Browns and Watson do not care about women

Attorney Deshaun Watson appeared Houston sports radio Friday to discuss the 23 public cases of Cleveland Browns quarterback, all from women who claim to have a variety of sexual acts that are carried out during a massage by Watson.

Towards the end of the interview, lawyer Rusty Hardin said blithe comments that were similar to ignorance and anger, as well as interesting to NFL investigators.

“I don’t know how many men there are as they massage maybe they are sometimes happy. All right?” Hardin began. “Probably none of your audience has ever been.

“I want to explain: if it did, it’s not a crime. All right? Unless you pay someone to give you some kind of sex, it’s not a crime …. Doing something or saying something or something or not. Being a way to make you feel uncomfortable is not a crime.”

Hardin said there was a consensual sex between Watson and some of the women. Given that 23 women filed lawsuits, not all psychiatrists Watson agreed with what happened during his conversation with her.

Hardin is trying to win his clients’ favor in court, but in the meantime, whether Watson’s actions were outrageous does not matter. Two officials refused to charge him, meaning he was not questioned but his innocence will be investigated in court.

Hardin claims that “making a person difficult is not a crime” is difficult, false, and not negotiable at the moment. The point here is that Watson did what he could to be sued in court. There is a very different level of court than the court. The NFL’s personal behavior policy also has different standards.

The key is always to agree.

With Deshaun Watson facing civil charges from 23 women, the NFL is investigating whether the Browns quarterback violated a personal code of conduct. (Photo by AP / David Richard)

To think that you are funny when you mention a “happy ending” during a radio interview and reduce the number of women who are raped, however, rape makes excuses why the culture continues.

This is why the culture of the Washington Commanders’ office grew for many years.

As a result, despite Watson facing many of these charges, the Cleveland Browns acquired him from the Houston Texans, and signed the biggest contract in the NFL history, and provided incomplete and unsatisfactory answers when forced to find out why he had done so much for Watson.

That is why women of all races, backgrounds, and sexual orientations are exposed to the elements. Choose relatives and friends who can be known, but as mothers we have been shown over the years that job supervisors or public officers or police officers with laws that provide “justice” for very few people, will do. no results.

So we usually keep them to ourselves.

Hours after the interview, Hardin sought out his comment through a statement. It said: “Today in a radio interview in Houston, I stated that massaging with a ‘happy ending’ is not permitted, meaning that it is not permissible to have sex with a doctor after consultation with him after massaging. I used the word in a figurative sense and not in the case of Deshaun.

“I have also told others that it is not right to do anything that a woman does not agree to do. These women are abusive. I was just talking fiction. did not expect.

A yikes conversation followed by a word of yikes. Watson may be ordinary, but everything he pays for Hardin in paid hours is very high.

Hardin has now done a lot of facial expressions last year. Earlier he had falsely accused her of being a liar. Now it is alleged that there was sexual intercourse between Watson and other healers, but it was agreed, although nearly a dozen cases show that not all were, not in the eyes of women.

Her words and descriptions insult women, meaning they are all sex workers and spreading trope. What is clear is that Watson was expecting sex with many if not all the women he was dating and had no interest in therapeutic massage; if he wanted sex workers he could find them, and pay for the anonymity and the realization that would get him out of this predicament.

Some of the women who were accused of Watson’s wrongdoing worked with her several times; some critics have suggested that his behavior is constantly developing to the point of being intolerable. These women often run their own small businesses, and having a client like Watson would be profitable, so they tried to be tolerant until they failed.

It is a problem that is well-known to most women.

It is understandable that a woman happy to have an NFL quarterback as a regular customer would give her a second chance even though the first meeting made her frustrated. He would probably misinterpret his actions the first time and be better off again. Or it may be a little confusing if it means they have a very deep clientele and many players who may also need massage assistants.

Deshaun Watson doesn’t care how he feels about some of the women. Rusty Hardin doesn’t care how Watson treated some of these women. Cleveland Browns does not care.

Attempts to stop events like the one Watson was hit with are the reason why they continue to happen. Ignoring the notion of consent is the right of the individual to say yes or no and that is why it continues to happen.

That is why women are often afraid of what would happen to them if they told the truth. People like Dan Snyder will be protected, lawyers like Rusty Hardin will mock opponents, defenders like Deshaun Watson will receive guaranteed contracts.

It is too late to stop.

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