Brooke Henderson defeated Lindsey Weaver-Wright in the playoffs to win the ShopRite LPGA Classic

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, NJ – Brooke Henderson closed with a 7-down 64 last year in ShopRite LPGA Classic and finished again.

The 24-year-old Canadian girl resembled what she did at the end of the show this year, and had a job to do. This time he got the job on Sunday after overcoming a 4-goal deficit.

Henderson made the first eagle to beat Lindsey Weaver-Wright for his 11th and first win of the year.

“I was just trying to get down and see what was going on,” Henderson said. “I didn’t think – I mean, I thought winning was possible, but there are a lot of talented players in front of me and I think I’m shooting 4 from day one.

“I knew it would take a little bit of magic, and I’m so glad I sat here next to the peg.”

Real magic was his second shot in the par-5 No. race. 18 at the Seaview Hotel and Golf Club. He hit 7 sticks from 193 yards within 10 feet. He used the same club to set up an eagle at No. 9 in the past.

Weaver-Wright, a 28-year-old American still looking for his first win, forced the game with the birds on four of the last six holes, plus a long one at No. 17 and 10-footer on par-5 pit finish for 65.

Weaver-Wright found a fairway in the playoffs, but his second shot was a bit green. His third shot hit the same distance from a pit like Henderson, but he was far away. He missed the birdie putt, and Henderson, who sat at number one. 11th in the world, he had no compulsion for the eagle to win to take $ 262,500.

“I always loved victory and I didn’t try to take it lightly, but with the plague in 2020, I only played 10 games, and I think I had six winners but no winners,” Henderson said. “So it was a little bit – it shook a little bit of confidence.”

Henderson, who finished second at this year’s opening show, looks confident.

Although disappointed, Weaver-Wright was encouraged by his performance this week.

“It’s everything, especially because I haven’t played very well this year,” he said. “I mean, second solo, my most successful finish on LPGA. It’s my fifth year out here. It’s like a great experience for me. I’m just enjoying the summer now.”

Henderson, whose most recent victory was in Los Angeles in 2021, led the way with a short bird at No. 12. He stayed there until Weaver-Wright boarded the bird at 17.

Playing on the team in front of him, Henderson reached the final 5th hole twice and put his eagle in the air.

The Weaver-Wright looked like a birdie even though it missed the fairway, drowning a 10-footer.

England’s Jodi Ewart Shadoff made an eagle of prey in the final round to finish off a 11-yard touchdown run. He shot 67.

“I feel like I’ve accomplished my experience of being an argument, and my experience over the years,” said the 34-year-old, who has never won a trip.

Pa. 4 Lydia Ko also made a comeback in the final hole and tied the fourth with Albane Valenzuela, a Swiss-based and former Stanford veteran watching his first LPGA victory. They all shot 67s.

Brittany Lincicome, who is due to give birth to her second child in September, was arrested for the sixth time by Marina Alex of New Jersey and Nasa Hataoka, who recently won in California. Lincicome and Alex fired 67s, a better stroke than Hataoka, who opened with four birds on the first five holes to lead the first 2 shots.

“Finishing the third is seven pregnancies, just sitting out here and competing, being an argument, means the world,” said 36-year-old Lincicome, who has not won since 2018. “It’s nice to be here and talk to you guys. Again. I haven’t done that for a while . “

French defender Celine Boutier fired 63 to finish in the top eight.

Frida Kinhult of Sweden started her final round at the age of 9 and shot 1 on her undefeated partner Lauren Coughlin. They all suffered, Coughlin shot 72 to finish at 7th down and Kinhult to finish 5th down after 75th.

The night rain made the training closer to Atlantic City and made the leaves feel better, helping to score.


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