Bruno Caesar was rejected by his biological father and his mother told the whole story

Life Bruno CaesarInside “Married at first sight”From the SIC, a film was shown and the candidate’s mother exclusively says everything TV 7 days. Living in Brazil, Mom tells us amazing stories that computer technicians hide and that actually started when she wasn’t even born.

Now 52 years old, Isabel Soares She was 23 years old when she became pregnant. “We used to live very close to each other. It wasn’t a long-term relationship, “he admits, about the child’s father.When I got pregnant, she said she would not play with Bruno. My parents are the ones who helped and welcomed me. When Bruno was one year old, he [N.R.: o pai biológico] I wanted to register Bruno and then, I didn’t think it was right, because, at the most difficult moment, my parents supported me. When I registered Bruno, he only had my name.

But why didn’t the father want to adopt the person who is now a candidate “Married at first sight”? Among the reasons are: “Bruno has a brother who is five months apart. His father impregnated me and another woman at the same time. I found out by talking to him. Then, the family discussed that he was already pregnant with another woman.” “, Bruno’s mother recalls:”It was very difficult. I was desperate. But today, I’m talking about this naturalness, because it’s cut off. I am a person enlightened by God. “

Unmarried mother, Isabel Soares Fell in love again after “two and a half years” Silvio Silva de Lima, From whom he will have two more children. They are married and honest parents Bruno Caesar There was a love affair that the woman will never forget. “My husband adopted him as his own son.”, He says, in a choked voice. In the eyes of the law, the computer technician is the son of an honest father. In the eyes of the law and the young man himself, since he grew up not knowing the truth, but with an insight that will prove to be correct. “Deep down, deep down, Bruno felt that my husband was not a biological father. He treated her with a lot of love and affection, but deeply he knew it “, Isabel said, explaining why he didn’t end up lying:” Every time I told my husband we had to tell Bruno the truth, I thought it was him. It hurts because, in my husband’s mind, he was Bruno’s father. “

How the “married” contestant met his biological father

“Father at heart” Bruno Caesar Died 17 years ago, victim of “a massive heart attack”. The guardian of the contestant is going backwards with time “Married at first sight” Reveals from TV 7 days How unexpectedly she became a widow. “She is OK. That day he went to see his grandfather. In the evening, he feels sick, stopping at a gas station to rest. Then, it was dawn and they saw that he would not get out of the car and they thought it was weird. When they went to call him, he was already dead, “she recalls, reporting the way she had received the news:” At dawn, the police called me and said they needed someone to take the car, but they didn’t. Don’t tell me what to do. When I arrived, they asked me if I was with them and I said I was with my father. They didn’t let me in, they called my dad and told him that Sylvio was dead. I started crying desperately. I didn’t believe it! I saw him inside the car, already dead.

When I got home, there was a moment of truth: “I sat my three children down and told them: ‘Now, it’s just the four of us, because Daddy won’t come back from today'”. Its candidate “Married at first sight” Then I was 11 years old and that’s when the truth came out. “When my husband died, I knew it wouldn’t hurt anymore, and then Bruno met his father,” she says. Until then, remember, the whole paternal family only saw it occasionally Bruno Caesar “Far away”. “When my son met him, I told him that it was his right to be named after his biological father. Bruno looked at me and, as a good-natured boy, he always said to me: ‘Mom, my dad is Sylvio. He took me and I will be with him. ‘ However, life is made up of coincidences… “Bruno’s father’s nickname is Lima, and so is my husband’s. Even if Bruno doesn’t want to, out of respect for his dead father, he has Lima and his father in his heart from his biological father. “

Currently, participants “Married” Have a friendly relationship with parents. “Her father is married and has two more children. Bruno gets along well with his brother [N.R: mais velho, com cinco meses de diferença]. The two met when Bruno arrived in Brazil. Dad is a little farther away, but he looks at Dad and hugs and talks. Bruno is not angry with anyone. He is an evolved soul “, she concludes, adding that she is proud of the boy she raised and who is now a married man.

Text: Dulio Silva; Photo: SIC Publicity

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