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16.37 Wathu LIVE Italy-Scotland, the bronze closing of the 2022 Women’s curling European Championship ends right here. Thanks for following us and have an amazing night everybody.

16.36 Italy have had a tough time with their arms: two steals from three factors and two factors value an excessive amount of. The podium has been lacking for 5 years.

16.34 Just one level for Constantini, but it surely’s not sufficient: Scotland win 9-5 and take bronze.

16.31 Two closing Italian photographs and 4 Scottish stones inside the home.

16.29 Three Scottish stones inside the home: Lo Deserto tries to free issues up.

16.27 Aitkin clears the keeper once more.

16.26 Blue appears pissed off and misses one other shot as he tries to clear.

16.23 Hammer once more in Italy at the finish of the ninth, issues are very shut.

16.21 Constantini reduces the injury and provides Scotland only one level: 9-4 with two ends.

16.18 Morrison units up his guards to defend two factors.

16.17 Good shot by Constantini who will get to the middle of the home and clears some Scottish stones.

16.16 The scenario could be very tough to reveal, even the fifth stone constructed by Morrison close to the middle of the constructing.

16.13 Another nice shot from Aitkin: 4 Scottish stones for residence.

16.12 The desert is failing to take away the rocks from Scotland. It will get tough.

16.10 Well shot by Sinclair: three Scottish stones in the home.

16.07 Scotland put two stones in the center of the home, Italy two guards exterior.

16.04 What a shock from Constantini: the final shot provides Scotland two factors. 8-4 with three ends to go.

16.02 Last shot for Constantini who can attempt to even get 4 factors.

15.59 Constantini strikes one among the two Scottish stones, one additional away from the centre.

15.57 An extended tussle between the blues earlier than the closing pitch.

15.54 Beautiful rejection by Morrison who takes the level for some time and strikes the Italian stone into the center.

15.52 One of the three stones has been eliminated from Morrison.

15.49 What a shot by Marta Lo Deserto! Italy has three stones which might be very shut to the middle of the home.

15.45 Jackson hits a house run to begin the seventh inning.

15.42 Constantini fails to clear and two factors attain Scotland: 6-4 after the sixth finish.

15.38 Morrison places a stone close to the center: let’s examine how Constantini responds.

15.35 Good take from Aitken, however for now the Italian level stays.

15.32 Two Italian stones on this home: Scotland have to do away with them and it will not be simple.

15.29 The begin of the closing with no tie for each groups.

15.26 The sixth over begins with the hammer for Scotland.


15.20 What a shot from Constantini! In the center of the home: good.

15.19 Morrison’s rejection is sweet: each final stone.

15.18 Italian gem in the home: Morrison now tries to break away.

15.16 Big rejection by Aitken: Italy that ought to now be in the home.

15.14 There shouldn’t be a single stone in the home.

15.12 Many stones had been rejected in the first place: all as an alternative of interlocutors.

15.09 Hammer to Scotland in the fifth, who lead this time.

15.06 Stefania Constantini can solely get one level and be happy: 4-3 Scotland.

15.03 Rebecca Morrison removes the Italian stones from the centre.

15.02 Lo Deserto locations the stone effectively in the center.

15.01 This time Aitken’s rejection is mistaken, which brings the Italian stone nearer to the centre.

15.00 Beautiful twice fails with Aitken. It shouldn’t be simple now for the Azzurri not to attain factors.

14.59 Not a very good take from Romei.

14.57 Try to construct a sort of retaining wall in entrance of a home in Scotland.

14.55 The hand goes again to Italy: on this fourth quarter, the aim is to attempt to equalize.

14.53 Just one level for Scotland: Morrison misses the second stone once more. 4-2 Scotland after three ends.

14.51 Constantini’s shot is a little bit too huge: now Morrison can attempt to get these two factors.

14.49 Morrison places a stone between two Italian girls in the center of a home.

14.47 An early shot of Constantini: the guards inside the constructing.

14.44 Lo Deserto places it in the center of the internet!

14.42 Poor shot by Sinclair who would not take the Italian stone!

14.40 Romei’s two objections failed altogether: the level would nonetheless have been Italian.

14.38 One of the two Scottish stones in the home is eliminated by Romei.

14.36 Zardini Lacedelli locations two stones to shield the constructing.

14.33 Constantini closes the job by putting one other stone in the center: two factors for Italy in the second half. 3-2 for Scotland and the hammer goes to the Anglo-Saxons.

14.31 Another good shot by Lo Deserto to clear the Scottish stone in the center.

14.28 Marta Lo Deserto can restore the stone quickly.

14.26 Sophie Sinclair can resist two Italian stones: the whole lot should be repaired. Great shot by the Scotsman.

14.25 Romei’s two greatest photographs: this time there will probably be two factors for Italy, particularly with the stone close to the middle.

14.23 The blues this time attempt to keep indoors with Angela Romei’s shot.

14.21 Hammer once more in Italy in the second half.

14.17 Constantini misses the shot and fails to resist the Scottish three-stone: stolen hand and three stones in the home. Hard begin from the blue.

14.14 Great shot by Rebecca Morrison: now it is onerous to write off Constantini.

14.11 The final two stones: there are two Scottish stones in the home.

14.09 Thrown in shock: rejected and rejected.

14.07 Italy put the crimson stone apart, however the Scots go forward and take it.

14.05 Both Zardini Lacedelli and Jackson put guards.

IT’S BEGINNING! Hammer to Italy in the first spherical.

13.58 The Scottish group is made up of Sophie Jackson, Sophie Sinclair, Gina Aitken and Rebecca Morrison.

13.55 In explicit, Constantini is the star after the superb work at the Olympics with Amos Mosaner, reaching the historic gold.

13.52 The blue group is made up of Stefania Constantini (Fiamme Oro), Camilla Gilberti (CC Lago Santo), Angela Romei (Fiamme Oro), Marta Lo Deserto (CC Dolomiti) and Giulia Zardini Lacedelli (Curling Club Dolomiti).

13.49 Italy desires to regain a spot on the podium that has been lacking for 5 years, when the bronze arrived in Switzerland, in St. Gallen. We will see if historical past repeats itself in Ostersund.

13.46 This choice amongst the high 4 confirmed the qualification of the blues for the subsequent World Cup.

13.43 Italy was defeated by world champion Switzerland, Scotland and Denmark. Tomorrow morning at 9.00 the closing gold will probably be held.

13.40 Hello mates of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE Italy-Scotland, the bronze closing of the European girls’s curling competitors.

Program, schedules, TV and streaming of the European Curling Championship – Presentation of the European Curling Championship – the Italian group of the European Curling Championship – The Italy-Switzerland story – How to qualify for the Curling World Cup

Hello and welcome to the LIVE closing of the third place of the 2021 European Curling Championship: dealing with Italy and Scotland. Today (Friday 25 November) Italy will take to the ice at the Östersund Arena in Östersund, Sweden to return to play in the closing of the continent’s third place 5 years after the closing that noticed the Azzurri win bronze in St. Gallen in Switzerland in 2017. Opponents will probably be the Scots who earned a shock place in the semi-finals and yesterday they had been effectively defeated by Denmark. Not clear, nevertheless, the defeat of Italy in opposition to Switzerland

Denmark, who received the robin with just one loss, and world champion Switzerland, will play for gold tomorrow at 9.00. In addition to the closing 4, Germany, Norway, Scotland and Sweden participated in the World Cup. Latvia and Hungary had been relegated to Serie B.

The blue group is made up of Stefania Constantini (Fiamme Oro), Camilla Gilberti (CC Lago Santo), Angela Romei (Fiamme Oro), Marta Lo Deserto (CC Dolomiti) and Giulia Zardini Lacedelli (Curling Club Dolomiti). Scotland defeated Turkey, Latvia, Sweden, Hungary and Norway in the spherical robin and was defeated by Italy (10-4), Denmark, Germany, Switzerland.

OA Sport brings you LIVE protection of the third place end of the 2021 European Curling Championship: story in actual time, finish after finish, stone after stone, so you do not miss a factor. It begins at 14.00. Have a very good time.

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