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19:56 With this sixth victory of the Italian volleyball OA Sport we thanks for following with us the feeling of the recreation and need you an excellent continuation this night.

19:53 We have seen an excellent Italy on the area, of course the youth didn’t permit us to keep up a excessive degree from the starting to the finish, however the proficient gamers are there and so they present themselves properly in the future. Allaoui’s finest recommendation, Adigwe good, above all in comedy, however the most crystalline expertise appears to be Linda Manfredini, who along with her fasting was an actual thorn in Turkey.

19:50 Italian youth on one other degree, after the European gold medals for ladies underneath 21, underneath 18 and underneath 22, gold comes once more for ladies underneath 17!


24-22 KUYAN WORONG FROM SECOND PLACE! There are two Italian matches!

23-22 Mistakes in serving Devrim!

22-22 It all occurs once more, Kuyan’s assault.

22-21 The regular Mumcular re-opens the assault.

22-20 Unfortunately Amoruso has wasted +4 ball.


21-19 Adigwe jokes are lengthy.

21-18 CHANGE TO MANFREDINI! Another break!

20-18 Diagonal slender diagonal!

19-18 Manfredini’s internet assault, huge mistake.

19-17 Ancoraaaa Amoruso scores 4 factors, a crucial break!

18-17 Similar journey of Amoruso.

17-17 Esposito’s place doesn’t cross.

17-16 Mani-out by Esposito!

16-16 Mumcular Wall on Adigwe.

16-15 Mumcluar goes along with two locations.

16-14 Erroraccio by Boztepe.

15-14 Pallonetto di Esposito, lastly!

14-14 Ace from Kuyan.

14-13 We battle to place the ball all the way down to assault, every thing must be restructured.

14-12 Mumcular Wall on Esposito.

14-11 Escape Manfredini’s jokes.

14-10 Ottim rapidly and Manfredini!

13-10 Adigwe takes the wall from the second row.

13-9 Muroneeeee by Allaoui, +4 pesantissimooooo!

12-9 Amazing raise by Allaoui and good assault by Esposito.

11-9 Boztepe errors.

10-9 This time he escapes the counter assault from blue.

10-8 Aceeeeee of Adigwe!

9-8 We are lastly getting out of this tough state of affairs.

8-8 Ace from Boztepe, all might be mounted once more.

8-7 Errors in reception in Italy.

8-6 Bad Allaoui.

8-4 Beautiful ball positioned by Amoruso.

7-4 Mumcular Equality.

7-3 Voliamoooo to +4!

6-3 Turkey pressured a stoppage time.

5-3 Omoruso once more, this time in a lob!

4-3 Omoruso’s Deep Attack!

3-3 With Esposito serving we’re again in a tie!

1-3 Even Esposito did not cross.

1-2 Mumcular wall on Adigwe.

1-1 Broadside is attacked by Mumcular.

1-0 It begins with a terrific job in blue!

19:20 Great efficiency from Italy, which was good to stand up after a really distant second set. Making the distinction on this set was a mad collection of Adigwe’s serves, capable of put down the magnificence of 4 consecutive aces.

25-20 Mumcular assault errors! We received the third set!

24-20 There are 4 factors for Italy!

23-20 Good first half for Monaco!

22-20 Boztepe assaults.

22-19 Eroguz millimeter lob.

22-18 Aceeeee by Allaoui!

21-18 Another shot from Esposito.

20-18 Manfredini’s humor doesn’t cross.

20-17 Esposito punches the arm of the wall!

19-17 Allaoui thinks about this in the assault.

18-17 Boztepe Wall in Manfredini.

18-16 Amoruso’s humor doesn’t cross.

18-15 Erroraccio in Kuyan’s assault.

17-15 Amazing play for Allaoui’s second aim.

16-15 Muroneeee by Manfredini!

15-15 We instantly return to portray.

14-15 Attacks Amoruso straight at the internet.

14-14 Errors in blue service.

14-13 Great first half for Manfredini.

13-13 Mumcular assault baggage.

13-12 Boztepe’s jokes are lengthy.

12-12 We proceed level by level.

12-11 Broadside of Adigwe from 4 locations.

11-11 Problems nonetheless with receiving blue.

11-10 Ace from Olcay.

11-9 Esposito’s second foul.

11-8 This time Esposito goes by way of the lob.

10-8 Same error as Esposito.

10-7 The chief and Central Turkey aren’t understanding one another this time.

9-7 Another level in the middle of Kacmaz.

9-6 first half for Kacmaz.

9-5 Second quick in a row!

8-5 Back to have a look at Manfredini rapidly.

7-5 Mucular wall.

7-4 The horror of Adigwe, 4 aces!

6-4 Third win in a row serve!

5-4 No!

4-4 Aceeeee of Adigwe!

3-4 Adigwe cross collectively.

2-4 Narrow Kuyan diagonal.

2-3 Ace of Eroguz.

2-2 Outside Kuyan.

2-1 Amoruso’s Deep Attack!

1-1 Adigwe broke the wall together with his arms.

0-1 It begins with a catastrophe in rebuilding Italy.

23-25 ​​​​Allaoui jokes don’t cross, once more in Turkey.

23-24 We’re again to minus -1 as a result of of Olcay’s foul.

22-24 Turkey ends the first solely with a service error.

21-24 There are three components to Turkey.

21-23 Unfortunately, Italy’s central error comes once more.

21-22 Aceeeee by Manfredini!

20-22 9 meter error in Turkey.

19-22 The ministry of Amorus is lengthy, nonetheless.

19-21 Clap your arms on the wall of Amoruso.

18-21 Turkish gangs are opened.

18-20 Narrow diagonal of Adigwe.

17-20 New Turkish vacation.

17-19 Great assault on Kuyan.

17-18 Good arms this time from Adigwe.

16-18 Adigwe will take the wall.

16-17 Mumcular Ace.

16-16 Another error in the service of the Italians.

16-15 Let’s proceed with Amoruso!

15-15 Muroneeee from Monaco!

14-15 Turkish catastrophe strikes.

13-15 Aceeeee from Esposito!

12-15 Esposito’s two-point signal.

11-15 Deep first half for Kacmaz.

11-14 Ace of Eroguz.

11-13 Turkey Break, we’re having somewhat bother with reception.

11-11 Adigwe brings us again into the arts!

10-11 Muroneeee from Esposito!

September 11 Mistakes in Turkish rebounds.

8-11 Yilmaz has scored in two locations.

8-10 Manfredini’s third quick in a row.

7-10 Errors in blue service.

7-9 Another spectacular assault by Manfredini, a terrific midfielder.

6-9 Manfredini’s steady run.

5-9 Adigwe’s line is lengthy.

5-8 Amoruso enters the area and instantly will get a terrific look.

4-8 Kacmaz’s first half is on the run.

2-8 Esposito’s pipe runs away.

2-7 Kacmaz Wall on Del Freo.

2-6 Adigwe places in a really tough ball.

1-6 first half for Kacmaz.

1-5 Ace of Mumcular, watch out to not allow them to go.

1-3 Bad blue assist, Kacmaz takes benefit.

1-2 Adigwe are instantly forgiven throughout the assault.

0-2 Adigwe assault.

0-1 It begins with a win in Turkey.

18:30 The first huge set for Italy, which began properly from the begin and was good for controlling the probabilities of the match. Azzurrine made the distinction in the break and particularly in serving, the place even 4 aces arrived.

25-16 Aceeeee by Del Freo, first blue set!

24-16 Errors in service once more in Turkey, there are 8 locations in Italy.

23-16 Adigwe’s work is on-line.

23-15 Del Freo passes by way of the arms of the wall.

22-15 the joke of Munich doesn’t cross.

22-14 Adigwe’s harmful place from the second quarter.

21-14 First half minimize by Eroguz.

21-13 We proceed to do properly in the break.

20-13 Mani-out of Adigwe.

19-13 the Turkish midfielder throws the ball properly into the internet.

18-12 Ozbey drops a shot at 4 factors.

18-11 Along with Manfredini’s ministry.

18-10 Manfredini’s third fast win.

17-10 Narrow Diagonal of Boztepe.

17-9 Aceeeee by Del Freo!

16-9 Best Fasting by Manfredini.

15-9 Adigwe’s line doesn’t undergo this time.

15-8 Aceeeee wa Adigwe!

14-8 Adigwe’s third assault in a row.

13-8 Yilmaz has scored in two locations.

13-7 Deep diagonal of Adigwe from the second place.

12-7 Evil of Allaousi.

12-6 Hand-out of Adigwe.

11-6 The record in Allaousi’s service ends right here.

11-5 Peroni equals concern, let’s fly!

10-5 Second Ace for Allaousi!

9-5 Peroni’s assault and sacks!

8-5 Aceee of Allaousi.

7-5 Along with the Turkish assault.

6-5 Peroni straight assaults the internet.

6-4 Turkey wins the first trade of the recreation.

6-3 The Amazing Fasting by Manfredini.

5-3 Del Freo’s line doesn’t cross.

5-2 Del Freo is superb at attacking the onerous ball.

4-2 Together with Adigwe’s ministry.

4-1 Second foul from 9 meters for Turkey.

3-1 First half win for Eroguz.

3-0 Aceeeeee from Monaco!

2-0 Great wall by Manfredini!

1-0 It begins with Turkish service errors.

16:02 Turkey responds with: Kacmaz, Eroguz, Ylmaz, Kuyan, Mumcular and Devrim.

17:59 This is the Italian sextet: Monaco, Del Freo, Esposito, Allaousi, Adigwe, Bonafede and Manfredini.

17:56 It’s time to sing the nationwide anthem!

17:53 The groups are ending the preparation part, little is lacking right here.

17:50 The two groups have already met in the first spherical, wherein Turkey (3-1) received, the hope is that as we speak the result’s totally different.

17:47 Turkey completed the group in second place (just like Italy), whereas in the semifinals they beat Serbia (3-2).

17:44 Italy did properly in the group stage, profitable Group B with 4 wins, 1 loss and 12. In the semifinals they received 3-0 towards Germany.

17:41 The blue will go in search of a win that may permit them to increase their gold after what occurred final week at the European Championship with ladies underneath 21 and between the ages of 18 and 22.

17:38 Good afternoon and welcome LIVE Italy-Turkey, a match that’s worthy of the closing of the U17 European Women Volleyball 2022.

Friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome LIVE Italy-Turkey, the official match of the U17 European Women Volleyball 2022 closing. The golden second of Italian volleyball continues, as we speak the youth in blue will go in search of the fourth youth victory in Europe after what was finished final week with ladies underneath 21 years and underneath 18 and 22 years.

The Azzurri carried out properly in the group stage, ending Group B forward with 4 wins, 1 loss and 12 factors, earlier than beating Germany in the semifinals with a 3-0 victory. On the different hand, Turkey completed the group stage in second place (the similar group as Italy) with 4 wins, 1 defeat and 11 factors, whereas the semifinal defeated Serbia with problem (3-2). Italy and Turkey have already met in a single of the pool B video games, that point Turkey received (3-1), the hope is that as we speak the consequence might be totally different.

OA Sport brings you LIVE from Italy-Turkey, the closing qualifying match of the U17 European Women’s Volleyball Championship 2022, information in actual time, minute by minute, motion, level by level, so you do not miss something. . The recreation begins at 18:00!

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