Baylor turns to Blake Shapen at QB in the 2022 season as incumbent Gerry Bohanon enters the portal

In a surprising move, Baylor has named Blake Shapen back in the 2022 season, according to several reports. Shapen defeated former captain Gerry Bohanon and newcomer Kyron Drones in an open competition to test the spring. In the meantime, following the ruling, Bohanon has opted to enter the exchange portal, according to 247Sports’ Chris Hummer. He is a graduate with two years of eligible residency due to the free year offered by the NCAA.

The second Shapen played well in his first season as a backup keeper. A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, intervened after Bohanon was injured by Kansas State and started the last two Bears games. He completed a 72.1% pass of 596 yards, five touchdowns and no way.

Shapen stepped in to start the Big 12 Championship Match against Oklahoma State, and finished his first 17 innings with three touchdowns to give the Bears a 21-3 first-half chance to secure a 21-16 victory. The win was Baylor’s first Big 12 Championship win in program history.

Bohanon completed 62.9% of over 2,200 yards, 18 touchdowns and seven innings in just one season. The Earle, Arkansas, commercials added a nine-point strike while leading the Bears to a 12-2 record – the most successful in program history – with the Sugar Bowl victory.

Baylor coach Dave Aranda was so open that he wanted to name the starters at the end of spring. The Bears are heading into spring meetings this week after the annual Spring Games on Saturday.

Aranda made the decision six days before the last day of May 1 for Bohanon to be eligible to play in the fall. Now, Bohanon has a chance to get a second chance elsewhere. Bohanon has joined former blue-chip team Jacob Zeno – who arrived at UAB – Baylor quarterbacks to transfer the starting season.

What Shapen brings

Baylor has shown that he is ready to lean on the passing game as Shapen takes pictures. Bohanon only tried 23 attempts in every game and 18 in every last four games. Shapen, on the other hand, threw 83 times in his last 2.5 games, despite injuring his shoulder in a Big 12 header that sidelined him.

There is no better example than comparing Baylor’s two games against Oklahoma State. The Bears were without a tie in the first half when the two teams met at Stillwater last October. When Baylor got a chance in the Big 12 Championship Game, Shapen turned around and went three times in the first half.

Although Bohanon provided a protective cover, the crew felt Shapen was the fastest runner who gave the Bears a chance to advance. Having lost large pieces on both sides of the ball, Baylor bets upside down.

To correct the error

Baylor manages to break through the zone and rely on the big Bohanon for a number of keepers made by quarterback each game. Although Shapen has great speed, its 6-foot, 192-pounds frame is not built to connect like Bohanon.

The Bears were supposed to replace Abram Smith with a run of 1,600 yards on the way back, but Craig “Sqwirl” Williams and Taye McWilliams both showed up straight in the spring games. The Bears also used flexible player Josh Fleeks as a true runner several times. A team of runners should step in and replace both Smith and Bohanon positions as threats.

Disappointing co-ordinator Jeff Grimes has left for another quarterback game with Shapen on board, but Shapen is still on the move. However, expect a lot of bootleg games to be a deeper shot than running the ball yourself. Traditionally, things will look more like a Grimes system at BYU with Zach Wilson than the Jalen Hurts attacks carried out under Bohanon.

The Bohanon effect

The timing of Aranda’s election did not happen by accident. The decision-making process gave Bohanon time to enter the shipping port before it closed for May 1. Now, Bohanon quickly becomes the most skilled passer-by who was left at home with a long shot. Elections are often late in the round, but Bohanon will have elections.

Arizona State looks naturally fit after losing striker Jayden Daniels to LSU. Sun Devils offensive lineman Glenn Thomas coached quarterbacks during Bohanon’s first two years at Baylor. Missouri was working in the JT Daniels sweepstakes, and was able to look at Bohanon. UCF may want to age at quarterback instead of relying on sophomore Mikey Keene, and Bohanon could be better off in the Gus Malzahn system.

Bohanon offers a strong arm and a running risk. When they get to the right order, they can do well.

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