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My Happy Health Project has over 7,000 subscribers to various sports activitiesRafael Barreto

Published 20/04/2022 16:06 | Updated 04/20/2022 17:03

Belford Roxo – The city of Belford Roxo is investing in health promotion. This time it’s through the project Health + happiness And plenty of physical activity that populates good health. There are several free sports facilities across the 37 centers in the four corners of the city and, in addition, the project includes cultural activities, technical courses and other activities related to education. More than 7,000 students have been admitted since December last year. Those who wish to participate simply wear their swimsuits, sneakers, kimono or sneakers and register on the website or in the travel tent in front of the selected school.

According to Jefferson Allenkar, special secretary for sports and leisure, promoting health through sports is a way to improve people’s quality of life. “The more sports, the less hospital a person will need. We work not only physical health, but mental and spiritual. Our goal is to expand it to 100 centers by the end of the year, realize the features of each region and reach 20,000 students in six months. In the past, people had to leave the city to access such services and today the situation has changed, they are coming from outside to operate here, “said Jefferson.

Jefferson further explained that it is thinking about the environment that the application process is all digital. “People can do this on their cell phones too, just log in to the site and center in the area of ​​their choice. The page will show activities and select only. An email will be sent to the person and they will be required to participate in polo. And get nutritional support and participate in seasonal events like outings and parties “, he concluded.

Dream in football

Andrea Regina Fonseca Matthias, 50, who lives in Heliopolis, has been doing physical activity since 2012. But this year he started doing water aerobic, topical and functional gymnastics with the Saúde + Feliz project. “I chose exercise for my health and I think the project is very good. It’s the first time in town here and it’s amazing, because many can’t afford water aerobics, for example, which costs about 600 races ৷ even I have my sister with me. I managed to do it, “Andrea said.

Defender, 18-year-old Mario Lucio, a resident of the Andre Araujo neighborhood, is very happy with the project. His dream was to play professional football. “My brother also acted in this project and that is why I decided to sign up and I played on the first day. I thought it would be hard for my age, but it was all very easy. This type of project is very important because it has a lot of talent and it helps children who are just starting out. It’s not just the players who are being trained, it’s the citizens, “said Mario.

Mario Lucio is very happy with the project. His dream was to play professional footballRafael Barreto / PMBR

Conducts the project and offers the following activities and services: Zumba, Psychologist, Effective, Water Aerobics, Swimming, Pilates, Gymnastics, Football, Jiu Jitsu, Basketball, Kung Fu, Boxing, Karate, Tai Bo, Theater, Fashion, Music, Bodybuilding , Ballet, Guitar, Breaking, Cavacinho, Crafts, Advocacy, Healthcare, Social Worker, Nutritionist, Nursing & Audiovisual Course, Pound, Computer Maintenance, Automotive Painting & Polishing, Makeup & Sales Techniques, Sales Techniques, Administrative Assistant.

Project tent schedule

04/25 – Caic 1003 Dona Darcy Vargas

04/26 – EC Good Shepherd

04/27 – CE Brandão Monteiro

04/28 – CE Gustavo Barroso

04/29 – CE Jardim Gláucia

Poles scattered in different areas:

Annex Acacias – Rua dos Civilizados, lt 08 qd 51 – Jardim das Acácias, 26143-530

CAMPO DO TOSA – Rua Begônia, lt 01 qd 10, Bom Pastor, 26115-140

Canarinho – Rua Alameda Zulmira Valle, 66 – 216 – Nosa Senhora de Fatima, 26183-340

CEJAC – Malvino – TV. Call, 39 – Park Sao Jose, 26187-185

CIDS Nova Aurora – Rua Palmira Gomez, 65 – Sওo Francisco, 26155-590

CIEP Gustavo Capanema – R. Itaipu – Sওo George, 26155-550

Club de Heliopolis – R. Landress, 345 – Heliopolis, 26120-210

Cruzerinho – Rua Sikera Campos, 17 – Nova Aurora, 26125-280

Eldorado 1 – R. Barao de Vasuras, 15 – Shangri-La, 26127-270

Eldorado 2 – Rua Petropolis, 143 – Shangri-La, 26120-010

VIP Space – Rua Tabocas, 41 – Park Fluminense, 25046-450

Galpao do Cantao – Rua Tapirai, 168 – Heliopolis, 26123-280

Innocent – Blvd. Sওo Vicente, 1741 – Sওo Vicente Park, 26178-405

Jardim Glacia – Rua Ptolemy, lt 16 qd L – Jardim Glacia, 26195-195

Malhapao – Rua Albano, 56, Campo do Rondon – Jardim Tupiara, 26185-260

MANELÃO – Av. Dow Canal, 7 – Jardim America, 26140-060

MARINGÁ – Rua Ricardo Vagner, Lt 06 Qd C – Roseiral

Palmeirinha – Av. Nunes Sampaio – Andrad Araujo, 26140-446

Forest Park – Av. Joaquim da Costa Lima – Park Esperanca, 26173-450

Impact Pool – Estr. Itaipu Babi – L1 A, Belford Roxo – RJ, 26120-300

Prata da prata – estr. Dr. Plínio Casado, 3125 – Santo Antônio da Prata, 26130-752

Square of Aria Branca – Rua Carolina Ferreira – Aria Branca, 26112-100

Square of Heliopolis – Rua Lucinda Evangelista Coelho da Silva, 18 – Heliopolis

Nova Aurora Square – Av. New Dawn, 27 – New Dawn, 26155-070

Square de Villa Sao Luiz – Rua Antonio Lima – Heliopolis, 26140-600

Praca do Wana – Rua Posi, 10024 – Park dos Ferreras, 26183-660

Santa Teresa – Estrada do Sarapui, 201, front – Villa Santa Teresa

Tamoio – Rua Lucinda Evangelista Coelho da Silva, 18 – Heliopolis

TIA COTA – Rua dos Civilizados, 40 – Jardim das Acácias, 26143-530

UNIABEU – R. Itaiara, 301 – Centro, 26113-400

VALE DO IPÊ – Estr. Manoel de Sá, 118 – Vale do Ipê, 26182-420

Villa Joanna – R. Eric, SN – Payam, Belford Roxo – RJ, 26112-200

VILA OLIMPICA – r 219, R. Celi, 145 – Piam, Belford Roxo – RJ, 26115-465

Villa Sao Luiz 2nd Polo – R. Sa Rego, 71 – Villa Sao Luiz, 26140-550

Wana Galpao – AV. General Carlos Marciano de Medeiros, 173-181 – Pq Sao Jose, 26183-588

Javantes – Rua Baturiti, 07 – Javantes, 26160-065

Javantes 2 – Rua Taylor, 147 – Javantes, 26125-070


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