Based on Auburn 21-7 victory at FSU Regional

Auburn continued its attack at the NCAA Regional in Plainsman Park in a 21-7 Saturday night game against Florida State. Matigers are 2-0 in the division. Auburn is expected to win the final match on Sunday at 1 pm CT between Seminoles and UCLA, who flew off Southeast Louisiana just hours before Auburn blasted FSU in front of a sales team.

Auburn head coach Butch Thompson declined to name the start of the game on Sunday 6 pm CT as he did not know who would be competing with them until several hours before the game. Winning the first two games puts the Tigers at risk of winning the region. Florida State or UCLA may need to win two games on Sunday and beat Auburn on Monday in a playoff match.

“We do not know who we will compete with until we start our game, then this will be difficult for us tomorrow, whether it is Florida State or UCLA,” Thompson said. We will wait a while to understand. Thank you so much for the meaning of what we live in. Florida State and UCLA have all the equipment and can come back and win the region. The importance of the games we have just played gives us the opportunity to play. “

Matigers need one win to get to the top spot on Sunday or Monday. Let’s see how Auburn scored 21 runs against Florida State. In honor of Auburn’s fourth tour, we will go with seven views of Tiger’s victory.

1. Auburn’s strategy against Seminoles Bryce Hubbart was excellent. Hubbart entered the match with an 8-2 record with 94 appearances compared to 18 innings. Hubbart only conceded 63 hits over 73 innings before meeting Auburn.

Hubbart allowed four hits, a homer, two, and three runs within 2 1/3 innings. Auburn led 3-0 with Hubbart leaving the game after throwing 68 yards.

“He messed up a lot of yards against us after they went down 0-2,” Florida State manager Mike Martin Jr said after the game. “The guys who can destroy the stadiums make a lot of money in the major leagues. Their arrival on the plate was very difficult for us.”

2. Broady Moore had seven shapes and reached the starting point each time. He was 5-5 with two doubles. Moore also ran twice. Moore was one of several Tiger fighters who did well.

3. Joseph Gonzalez worked hard in the third inning allowing just one run. Gonzalez won by playing twice in the liner until second baseman Cole Foster to end the frame with the remaining runners at FSU.

“Another good night for us,” Thompson said. “Joseph’s great performance. We played team mistakes and played together those two nights, so we give ourselves a chance to play in the regional tournament.”

Gonzalez made six innings. He conceded four hits and three innings. Two of the runners came to Gonzalez after leaving runners to help Carson Swilling. Treyton Rank pinned three home-run runs from Swilling.

4. Rank’s home run had little effect considering Auburn went down in the seventh half with a 15-1 chance. Auburn scored seven runs in the fourth inning to open the scoring.

5. Auburn scored all runs except two innings with 19 hits, plus three doubles from Kason Howell. The Tigers also benefited from 16 FSU appearances with four Seminole errors.

6. Florida State used seven jars compared to Auburn, after using three. John Armstrong completed the last two innings in Swilling after making the seventh. Auburn had 19 strikes, including a ball that landed on the top right wall in Plainsman Park and Sonny DiChiara in the ninth. DiChiara has 20 homers for the Auburn season.

7. The air inside and around Plainsman Mark was electric for the second night in a row. More than 4,000 fans inside the ballpark, and several hundred gathered on the hill behind the left fence. Those who could not climb the hill stopped and stared at the parking lot. Fans were screaming and chased for 40 for two days by the Tigers.

Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl and several players, including Wendell Greene and Allen Flanigan, were in the audience. Athletes from several sports teamed up with Auburn alums and fans to start a baseball team on a hot June day in Plains.

“There’s an engagement and connection now,” Thompson said of fan support. There is electricity in the park. This is as close as we do to our basketball and football games. Fans are a part of this now. It’s amazing. ”

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