Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox Score: One day, another catastrophic loss

This team is a bus cruel watching. He made a surprise start again on Saturday, this time from Nick Pivetta, who was in great need of a day like this. He threw six closing innings, and the bullpen threw several useless frames behind him. Unfortunately, the fault was still in hibernation and he only ran once, leaving the Chicago door open. In fact, Hansel Robles fired in the ninth, then Bobby Dalbec and Trevor’s Story combined to secure a chance to get out in the lower half. As everyone in the world would expect later, Matt Barnes dropped several times in 10, and it was. This group cannot go away on its own.

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At the start of NESN’s Saturday broadcast, Dennis Eckersley said it was like a day jug in Fenway, noting that strong winds were blowing directly from outside. That wind can be effective with dropping the ball in the game, as well as renting the game. This does not detract from the work that Nick Pivetta and Dylan Cease did, however, each of them had some good things in common with them and prevented their opponents from succeeding.

For Pivetta, it was welcome considering how his 2022 season began with a hard start to date. He seemed to be taking the right path for the last time, not giving up his first trip this year. At the time he still had the same energy, and he was able to combine it with some of the best things I can remember seeing him start this year. His main draw was nails, and he kept the White Sox on the board through the first five innings.

He got into a lot of trouble throughout the game, to be honest, though it wasn’t always his fault. For the first time, Tim Anderson entered the scoring area with a steal, the latter being well placed on a slow-moving ball. He was needy. Third, the wind started when Leury García hit what looked like a regular ball flying in the left field, but died shortly after entering. Alex Verdugo had to change lanes and run inside, and failed to try to jump. Chicago found two runners in the inning, but they also missed out.

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But things did not go well for the other team, with Cease being one of the top firefighters in the game and looking at the game part. The mustachioed righty allowed the runners to enter the corners in the first inning for the sake of singles, but Verdugo was unable to make the final hit where he needed to leave the runners standing there. This was a great opportunity for the team for the first time, the frustration grew in the third after Trevor Story started looking again. He went to the border phone, but the unit was large all day and honestly should be shaken, especially at the back of the bat. Alex Cora disagreed, and in the end he was pushed for balls that hit and hit.

Boston will get their next chance at the end of the season after Franchy Cordero released just one and Story pulled the trigger, putting two under the heart of the system. Rafael Devers managed to get through, hitting twice on the Monster to bring Cordero home and leaving two in Xander Bogaerts’ scoring ground, still with one. Bogaerts put the ball in, but it was a start with infield, and Boston played the game, meaning that the Story broke on the plate. It’s a drama that I myself open, and he was shot a second time. JD Martinez scored again next, and the Red Sox settled on a 1-0 lead.

Pivetta then came out sixth, finishing first, but leaving one. A few weeks ago, it looked like a hailstorm, but on Saturday they managed to withstand, finishing the inning on a big hit to end the ninth bat on the bat, keeping the Red Sox and running.

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox

Ryan Brasier
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That would have been the end of the day for Pivetta, after going through six strong innings, shutting down, and Ryan Brasier got the first call from the bullpen to defend 1-0 up front. After beating the first two strikers, there was some difficulty when Leury García hit one and stole the second with the ball into the middle. Luckily, García slipped to the ground and sat down again, and Brasier came out of the inn with a footballer to take the lead.

After a straight second 1-2-3 inning, it was still one game and the Red Sox turned to John Schreiber to secure a lead with the meat of the upcoming Chicago system. It looked good early and came out twice quickly, but then he just got lucky. First, Luis Robert came on weak in Devers in third place, then José Abreu came on when Trevor Story failed to play on his left side, being charged with felony criminal mischief. That was the end of Schreiber’s day, with Matt Strahm coming in to try to finish the inning. He finished the job, and he made the ball on the ground to block the runners.

The offense also failed to provide insurance, leaving one option protected by Hansel Robles. It did not go well. The pursuer fought in the first battle he faced, even after calling for a prize, before giving up two goals to score, not going out. García followed this with a line leading to the right field for the sacrificial fly, and we were all bound. Luckily, he only ran once, but now the offender had to score again to win.

They got their ninth chance, with Jackie Bradley Jr. initiating the meeting with only one man, followed by two from Christian Vázquez, putting two in a position to score Bobby Dalbec. He couldn’t do it, looking intently to leave everything to the Story. Instead, he jumped at the first distance he saw and pulled it out, losing a great chance to win and sending the game to a boost.

Matt Barnes came in 10th, from what Chaim Bloom called his best since the first half of last season. He did not continue where he left off. Instead, he immediately dropped two straight runs and the White Sox had a 3-1 lead after the top half of the 10. You’d be surprised to hear the Red Sox then dropped to the bottom half, and it was. Another dangerous loss for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox are now watching the loss of ice directly and wiping directly into the eyes if they cannot recover on Sunday. They will have their hot pot at Michael Wacha on the mound, and a White Sox counter with a cool Dallas Keuchel. The first call is set at 11:30 AM ET.


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