Brave Introduces Ronald Acuna Jr., DFA Alex Dickerson

Ronald Acuna Jr. he is back. The Braves announced this morning to restore their former player from the 10-day injury list – the end of a nine-and-a-half-month recovery following the ACL tears that last July. It is a little strange, as the Braves were looking forward to the return of May 6 according to manager Brian Snitker, although Snitker admitted at the time that the date had not been set. In a similar move, Atlanta has selected an overseas player Alex Dickerson about work.

Acuna, 24, is one of the most talented athletes and has been doing well since arriving at the Majors at the age of 21 in 2018. Acuna ripped through and completed the ’18 campaign as almost every winner of the Year. , with 27 votes in the first 30 (and two last. Juan Soto and another to go Walker Buehler).

Acuna slugged 26 homers and swiped 16 bases as a rookie, hitting clip .293 / .366 / .552 on the way. He has maintained this position in the three years since then, and has come out on the injury list looking to make a. .

While some fans may be concerned that Acuna is making a comeback in the big leagues, he has certainly not shown any rust in his limited work with Triple-A Gwinnett so far. With only six games and appearances for 25 plates, but Acuna is 7-for-19 with two, six times with three stolen bases (in three tests), which certainly paints a picture of a man with a serious knee injury. it sits behind it. And, considering that Braves’ outer space is making – or rather, failing to produce – at a dangerous level, the Atlanta bronze has decided to take action to bring another life into the case.

Marcell Ozuna has started well in the left field, hitting .257 / .291 / .486 with four homers and five times a year. It is a bit light in the OBP department, but power generation has often eliminated Ozuna’s instability. The rest of Atlanta, however, was not the only problem. Adam Duvall hits .197 / .250 / .258 in 72-plate form. Edi Rosario beaten .68 / .16 / .091 in the form of a plate3 before looking into the eyes as they could for up to 12 weeks. Guillermo Heredia hits .158 / .273 / .368 in 22-plate form. The Braves have received a small production from the infielder-turned-utilityman Orlando Arc it is an old hope Travis Demerittebut it is clear that the current team was not enough for a team with World Series competitive defense plans.

Dickerson, to which Acuna returns to his post, was also well-known for Braves’ innocence. Signed at the end of the spring to match the one-year-old, he has been used as a right-handed batsman but has just gone 4-for-33 with one extra hit (homer) as he hits a quarter of his form 36 bowls.

Dickerson, 31, has been a major player in the major leagues in terms of fitness, although health awareness was high. Dickerson has not been available for the entire 2017-18 season due to Tommy John’s major surgery and spinal surgery, and he has been a long-term casualty player even during his career. Back in the 2019 campaign, she was sent on a list of hand injuries, shoulder, oblique, hamstring and spinal injuries.

Dickerson was a revelation for the 2019-2020 Giants after he left San Diego for San Francisco to receive a minor league support. Franklin Van Gurp. In the form of a plate of 341 and Giants in both seasons, he filmed a .294 / .361 / .552, running 16 home, 23 doubles and triple three as he walked on a strong 8.5% clip and won 19.1%. its plate shape (good south of the league average). Dickerson’s 2021 season, however, included three stages of IL due to shoulder pressure, back pressure and hamstring pressure. He recorded a low .233 / .304 / .420 slash last season and has not repaired the ship so far in 2022.

The Braves will have one week to sell Dickerson, put him at risk or release him. Given its history and a low pay of $ 1MM on its 2022 contract, it is possible for another club to see it. It’s the same, if it doesn’t make sense, however, the teams will just wait for Dickerson to remove the restrictions and hope to sign him as a free agent. With more than five years of MLB service experience, Dickerson can turn down child labor if he removes restrictions and maintains his salary.


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