Boxing results, big: Devin Haney has become an undisputed champion with the great success of George Kambosos Jr.

Devin Haney was ready to fly to Australia to fight George Kambosos Jr. in the undisputed lightweight competition Saturday night. This was a very rewarding decision for Haney as he defeated Kambosos over 12 times to win the entire world championship at 135 pounds.

Haney becomes the ninth fighter to join all four recognized positions in each heavyweight class and the latter second is only 23 years old.

There were a few matches in the game, when Haney set up an amazing jab that kept the Kambosos from continuing his offense. After the Jab landed, Haney fired a left-handed hook and straightened his right hand behind his back, each shot annoying Kambosos not to let go with his right hand he seemed to be carrying all night.

In the end, Haney secured a convincing victory with goals scored 116-12 and 118-110.

“I crippled him in his best game,” Haney said after the fight. “He wanted to fall to the right with a big left hook. I crippled him. I was fighting both ways. When I went to the left I was fighting with his right hand. When I went to the right, I was fighting with his. Hook. He could not lower one of them.”

Haney, who competed in the WBC tournament, was not the one to face the Kamboosos after the Kamboosos defeated Teofimo Lopez to win the WBC franchise and to win the WBA, IBF and WBO internationals. The first goal was for the Kambosos to be protected by the ancient scholar Vasiliy Lomachenko. After Lomachenko left the war to stay in his native Ukraine after Russia occupied the country, an opportunity came to Haney to stop opponents who claimed his WBC position was not illegal when he was promoted from a longtime professional when Lomachenko was named sportsman. WBC.

After a fierce battle in a battle that saw the Kamboosos often talk nonsense, Haney’s father arrived the night before the fight and Kamboosos missed the first attempt, Haney was slow to jump, looking like a skilled boxer when he closed. The back is to put the Aussie face and the regular food jabs.

The Kambosos will have a chance to get back into a fight with Haney including a verdict that said Haney must return to Australia if he wins the first match.

Kambosos confirmed that he intended to introduce the passage by speaking after the war.

I give her all the respect, let her find her time and we will do it again, ”said Kambosos. “I thought the fight was too close but I wouldn’t waste his time. … I’ll see him soon.”

Stephen Fulton controls Daniel Roman

Kamboso vs. Haney was not the only fighter on Saturday night with a world championship on the line. Stephen Fulton defended his WBC and WBO super bantamweight titles against Daniel Roman in Minneapolis.

Similar to Haney’s victory, Fulton used a strong move and shake to establish the tone of all 12 games with Roman trying to bring trouble but trying to get it going.

Fulton just outscored him and brought out Roman all the time, turning a fight that could have been one of the best of the year into a one-sided way. Valid cards for this game are numbered 119-109, 120-108, and 120-108.

Fulton is now turning to his goal of meeting WBA and IBF expert Murodjon Akhmadaliev in a four-match deal at the end of the year.

CBS Sports was always with you on Saturday for both events, so make sure you follow the live and review results below.

Results, reviews

  • Devin Haney (c) argues. Georgie Kambosos Jr. through elections (116-112, 116-112, 118-110)
  • Stephen Fulton (c) argues. Daniel Roman through the final election (119-109, 120-108, 120-108)

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