Brown is still all on Deshaun Watson and does not want to jeopardize the $ 230 million deal or trade with Texans, sources say.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Browns are still on Deshaun Watson despite new charges and litigation, and do not want to tarnish their NFL record, worth $ 230 million or trade with Texans, league sources tell cleveland. and.

The Browns have a club-like defense in a five-year contract – as well as additional security as they first mentioned in April with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk – which could help them break the contract if it happens to be signed, or actions that could prevent him from fulfilling his role.

So far, nothing has happened since they signed a deal in March that prompted the Browns to change their minds on Watson or to consider trying to get out of the deal – even though the 24th suit was awarded Wednesday.

Similarly, sources say nothing has happened that Brown is considering trying to end the blockbuster deal with the Texans – which included Browns sending the first three and three Texans in exchange for Watson and the sixth – rounder – though the Texans will soon be added as a defendant. which caused Watson to make a mistake.

The fact that Brown still has strong support from Watson has been echoed by the group to Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin.

“Brown and all of us who know Deshaun are still behind him,” Hardin told in reply. “The latest is this [plaintiffs’ attorney Tony] “The Buzbees do not change anything, and it is a complete lie, and this will be the end of everyone who hears the evidence.”

Browns’ continued faith in Watson comes as a result of:

  • two new terrorist lawsuits filed by Buzbee in the last two weeks on behalf of 24-year-old psychiatrists;
  • Buzbee is adding Houston Texans and other defendants to help Watson make mistakes;
  • is a New York Times article by Jenny Vrentas in which a few critics speak out for the first time about serious wrongdoing. He also wrote that he had set up 66 massage parlors in the 17 months from late 2020 to the end of 2021, which is more than 40 in the five years he has publicly announced.

It comes back after HBO Real Sports by Bryant Gumbel show two weeks ago how Soledad O’Brien questioned two of the complainants, Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes.

  • Here’s how to put one together for use with Deshaun Watson

The Browns, who knew they would receive more PR shows especially at the beginning of Watson’s career here, have stood behind their new QB even though Buzbee says they are thinking about “more” of Watson, and the NFL to know how to do it. waiting to stop him.

In the meantime, it is safe to say that Watson will be suspended, either for a few games, or for a longer period of time, then he will miss the entire 2022 season and ask to be reinstated. They may also be fined.

The league did not give an indication of the timing of the verdict, but only when it spoke to the defendants – and Hardin told that he had completed an interview with Watson after two four-day sessions – the penalty was usually not in the back.

People around the camp are expecting to hear something before the training starts in late July, early in the month. Whether Watson is suspended for this season or forever, Brown will stand by him and plan for the future.

Apparently the only thing that can change is the lawsuits against him, which no one expects.

Meanwhile, Watson focused on football and getting acquainted with the community despite the ongoing cases. He has just completed three weeks of Preparatory Team work this week, and is planning a formal minicamp next week.

“I think for everyone, you come to work and go to work,” coach Kevin Stefanski said Wednesday. “You have to make sure you focus on your work and focus on the work you have to do with the players. I think that’s what they are doing.”

If Watson is suspended, Jacoby Brissett will take his place. Mr. Brown is still trying to sell Baker Mayfield and releases him from the official minicamp.

Watson’s new friends embraced him, and became well acquainted with the group, including taking his frustrated teammates on a paid tour of the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

“I think he’s an expert,” says John Johnson III. “As soon as he comes home from work it’s about work. It is about building relationships with friends. As you can see, he took the guys on a trip, I think he had some plans in mind. It’s just building relationships, building relationships, so I think you’ve done a great job of being a real professional and hopefully everything will be back soon but from now on, we’ll keep working. ‘

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