Bucks GM Jon Horst in Game 3: ‘This wasn’t a great basketball game, and I think the directors did something’

Following the Bucks ’103-101 victory in Game 3, the Celtics were unhappy with the game officials.

It is believed that Bucks guard Jrue Holiday thrashed Celtics’ Marcus Smart defenders in a 3-point attempt with 4.6 seconds remaining and Smart had to throw three free kicks. The wise men and the great teacher Ime Udoka enthusiastically disagreed with their position on the court, but the officials and instead gave him only two. In the end, Smart improved the Celtics’ game plan to make the first and miss the second to give the Celtics a chance to build, but their attempt failed and the Bucks closed with a victory. After the game, the Celtics continued to appeal.

“He grabbed the ball, adjusting his shot, both feet were fixed. You can’t say it was sweeping. You’re shooting,” said Udoka. missed call bad. “

On Sunday, the league released its final two-minute Game 3 report and listed the errors as correct, adding, “Holiday (MIL) does a bad thing by connecting Smart’s (BOS) equipment before bringing the ball up to the basket. Pollution is pronounced correctly.”

While the final series attracted a lot of attention, it did not sound like the only Boston flu with a Game 3 monitor. Appearing on television, Udoka also spoke about Saturday’s game and his belief that he should be the one to complain to the authorities, not his players.

“If they call it that way, always on both sides, we have to play and make phone calls and come back,” Udoka said.

The regular game was a headline in the Bucks TV room after Game 3, but not even Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer. or Giannis Antetokounmpo decided to run for president given the opportunity by the media. Vacation, however, chose a different approach when asked about Antetokounmpo’s ability to score 42 points while playing continuously.

“That’s what they do, to be honest,” Holiday said. “We didn’t finish but half of their free throws, but it was a very good game. I don’t know. Two teams of violence, two teams that like to sit down and play defense. I think that will be the case for the whole series.”

And obviously, Holiday was not alone in that sense.

The Bucks, as an organization, did not enjoy a number of things to play in Game 3, including a disagreement over a free trial – 34 for Boston, 17 for Milwaukee – and the Celtics to try 17 free throws in the last 16:33 games (11 times in the fourth quarter ), when the Bucks did not try to throw once for free at the same time.

“I mean this honestly: I respect that, at the end of the day, it’s a tough job, isn’t it? I couldn’t do their job. You couldn’t do their job,” Bucks boss Jon Horst said on Sunday evening. The Athletic. “Working is hard, like playing is hard and coaching is hard, and I think we all have a standard to try to do well. And at the end of the day, that’s what happened to me. We have to fix it. he did something. “

When Holiday and Antetokounmpo described how the team felt throughout the game and after the game, the team’s idea came to an end after reviewing the statistics and reviewing the game tape which was one of the exercises. game in recent memory.

“When you start looking at numbers, it’s just, it’s really bad,” Horst said. “And I think our players and Boston players just need to be addressed and enlightened and just changed.”

“I understand how difficult the job is and things happen, but you just want a good game at the end of the day. I think the statistics speak for themselves.”

In his speech with The AthleticHorst shared a number of points that show how the team is progressing.

List of statistics, shared The Athletic, started with the differences of free throw players for both teams but also included a lot of free throw differences in the fourth quarter. For example, using tracking data, the Bucks reported that the Celtics tried 11 free throws on 14 drives in the last quarter, while the Bucks’ 10-point lead made 10 tackles.

The Bucks’ loss also included a number of individual player numbers:

  • In the first three rounds, Antetokounmpo fired 12 paints and tried 12 free throws.
  • Holiday has become the first player since 1993 to shoot 30 shots in the final game without trying to throw once for free. Holiday took 14 of his 30 shots in the paint.
  • Both Derrick White (eight) and Jaylen Brown (11) wrote the highest-scoring games for free throws. White fired six shots, and only two of them fired.

“Jrue Holiday, scoring 30 goals, is not like this guy is the only shooter,” Horst said. “He is a great guard, physical, strong, who, in his own way, is a leading man. I mean, he’s on top, everything, 80th percentile, 90th percentile for free trial this season, and maybe somewhere around throughout his career.

“Shoot 30 – which is great, thank you Jrue for doing everything he could for our team to win yesterday, and he felt like he had to be confident and aggressive – but to try and not throw, that’s. Outside.”

Although his numbers angered the Bucks, he opted for another game that was not mentioned by the authorities in the second half.

With the shot down, Grayson Allen tried to shoot 3 at Robert Williams, but it was blocked in the back yard. As Allen ran for the race, he and Jayson Tatum argued over a free kick, with Allen holding Tatum’s right hand. His connection heard Tatum down, but the drama continued. Allen handed the ball to Holiday, who scored 3 on the right wing while Allen smashed an evil glass.

As the Holiday shooter passed through the net, Grant Williams crossed the line and threw Allen’s shoulder, knocking him to the ground.

“This is a very difficult game to lead. Basketball games are tough. All basketball is tough, “Horst said.” And I think, in particular, the style of play and the way each team plays has been beneficial to both teams. I think people like to watch that. And it’s a fun kind of basketball game.

“But I’ll just say, and I know they show themselves because they do well in their job, but Grant Williams plays at Grayson, it’s not necessary. Anyone who watched the game knew it was dangerous. Grayson was in pain last night. He was in pain again this morning. , but it was a terrible game. It was a non-basketball game. And there is no reason. ”

Allen’s Grand Williams’ investigation was not mentioned and was not properly discussed after the game, but the match remained with Horst a day later and showed the type of game that the Bucks believe crosses the line of play. With two teams emphasizing solid defense, the game will continue, but only time will tell if the authorities have allowed the defense to be too strong, especially since both teams have complained about it.

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