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21.30 Our broadcast ends right here, thanks for following us up to now, a good continuation of the night with the match report on OA Sport.

21.29 This DHL Test Match Tournament, getting ready for the quadrangular World Cup in Poland and the Netherlands, ends with a victory in Italy, with the blue of Davide Mazzanti ending in second place behind Turkey.

25-18 The first a part of the Danesi, ends like this, Italy-Serbia 3-0.


23-18 Orro’s smooth carry on Sylla’s assault from the 4 seat.

22-18 Errors in the Italian service.

22-17 Stevanovic comes out rapidly, Italy -3 from victory.


20-17 Errors in Serbian service.

19-17 Egonu doesn’t discover a discipline with a diagonal.

19-16 No contact, the level is from Italy which matches to +3.

19-16 Busa does not get the arms of the wall, Santarelli’s issues.

18-16 Errors in Serbian service.

17-16 Boskovic received on the diagonal.

17-15 Hands from Bosetti from the 4th place.

16-15 Errors in the Italian service.

16-14 First half Danesi.

15-14 Serbian Wall in Bosetti.

15-13 Mihajlovic will get the arms of the wall.

15-12 Aceeeeeeeeeee serllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

14-12 Danes first half.

13-12 Another Italian mistake.

13-11 Sylla lets blue go to the ball alternate at +2 in the center of the third set.

12-11 Ace from Busa.

12-10 Italy is incorrect in the assault.

12-9 Serbia can also be incorrect.

11-9 Errors in the Italian service.

11-8 Bagher of the first half of De Gennaro to the first half of Chirichella, Serbia time.

10-8 Chirichella as soon as once more put down the opposing ball.

9-8 Chirichella closes below the web.

8-8 Mihajlovic will get the arms of the wall.


7-7 Bosetti received.

6-7 Mistakes in Serbian work.

5-7 Popovic will get the arms of the wall.

5-6 This time it was Egonu who discovered the arms of the wall.

4-6 arms from Mihajlovic.

4-5 Serbian Wall in Bosetti.

4-4 Mihajlovic goes via this time.


3-3 Serbia can also be incorrect.

2-3 Error of the Italian service.

2-2 From the equation of Stevanvovic.

1-2 Conquest of Sylla.

0-2 Ace by Busa with the assist of tape.

0-1 No contact on the Serbian wall.

0-1 From Egonu’s assault, Mazzanti invitations hassle.

21.04 The third group begins.

21.01 The second one which was overwhelmed a lot however went 2-0 to Italy due to the punches of Egonu and Bosetti.

25-22 And it’s Caterina Bosetti who has put the final ball in the set. Italy-Serbia 2-0.

24-22 Chirichella in the first half, the Italians put two factors 2-0.

23-22 Errors in the Italian service.


22-21 Egonu is all the time a assure.

21-21 They do not get Bosetti’s share in the 4th place.

21-20 Boskovic’s assault goes via.

21-19 Egonu diagonal offers 2 locations.

20-19 match for Stevanovic.

20-18 They proved the worst.

20-18 Boskovic’s assault, Italy ends, however there may be a downside.

19-18 Orro has the greatest below the web.

18-18 match for Boskovic.

18-17 Egonu’s flute from the second line.

17-17 Drca Second match, Italy additional time.

17-16 Win for Stevanovic.

17-15 Stevanovic doesn’t shut the quick.

16-15 Mistakes in Egonu’s assembly.

16-14 Spiker from Novara redeems himself with a mani out.

15-14 Bosetti does not get the arms of the wall.

15-13 Errors in blue service.

15-12 First half Danesi, Italy again to +3.

14-12 Boskovic wins the diagonal.

14-11 Bosetti scored from the 4th place.

13-11 Egonu’s assault, the ball change arrives.

12-11 Boskovic will get the arms of the wall.

12-10 Ace from Lozo, Santarelli’s crew comes again in the second set.

12-9 Popovic’s first half, break for Serbia.

12-8 Lozo’s conquest from 2 locations.

12-7 Mess Serbia is being constructed. Santarelli time.

11-7 first half for Denmark.


9-7 Egonu doesn’t get a share from the 2nd place.

9-6 Chirichella will get the arms of the wall.

8-6 for Stevanovic.

8-5 Lozo touches the stick in the closing part.

7-5 Bosetti’s proper-hand assault in the center of the discipline.

6-5 Egonu can also be incorrect.

6-4 Mistakes in Serbian work.

5-4 Busa pushes the ball into the backside of the web.

5-3 ACEEEEE WA DANESIIIIII!!!! Italy is in the second set.

4-3 This time it is Bosetti who will get the arms of Stevanovic in 4th place.

3-3 Hands from Egonu.

2-3 Boskovic crosses once more with a diagonal, Serbia forward for the first time in the match.

2-2 Diagonal assault on Boskovic’s goal in the 2nd place.

2-1 Service error for Serbia.

1-1 Lozo will get the arms of the wall.


20.30 The second group begins.

20.26 The first set is due to this fact fully dominated by Italy from the first ball to the final. The Blues have gone 1-0 on this closing sport before the World Cup.

25-14 Bosetti lands the final ball of the first set.

24-14 Orro’s low ball to Chirichella, with a fence.

24-13 Egonu shoots into the web.

24-12 Busa is a random error, there are twelve factors for the Mazzanti women.

23-12 Four touches for Serbia.

22-12 Busa finds Egonu’s arms.

22-11 Orro’s lovely exaltation of Egonu’s likeness.

21-11 match for Boskovic from the 2nd place with out a wall.

21-10 Serbian wall in Bosetti after the false rise of Orro.

21-9 Errors in the Italian service.

21-8 SYLLAAAAAAA!!!!! ACE!!!!!!!!

20-8 Bosetti once more, this time with rain on the wall seas.

19-8 Bosetti wins from 2, Italy strikes rapidly to win the first set.

18-8 Attack on the Serbian wall.

17-8 Hands from Boskovic.

17-7 Quick by Orro to Danesi who will get the arms of the wall from the 2 place.

16-7 A really slender exit for Sylla.

16-6 Error in attacking Italy.

16-5 Sylla’s distant sensing balloon in conjunction with submit 4.

15-5 Hands from Loso.

15-4 Ego equality.

14-4 robust joke however in the web Imoco spiker.

14-3 Egonu’s conquest from the second row.

13-3 A protracted alternate that ends with Bosetti’s arms from the 4 zone.

12-3 Stevanovic pushes the ball below the web.

12-2 Bosetti vases from 4th place, +10 Italy. The second time launched by Daniele Santarelli.

11-2 Egonu nonetheless finds the arms of the wall.

10-2 Popovic breaks the lengthy streak of blue and the first half.

10-1 Sylla’s superb protection then Egonu will get the arms of the wall.


8-1 Another mistake by Milenkovic, there was Italy on the discipline up to now.

7-1 No contact on the wall in Milenkovic’s assault.

6-1 Overcoming diagonal assault by Egonu from place 2. Time out Serbia.

5-1 DANESIIII !!!!!! MOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

4-1 first half for Denmark.

3-1 Boskovic slender diagonal.

3-0 Sylla will get the arms of the wall.

2-0 Problems in the reception of Serbia and Sylla shut the backside of the web.

1-0 Egonu places in the first ball of the match from the second row.

20.00 Let’s begin!

19.58 Song of Mameli.

19.57 Serbian tune.

19.55 After the defeat by Turkey and the victory by Poland, Davide Mazzanti of the blues met with Daniele Santarelli Serbia at “PalaVesuvio” in Naples (Ponticelli).

19.50 Good night and welcome LIVE Italy-Serbia, the official match at the DHL Test Match Tournament, the quadrangular that precedes the World Cup in Poland and Holland.

Italy-Serbia, ladies’s volleyball, program

Good night mates and mates of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE Italy-Serbia, the final launch of the Italian ladies’s volleyball crew CT Davide Mazzanti before the World Championship, which is able to begin in eight days in Poland and Holland.

On the “PalaVesuvio” in Naples PonticelliItaly again on stage for the finals of the DHL Test Match Tournament. After being defeated by I’m sorry (1-3) and success is Poland (3-1) blue will attempt to shut the Campania occasion in a great way with a remake of final 12 months’s European closing when the women Davide Mazzanti climbed to the high of the roof in Belgrade.

Serbia who, like blue, was the protagonist of victory and defeat on this pleasant quadrangle. The Balkan crew managed to do effectively Poland first out is 3-1 (21-25, 25-21, 17-25, 21-25) after which give the similar consequence I’m sorry in the second match they performed (22-25, 22-25, 25-23, 25-27).

OA Sport brings you LIVE protection of Italy-Serbia, the official sport at the DHL Test Match Tournament in Naples, the closing time before the Women’s Volleyball World Cup. It will begin at 20.00 at “PalaVesuvio” in Naples. Good leisure.


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