Boston Celtics appreciates the results of a healthy Robert Williams

BOSTON – When Robert Williams feels better, the Celtics look better.

And in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, he and the Celtics looked good.

But as Williams continues to struggle with the pain of his left knee that has plagued him for more than two months, as well as a very short break between upcoming games between Game 3 and 4, the health of his knee goes Friday. the game is something Boston is looking at.

“I’m feeling good this morning,” Williams said after rehearsing Thursday afternoon. “One of the better days. Like I said, up and down, but I feel better.

“Extras [rest days] Help. But they are high and low so we need to read them every day. Last night, to be honest, I was feeling better. “

This was evident in the way Williams played. He finished with 8 points, 10 rebounds and four shutouts, but the biggest number on his score line was the best team -21 in 25 minutes – which met with eye tests for his performance.

Williams was at the center of everything Boston did well, with his strengths reflecting the various strengths that the Celtics played in being pushed by the Golden State Warriors for their loss in Game 2.

It was the most recent example of Boston’s importance, Celtics coach Ime Udoka calls Williams an example of “modern NBA Center.”

“I think he’s always a superhero, a naturally beautiful person,” Udoka said. “Some of the things we asked him to do were different from what he was supposed to do throughout his career. I think from the top, a lot of switches and play around, but he’s a very capable person. I’ve played with him in the last two games. [as an assistant coach] in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, and saw how it affected the list. The guy we want to keep from doing too much.

“Obviously, the air defense is well known, but his ability to move his feet around and the opportunity to have the ball with him sometimes allows Al. [Horford] being like our 5 normal has benefited our team. A multidimensional consultant that you have very good ideas for. I would say that this is a modern NBA venue – a little younger, he can move his legs, rotate guard, post guard and, obviously, kidney protection is what he does naturally. Great joy for us. “

This is a great opportunity that has proven to be an integral part of Boston’s headline hopes in this series. Faced with one of the worst players in NBA history in Stephen Curry, the only time the Celtics showed any potential to undermine his interest was Williams on the pitch.

Since the operation of the meniscus left his left knee at the end of the season, he injured the same knee in Boston’s Eastern Conference final against the Milwaukee Bucks. The feel he felt from the game has changed. And, in addition to missing the last three games of the Bucks series and Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat, he has been repeatedly mentioned in the injury report.

Despite feeling good, it has been very encouraging in Boston. And as the Celtics try to lead 3-1 – and, thus, win two straight home games for the first time since sweeping the Brooklyn Nets in the first half – they are waiting for their knee. responds well on one day off.

“Robert changes everything,” Horford said. “It’s great to see him play and show what he can do, how he can affect the game. Just his presence, the people in the league, everyone, we all know each other. How it is. With him, he can touch the shot. He can block the shot. because he is there.

“Even around him he’s doing a good job of going there and competing. For me, I’m just happy to see him play and do well. I know he’s obviously playing a lot of things, and I’m just always playing.


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