, that he could be injured again.

“Well, we need him if we want to win this,” Thompson said. “I know Steph is doing everything he can to play. I believe he is fine, because we are ours, and without him, it would be difficult.”

The Warriors would not have relied on Curry in this way if Thompson had fired the Celtics early in the series, but they have not. The Warriors would not have had to rely on Curry in this way if Jordan Poole had a successful game, but no – he scored 10 points in 20 minutes Wednesday and continues to have major driving problems anywhere near Celtics Center Robert Williams (four shut down.) Shot at night).

The Warriors wouldn’t have leaned on Curry like this Wednesday if Green had played his worst game all the time, but surprisingly he dropped the whole song, with two points, four rebounds, two turns and six errors.

No, again, the Warriors are relying on Curry. They will need Thompson, Poole, Green and others to play better than they are in the two losses in the series. But the Warriors will win the game when Curry takes over, and they will lose if they can’t do everything. Or if they are too small and injured.

As a result, as was the case in the 2013 playoffs (before the title) and in 2016 (and a few times later), Curry has a hamstring injury in the postseason, which means the Warriors’ chances of competing are slim. climbing to the top.

And you can feel the Warriors’ conviction for everything Kerr was asked if keeping Curry in the game a few minutes later means there was no concern for Curry’s health.

“I didn’t say that,” Kerr said. “The injury did not stop him from playing, but I dropped him off at 14 minutes with two minutes left because we can’t. Idzi We’ll know more tomorrow.”

None of this is right for the Warriors or Curry, yes. But maybe the disease will be good news for them Thursday. Or maybe Curry can just stop, from game to game, because there is no way the Warriors can survive this fate unless they win Friday and always after that. It is worth winning from now on.

And I hope Curry sends a message by coming to a press conference late Wednesday. He’ll be on the court Friday and any time after that. The Celtics still have to beat Curry to win the tournament. The problem is, the Celtics also understand this.

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