Campo Grand will test cell phones and flash drives of teachers suspected of abusing children

Police have seized cell phones, flash drives, computers and CDs from the home of a teacher suspected of abusing children between the ages of 4 and 5 from a high school through Depca (Representative for the Protection of Children and Adolescents). Nearby. From Campo Grande.

According to correspondent Fernanda Felix, a search and seizure warrant was issued at the teacher’s residence on Thursday afternoon (12). Apart from the husband’s device, two mobile phones of the suspect were also seized from there. Computers, pendrives and CDs will be tested for material of sexual nature.

HD forensic examination will be done with the camera image of the bathroom door of the classroom. There will also be hearings next week for assistant teachers as well as school owners, according to Fernandar. Suspicious teachers will also be heard.

A total of five police reports have been filed, three for rape and two for abuse, with 3 girls and 2 boys as victims. One of the incidents happened 1 year ago. All the children have already been given special statements at the police station. One mother said Mediamax newspaper That is, the girl reproduces pornography at home. The mother then asked who had done this to the child and even asked if it was anyone in her family.

However, the child’s answer would be that the teacher would repeat the gesture with him. The girl still reported other forms of abuse. Trembling, the mother took the girl to a psychologist where she was undergoing therapy, from where she received a referral from a pediatric therapist. The baby was also taken to a gynecologist.

It will be last Sunday (8) – Mother’s Day – that the businessman found a friend at school. The girl studied with the 3-year-old girl and commented on what happened to the woman, as the baby will reproduce the work again on Saturday. The businesswoman’s friend then reported that the same thing was happening to her daughter.

Report of rape

According to the complaint, the torture started in 2021 and a boy was raped by a teacher. The parents noticed the child’s strange behavior and took him to a psychologist, who said that the child would be sexually abused. So, the parents searched the school and found the answer was that the teacher was innocent and he had worked there for many years. “They called us crazy,” said one mother.

All documented police reports from teacher abuse to rape. The case is being investigated and, only when it was called by the police, will the school remove the professional, despite reports from parents about his behavior in the classroom since last year.

“Only today (Thursday) did I get out of bed,” said a mother who, along with other fathers, discovered that her daughter had been abused by teachers at the school. The girl’s mother said, “They are trying to cover up the case. She said her daughter had been going to school for seven months and at first everything was normal.

But after a while the girl does not want to go to school. Also according to the mother, due to her daughter’s health, the child stopped going to school for some time for about 1 month, but when she comes back, the girl shows again that she does not want to go to school. The girl gestured that she had been abused by the teacher.

Also, according to one of the mothers, the children were even heard from school psychologists who denied any form of abuse. However, if the hearing had been held in a special statement at the police station, the issue of rape could have been confirmed in the parents’ report.

In one of the records of abuse of a 4-year-old child, there is a report that the teacher pulled the victim’s hair and grabbed her by the hand in the classroom, forcing her to sit in a chair. He was still cursing the girl. The mother said she saw through room camera images that the teacher’s aggression was live against her son, who no longer wanted to go to school.

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