Cabo Freo broadcasts a conversation about autism on Monday (20)

The assembly was held at 9:30 a.m. on the Jardim Esperanza Social Assistance Headquarters

The municipality of Cabo Frio promotes a conversation circle, beginning at 9:30 am on Monday (20), indicating Autistic Pride Day celebrated on 18 June. The occasion is organized by the Superintendent of Public Policy for Persons with Disabilities, linked to the Department of Social Assistance, and could have the theme “I found my son is autistic. The assembly will probably be held on the headquarters of the Secretariat in Jardim Esperanza.

“The objective of the date is to vary the unfavourable angle of society in direction of autistic folks. The proposal is to advertise a dialogue that’s in favor of exchanging cash from this state of distinction from ‘illness’. They are individuals who have their very own traits that carry them distinctive challenges and rewards. The essence of this date ”, defined Idalina Araújo, superintendent superintendent.

According to the consultant, autism is related to delays, developmental impairments, language or social conduct, and signs could be emotional, cognitive, motor and sensory.

The conversation circle will function skilled participation, similar to social employee Raquel dos Santos Ricardo Seamus, a school-mediation specialist utilizing the trainer technique, and a mom of two with autism spectrum dysfunction (ASD).

Participating institutional, medical, and academic neuropsychologist Andrea Maria dos Santos can be coaching at ABA, a postgraduate and utilized behavioral evaluation technique for autism.

The debate is being initiated by psychologist Edifler Novas de Oliveira, who’s educated in Gestalt-Therapy on the Institute of Gestalt-Therapy within the Lagos area. The exercise will probably be moderated by Superintendent Idalina Araújo.

Do you recognize PCD Superintendent?

The Superintendent of Public Policies for the Disabled was created in Cabo Freo in 2019 to carry collectively initiatives, content material, actions and public insurance policies that contribute to the event and inclusion of this inhabitants.

It is the responsibility of the state to advertise public insurance policies which can be efficient for the welfare of individuals with disabilities, who wish to worth them as residents whereas respecting their traits and specialties.

Superintendent service for individuals with disabilities

Septia Card – Identity card of a individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder
The playing cards have to be requested by the resident’s Social Assistance Reference Center (Cras) within the space coated, who sends them to the superintendent the place they had been made. The card was withdrawn on the cross the place requested.

To apply for the cardboard, it’s essential to submit two 3 × 4 pictures, two copies of RG, two copies of CPF, two copies of proof of residency, two copies of medical report containing ICD info. -10 and two blood checks that report blood group and RH issue.

Parking card

Registration is completed by the Superintendent and forwarded to the Municipal Department of Human Rights and Security / JARI, situated on the Jardim Esperança’s Social Assistance Center, the place it’s manufactured and distributed. Two 3 × 4 pictures, two copies of RG, two copies of CPF, two copies of proof of residency, two copies of medical report containing ICD-10 info ought to be submitted.

Travel service
Make fortnightly on-call calls to Tamoios’ sub-prefecture and Jardim Esperanza’s social help headquarters to get in demand and promote higher native providers.

Wheelchair and assistive know-how requests
The request is made by the superintendent of individuals with disabilities, who ahead it to the municipal well being division, the place approval is granted. The affected person must current two copies of RG, two copies of CPF, two copies of SUS card, two copies of proof of residency. If married, it may be within the spouse’s identify. Can be within the identify of a relative over the age of 65 and in case you are a minor and a guardian on behalf of a father or mother or carer.

Advice and monitoring of processes in public networks
Guidelines and recommendation on the progress of judicial, govt and administrative actions for PWD customers and members of the family in susceptible conditions.

Libras interpreter
The superintendent of individuals with disabilities has beforehand made appointments with deaf or laborious of listening to individuals who use Libra language.

Technical inspection
Technical inspection is the fabric for verifying accessibility in accordance with ABNT technical requirements and others. According to municipal programming, inspections are carried out concurrently with different authorities businesses.

Where to search out superintendence

Address: Rua Florisbela Rosa da Penha, 292, Braga, or Rua Dimas Teixeira, 191, Jardim Esperança.
Telephone: (22) 3199.9932 Extension 214
Whatsapp: (22) 99988.4214

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