Billionaire, married to Brazilian: Bernie Ecclestone, former F1 CEO arrested for illegally carrying a weapon in Campinas. Campinas and regions

  • Barney Ecclestone was arrested at Virakopos airport for carrying a firearm illegally, paid a R $ 6,000 bond and flew to Switzerland.

But who is the former used car salesman who made his fortune, the owner of F1 and one of the richest people in the world? Oh g1 A few points about Barney’s life are listed.

$ 3.4 billion people

According to Forbes Magazine, Barney Ecclestone has amassed a net worth of 3.4 billion in his career, having been appointed CEO of Formula 1, the main motorsport division.

Although he resigned in 2017 after being fired, he remains influential in the business.

Barney Ecclestone, Former Formula 1 CEO – Photo: Getty Images

Controversial car salesman

Barney started his motorsport career by selling used cars and this was already controversial. According to the GE portal, it has discussed selling vehicles that were not yet available at a higher price. Before delivering them, I bought them for a low price.

Coffee Farm in Amparo, SP

The businessman and former leader took refuge on his farm in the inner state of Amparo during the epidemic, where the family cultivates coffee. In 2020, he and his wife, Brazilian Fabiana Flossi Ecclestone, spent time on the property because she belonged to the risk group of Covid-19 and she was pregnant.

Fabiana is 45 years younger than her husband, and had her first child with him in July 2020 in Switzerland. This is the fourth heir of the merchant – the only man, Alexander Charles Ecclestone.

She is also the current Vice President of the International Federation of Automobileism (FIA) in South America.

Barney Ecclestone, Fabiana Flossi and S. Ecclestone – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

The year was 1958 and the car was a model made by Cont-Alta, a UK race car maker Cont Engineering.

According to the GE portal, Bernie Monaco signed up as a driver to compete in the GP, but did not qualify for the race. Decades later, he said it was not a serious attempt to break into the sport.

Barney Ecclestone tried in vain to qualify for the 1958 Monaco GP

Motorsport business

Barney was a partner in a motorcycle dealership after World War II and even participated in some competitions. In the 1960’s, he spent his time as a driver’s manager, taking a career break after an accident, and entering the Formula 1 business in 1971.

At the time, he was in charge of the Braham team – which hired Brazilian Nelson Pickett in 1978 – won significant sponsorship, became head of the Team Association (FOCA) and led Formula 1.

He told the parties that TV was a way to increase profits with broadcasting rights and prizes. Decades later, in January 2017, he resigned as CEO.

Barney Ecclestone and Ayrton Senna had a good relationship and the businessman even spent the holidays at the Brazilian idol house in Angra dos Reis (RJ). When the pilot died, Barney did not attend the funeral due to family discomfort. While the pilot was alive, he hoped for the news of his brother’s death.

Bernie Ecclestone with the Ayrton Army in Canada, 1993 – Photo: Reproduction

The businessman was outraged when he spoke after the murder of American George Floyd by police in 2020. When driver Lewis Hamilton was tasked with demanding the arrest of those responsible for the deaths, Barney said “often blacks are more racist than whites.”

The direction of Formula 1 rejected the former director and Hamilton’s speech.

Bernie Ecclestone and Lewis Hamilton at the 2015 Mexican GP – Photo: Mark Thompson / Getty Images

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