Bambo. Hold on! Claunch’s song puts A&M on the Omaha slope

Game # 59: # 5 Texas A&M 5, # 12 Louisville 4
Notes: Texas A&M (41-18, 19-11), Louisville (42-20-1, 18-11-1)
WP: James Palisch (6-3)
LP: Michael Prosecky (2-1)
Box Score

Most of the time on the ropes, Louisville seems to have taken the path of the city’s most beloved son, Muhammad Ali, and played the ropes.

From time to time, Texas A&M was left shaking in vain.

But in the ninth inning, midfielder Aggie Troy Claunch finally hit a single-handed punch to lift A&M over the Cardinals, 5-4, Friday night (and / or maybe Saturday morning) in the NCAA Super Regionals’ first baseball game. in front of a crowd of 6,732 at Blue Bell Park.

The Aggies (41-18) also face the Cardinals (42-20-1) at 2 pm on Saturday with a chance to win a place in the 2022 College World Series.

Jamie Maury, TexAgs

Claunch’s walk-off single was his second song of the night. “Mr. Clutch” finished 2-for-4 with single singles and two RBI.

“Nothing surprises me,” Texas A&M coach Jim Schlossnagle said of his team after another back-to-back victory, which has become commonplace. “When you think he’ll take another punch – and there are a lot of teams I’ve seen or had – where you take the punch, and bend over. These guys just go on and on about the other game. They just go on and on.”

The Aggies often moved instead. Four times in the past – first, second, sixth and eighth – he failed to hit hard with full starters.

But when the two came out on the ninth, Claunch came.

He hit the fastest ball in the right field from the left of Louisville Michael Prosecky (2-1) to lead Trevor Werner into the winning game.

Claunch walked as Prosecky came out of the eighth bull. As a result, he watched the ball run.

“Well, I had already met him, so I was relieved,” Claunch said. “I saw everything he has. With him he goes first to break a broken ball (eighth) and hit it [Ryan Targac]I was pretty sure he wouldn’t come back with more speed, so I sat on the running ball and found the one I liked.

The hit paid off another frustrating night on the plate for the Aggies who often hit hard.

He scored 11 battles, drawn 10 times and reached the starting point three times through the battered.

However, he left 17 runners down. Ten people were left behind. Five times hit with full containers.

“When you think he’ll take another punch – and there are a lot of teams I’ve seen or had – where you take the punch, and bend over. These guys just go on and on about the other game. They just go on and on.”

– A&M head coach Jim Schlossnagle

The only hit full of weapons registered before the Ninth Claunch was by Louisville at the start of pitcher Jared Poland.

In the first inning, Claunch was hit by Polish pitch to allow Jack Moss to score.

This was the only run that Aggies ran for the first time. That one correction was temporary.

Louisville came back again with three singles, walking and flying a sacrifice from Nathan Dettmer to lead 3-1.

Jordan Thompson provided one goal to lead Brett Minnich to third, but Louisville managed to chase the fifth to lead 4-2.

An excellent drop from Joseph Menefee and Jacob Palisch prevented the Cardinals from expanding the limit.

Menefee rallied the fifth Dettmer and left Ben Metzinger of Louisville third. He found the basis – which was confirmed by comment – to come out of the sixth compression. He also saw a series of strikes to end the seventh inning by a Louisville runner in second place.

But A&M was still wrestling with the brother until Thompson, the eight-fighter, blew up a two-run game that removed a Levi Usher stretch glove stretching almost a foot.

“I do not lie. I had to take it twice, “said Thompson.” I don’t think I hit the ball on that side of the ball. Sometimes I hit a wall with BP but it doesn’t come out. It was fun to see them come out. ”

Assistant Cardinal Tate Kuehner initially raised his hands in celebration of what he thought was a sportsman. He then grabbed Thompson’s head after blasting a fence.

Jamie Maury, TexAgs

Thompson’s seventh trip, with the gymnasium being his fifth round of the season.

“We expect Levi to take everything,” said Louisville coach Dan McDonnell. “That is an honor for him and what we have seen over the past few years. If he can’t handle it, I don’t know if he exists.”

Palisch (6-3) then entered the eighth to run two unlimited runs to win, but it was not easy.

He left two Louisville runners in the bottom eight. He got a double ball to finish the ninth.

“We have invested a lot of money with Menefee and Jacob,” Schlossnagle said. “I knew if these guys were killing, as long as we didn’t damage the security, it would be fine.”

Werner then traveled from Prosecky, Louisville’s sixth jar, to lead the ninth. Austin Bost provided two songs. Ryan Targac was hit by a pitch.

Then came Claunch, whose hit brought A&M to one victory on the way to Omaha.

“Troy often saves his best bats at the end of the game,” Schlossnagle said. “There is no one you want more than him against Prosecky, who is very good.

“But it is one game. We are happy to win, but it is too far to go.


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