Brave bats blast in extra innings to defeat rockies

DENVER – With several victories over Coors Field, the Braves have made their first four-match winning streak this season, completing their first record in two months and finally starting to look like. rulers of the World Series.

“We know we can play this game with anyone,” Austin Riley said. “I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed a few days ago is the guys just playing their games. They’re not trying to do too much. I think it will be very helpful to show this team.”

Marcell Ozuna and William Contreras made a number of appearances in a row and Adam Duvall entered the third round of the 11th inning which gave the Braves a 5-2 victory over the Rockies at Coors Field on Saturday night. Atlanta have won two more defeats in the last two days, or twice as many as they won Friday 10-inning before.

After breaking one Saturday’s lead, 10th inning, the Braves made a point of putting a deflected number on the board. The explosion of the 11th inning contributed to the Braves ’bullpen effort, which allowed one hit and no more than seven innings.

The Braves have a record of .500 (27-27) for the first time since April 16. Here are three items taken from their recent success.

1. Another push for MVP?
Riley started his most recent career with three runs that came out with a speed of 113.1 mph and closed the middle wall to the left of the 415 mark. His team leading the 14 homers put him at a level of 42 hits this year.

“What is she doing? [we’ve] “Come and wait now,” said manager Brian Snitker. “It’s very special.”

Riley got off to a good start, slowed down a bit in early May and hit .389 with six homers and 1,264 OPS in his last 13 games. There is a chance he could improve last year’s production, which included .303 hits average, 33 homers and .898 OPS. This year’s Homer 14th came in the 208th at-bat. It is less than 64 compared to those needed for last year.

“I look forward to it,” said Riley, after hearing Snitker’s words. “I work hard, and I try to master my skills and safety as well as my shock.”

2. Night Shift II:
As Will Smith, Tyler Matzek, AJ Minter and Luke Jackson shone in last year’s postseason, the Braves bullpen became known as The Night Shift. Well, Jackson is recovering from Tommy John’s surgery, Matzek is on IL with a shoulder injury and Smith has been sidelined for the past few weeks.

But Minter has been one of the most refreshing in the game and was part of the combined squad for Saturday night. Jesse Chavez, who the Braves received from the Cubs in exchange for Sean Newcomb, threw two unmarked innings, and Colin McHugh, Darren O’Day, Minter and Jackson Stephens combined to keep the Rockies quiet after the fourth inning. The only run allowed came when Elias Díaz selected Minter to start 10 with an independent runner-up in the second.

“By this year, we knew this bullpen would be special,” Minter said. “With injured boys, a lot of guys have gotten into the plate.”

3. Survive and progress:
There was no clear indication of Spencer Strider Coors Field’s initial incident. But as he allowed just one run, despite launching five times against five more than four innings, the rookie firefighter made another impression. The Rockies raised all the bases in the third and fourth innings. But their only match against Strider came in the form of a wild prank with two fourth-round picks.

Strider had just started his second career. But in order to show the confidence he has already gained, he remained in the game. After a wild pitch, he used the next pitch to complete his journey with Charlie Blackmon groundout. In the past, Dansby Swanson has played a key role in killing the Rockies’ first threat.

When Strider threw 86 highs (45 beats), he was still growing in patience and strength that were not necessary as he appeared alongside two inches a few weeks ago. They may continue to struggle with the uncoordinated law as they continue to stretch the next marriage begins. But he blamed himself more for avoiding his quick rush and trying to chase after more people with his slide.

“You can’t make the game more difficult, that’s the first rule,” Strider explained. “I think there was a time tonight when we had a really hard time. But it’s a learning process. You have to let this game tell you when to change.”


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