Bolivar Blast and ‘No Kusum’ – Larissa dropped from ‘Masterchef’ after 08/06/2022

Veterinary doctor Larissa, 24, was dropped from “Masterchef Brasil” in the fourth season of the 9th season to evaluate amateur chefs.

In an extermination test consisting of a bolovo, the young woman bursts during frying and the yolk “disappears”.

She was very emotional, thanking Helena Rizo for her and many other women’s inspirations and receiving hugs and words of encouragement from the chefs.

Larissa eventually competed with Bruno, who, according to the judges, escaped because the young woman’s egg had ‘disappeared’ in the test, and this was one of the requirements.

Find out everything that happened in the episode ‘Masterchef Brasil’

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The fourth season of the season brings a theme that is already familiar to fans of the format: auction. The program decided to unite the participants with the biggest fear: the bakery.

Then the chefs had to bid time to choose which candy to choose. The proof was not of reproduction, but of inspiration, which had its original taste.

Following the auction, meals and times were distributed as follows:

  • Gives – Crepe Suzette, in 30 minutes
  • Paraskevi – Churos in 34 minutes
  • Renato – Brownie, 30 minutes
  • Edleide – pudding, in 25 minutes
  • Daniel – Banff, 30 minutes
  • Fernando – Strawberry Meringu, 24 minutes
  • Larissa – French toast, in 20 minutes
  • Mario – Cream Brulee, 40 minutes
  • Adílio – well married in 50 minutes
  • Melina – Yellow Fruit Pie, 32 minutes
  • Jason – Pastel de Belem in 30 minutes
  • Bruno – Quindim in 1 hour
  • Raphael – Sweet bread in 30 minutes

Due to the short time required to conduct the test, almost all of the participants were involved in confectionery production.


Paraskevi is the first to evaluate. Made of traditional Greek churros, with chocolate ganache. He has done a good job, highly acclaimed by chefs, in both sauces and churros.

Mario has made a little innovation by making cream brulee with red fruit. The taste as well as the texture of the dish was appreciated, but only slightly criticized for the presentation.

Bet on whipped cream crepe sujet. He was criticized a lot, for the raw flour, a whipped cream that doesn’t sort and, according to Fogakar, he got scared and went wrinkled.

Fernando made a strawberry meringue with lemon yogurt. The dish was praised for its balance of various points and presented very well, only criticized for its lack of texture.

Renato presents a chocolate and walnut brownie. The candy was not empty and tasted very strong. Jacqueline thought the dish was unpleasant.

Edleide made a lot of noise, but managed to deliver a pudding in 25 minutes. The candy was most praised by the judges, who called it “family candy”.

Adele also had an “open marriage”, a kind of happy marriage. It was supposed to be very sweet, but with light, soft and dough flour.

Melina has delivered a complimentary yellow fruit pie but has been set aside for being too sweet.

Rafael bets on the classic, with a sponge cake and chocolate ganache. Although the dish was acclaimed for its taste, it was criticized for not mentioning a sweet bread – its dessert.

Daniel cooked a “devastating banof” separating the ingredients. The boy was praised for both the taste and presentation of the dish.

Jason competed with Bethlehem for a spoonful. His dishes, according to the chef, were average.

Larissa made her French toast with cream angles. The French toast was good and crispy, but the cream was whipped and “lumpy”.

Bruno made an egg ice cream with coconut tulle to reinvent a quindum. Like Raphael, the dish was appreciated, but it was far from a quintessential recollection.

Negative highlights: Renato for a bad meal and for deviating from the theme of the Raphael and Bruno test.

Positive highlights: Paraskevi, Fernando, Daniel and Adelaide crowned winners.

By choosing the winner of the race, Adeleo and Mario, Adelaide can save two more people from extinction.


The eradication test was a Bolovo breed, a delicious meat loaf made with egg yolks.

Bruno, Raphael and Renato, the worst in the race, had one problem: each lost 3 eggs from the basket. The time was the same for everyone: 45 minutes.

Larissa and Melina were most involved in the experiment, Larissa even tried to get a boiled egg from a mate after cracking it.

Renato was considered average, but enough to go as far as the mezzanine. The main problem with your dish was the lack of spices.

Raphael had a technically good dish, proportionately, a very good soft egg. He saved himself.

Jason had a great egg, but the meat lacked some seasoning.

With a good balance between eggs and meat was the positive highlight of the lace and Melina competition, Melina won the elimination competition for the 3rd time in a row.

Bruno and Larissa were the most criticized foods, with the most taste and proportionality flaws. However, he was able to avoid extinction because Lorisa lost her yolk during egg preparation, which is crucial for a bolovo.

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