Brave shared the 4-game series with the Mets

NEW YORK – Nothing lost. Nothing has been achieved. Now the Braves will take the next five months to try in the afternoon to tackle the six-game challenge they faced after completing a four-game series with a 9-2 victory over Wednesday’s Mets at Citi Field.

While it was nice to see the two teams meet for the first time this season, the National League East cannot be considered in May. But the sandwiching prevailed on Tuesday’s bad title, with Braves preventing further burial. The six-game deficit is similar to what the World Series players experienced against the Mets on July 28 last year.

But instead of counting the season too late, the Braves hope to do better than they did last year. They showed some twisting signs on a list that has its share of highs and lows.

“Our team chemistry is very high and we are all excited,” said Braves catcher Travis d’Arnaud. “Good things are happening in the baseball field and we are having good communication. Yes, good things are coming. ”

The Braves have won just one series this year and opened the tour by losing two-thirds to the final Rangers. But even though they did not find anything, here were three encouraging things to note in this series:

timely beat
Well, there was not much timing. Instead, there was nothing on Tuesday’s second chapter. But d’Arnaud scored two goals in the sixth inning of Monday’s victory and pulled on his first of the season to complete the first seven-man race to pick up Wednesday’s game.

The Braves entered the sixth Wednesday after a 3-for-20 run with the top scorers on the list. But Ozzie Albies, Adam Duvall, Dansby Swanson and Ronald Acuña Jr. recorded four strokes by RISP in the main inning. d’Arnaud interrupted the session by drawing a motion picture full of bases, the only free ticket he ever recorded in 73 games this year.

Atlanta entered Wednesday hitting .159 (22-for-138) with runners-up in their last 20 games.

“It was good that the line didn’t move a bit with one big inning,” said Braves boss Brian Snitker. “I do not know if we did this this year. That was nice to see. It shows we can do it. ”

Under the system
What made the Six Rivers so exciting was that they also included two Duvall tours and a Swanson’s RBI single. The Braves need the two of them to be successful in order to make the list less stressful and to create more chances for Acuña Jr.

Swanson started slowly, but hit a very good team .341 and .954 OPS in his last 13 games since April 22. After what was just his third most-played game on Wednesday, Duvall were still batting .191 and .537 OPS is running in one home only.

However, Duvall’s mid-run and high impact are much higher than they were when they hit 38 hits last year.

“Traditionally, I’ve started slowly,” Duvall said. “I just need to fix some things and we’ll be where we need to be.”

The power of Acuña
Acuña has just gone 5-for-25 with one extra hit since he was released from the injury list. But when he played three of the four games against the Mets, he did not show that he was only removed for 10 months to the right of ACL.

The brave player made an impression on the sixth inning on Wednesday when he met the speed limit and passed Francisco Lindor to reach second place well. After descending and dusting off, the 24-year-old star looked around her yard and ran to her place and played.

“I am convinced that all the doctors were [gasping] when they saw him running like this, ”said Snitker. “But it just shows you how healthy he is.”

Acuña recorded Braves’ first home run (30.5 ft./sec.) In the opening Monday and Tuesday smoked at 116.6 mph twice, which looks like the fourth hardest ball ever to hit. He was not released to play every day, but it will be difficult to get him off the line as he shows that his body and knee can harden digestion every day.


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