‘Be Your Strength’: Injured NBA Stars Talk Recovery

For nearly a month since he was followed by a torn ligament on his right elbow, Paul George could do nothing but wait.

He had been seriously injured in the past, but waiting for this one, in December, was strange to him.

No work for several weeks. He was unable to return to court for more than two months. The doctors told her that she just needed to breathe.

George watches NBA games at home with his girlfriend, young daughters, and baby boy. Kids watch sometimes, but they are often busy with their iPads while George is focused on work.

They are very careful to convey ideas or words of encouragement to their Los Angeles Clippers teammates via text message. But after a while, he felt really bad.

“In the beginning they did a good job of collecting and storing them together and having a strong climate, but as the season progressed, they kind of hit a wall and ran out of gas,” George said. “It was obvious. It was hard. It was hard to see this and could not help them. I think that was probably the hardest part for me – watching. “

When George returned on March 29, he scored 34 points in quick succession to help the Clippers win the Utah Jazz.

George is one of the most talented players in the world who has been injured for a long time 2021-2222. He and others were seriously injured, and saw their groups continue without them, as they walked down a street that is often lonely. Like George, some of them are returning to their teams in the run-up to the playoffs and have the opportunity to make a difference in their team.

“Having one of our best players, one of the best players in the league, a man who excels in all aspects of football, does whatever we ask him and so much more,” Clippers goalkeeper Reggie Jackson said. “Just getting him back, having so many of our leaders, you know, facing the franchise and being one of the best players in the world, gives us a lot of confidence.”

George Kawhi’s teammate Leonard was seen shooting at the team’s gym, missing all season while recovering from ACL surgery. Denver’s Jamal Murray, who underwent the same surgery, has shown he is recovering, although it is not known if he will return.

Center Brook Lopez returned to the Milwaukee Bucks on March 14 for the first time since the opening season. She underwent back surgery in December and was labeled “forever.”

“I’ve had several injuries. It always makes me appreciate basketball and love it so much, “Lopez told reporters after his first game.”

He smiled broadly when asked about returning.

“I missed it so much,” Lopez said.

Miami Heat Guard Victor Oladipo is well aware of the long-term pain of being away. He was helped by friends and relatives when he was injured, but the way back was difficult.

Oladipo states: “Sometimes you feel very lonely. “You must be your biggest fan. You have to be your motivator. You have to be strong, you have to speak for yourself, you have to be your best friend. ”

Oladipo were All-Star and Indiana Pacers in 2017-18 and 2018-19. She broke her quadriceps tendon in January 2019 and underwent surgery soon. A year later he returned to play but did not feel well.

“It sounds like I’m preventing you from being where you should be,” Oladipo said. “Or maybe this is your culture and you can never go back to playing freely.”

He said he realized shortly after his operation that it had been performed incorrectly. Needed a second operation in May last year; did not make its debut until last month.

Oladipo spent about a month and a half after the second operation before resuming his technique.

When he could not have a sports team, he sometimes rented a movie theater from Brickell City Center in Miami to watch the game individually, or with his assistant or manager.

Oladipo said: “This game is so big that it makes you feel like you are really in the game.

He kept his eyes focused, sitting on the couch and wondering what the future would hold. Sometimes he wondered what he would do if he were a teacher.

“You want to help the team,” Oladipo said. If a team is doing well, you want to be with them. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. “

Unlike Lopez and George, the Oladipo and Heat segment going forward was not established. He has played just eight games since his return on March 7. On April 3 in Toronto, he scored 21 points.

“These are the things we see every day, in the background,” Chris Quinn, a Heat assistant, told reporters after the game, coaching Coach Erik Spoelstra, who came out due to coronavirus protocols. “It ‘s hard work, and grit, and grinding. Getting out of his injuries intact, and getting to that point, is still part of what he can be.”

The Heat did not play Oladipo in their next two games, but scored 40 points in the team’s final game on Sunday.

“I’m still able to do a lot of good things out there, a lot of good things out there,” Oladipo said in an interview at the end of March. “Right now, I think my goal for the team is to do whatever it takes to win.”

The need for patience does not end when a player comes back from injury. Minute and nighttime restraints are common after long breaks.

For George, that means that in his second game – the loss of overtime to the Chicago Bulls – he could not play at all in extra time.

“He tries to persuade people, but it’s not for him,” Clippers coach Tyronn Lue said of George’s minute ban. “Our doctors are the best in the league, so we give them all the responsibility, and allow the player to protect him because he wants to play. All the players want to play when they sit down. “

Looking back on his months of non-playing basketball, George admits that it was hard to be out of court. But all is well with how it turned out.

“I think that’s what made the project so good and that’s what made me so happy,” George said. “There were no minimum standards. I felt my body; my body was injured. I knew I needed rest. ”

There was also a silver line.

“I think the good thing I did out there was a longer time with my family,” George said. “Living with my children. My girlfriend. It was a lot of time I wasted that I don’t usually waste because I play on the road. “

The Clippers exceeded their expectations without him. While across the town the Lakers were unable to overcome the loss of LeBron James and Anthony Davis due to long-term injuries, the Clippers were able to participate in the game without being with George for long and without Leonard at all.

As Oladipo and Heat are locked in the top seed of the Eastern Conference playoffs, Clippers, at No. He won four of the first five games after George’s return. They will do more than watch as their season begins.

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