Balsonaro, married to a rejected fianc

And finally the link happened. In the case involving money, thousands of interests and property, it was a marriage, we must say what benefits. Captain Mesias Balsonaro and the monthly head, former convict, Valdemar da Costa Neto, now form the “same family” as the engagement-obedience force insisted on a yes-day at the heart of the PL party that embraced him. Like a lost child. Of course, there have been fights before, as well as curses, showing contempt and disrespect among them, common to any couple. But what does it matter? From now on, they have signed a pledge to live together. Full relationship in ups and downs, including the right to get the ideal “end” of a “love story”. They have made the union official. Will there be understanding, fidelity, respect at the Centro Nest after the honeymoon regulatory time has passed? Unpredictable. But they matched, it is clear. They think so too. They plan the same thing. Nails and flesh. Two by two. “I feel at home,” shouted a happy and skilled Bolsonaro as he signed the marriage certificate. Everything is beautiful.

Stylish ceremony. Laughing guests. The greetings of joy, according to the protocol of the ceremony, and the “myth” in hand, take Planalto to the palace, the same good deed that one day ate the devil’s bread, due to past mistakes and intrigue. This includes the monthly-major curriculum, the passage to the prison, the resignation (twice) from the mandate after being robbed with a bottle in the mouth. Unforgettable Valdemar had countless plans and a moving sheet that did not suggest blessing any in-laws in marriage. But who can explain the trappings of emotion and intricate fabrics, right? Balsonaro was happy. After claiming that she would choose the “most beautiful bride”, she was lost in a perpetual indecision between the options and the suitors. Most see him as an obstacle and start rejecting him. Balsonaro does not enjoy a good picture in the square at the moment. He is seen as fickle, unfaithful, ugly and hegemonic. Anything which aspires to a good marriage is rejected at this time. But Valdema agreed. There is now a realm of harmony between the two. A past, employed, government role, “wealth and poverty”? To check. Friends of the political soul celebrate the dream of future dividends. However, joint ventures may fail. For example, the victory of the vote seems to be hanging on a thread and the split is almost equal to the number of beans. There is no metaphor. Balsonaro has come out of the habit of surviving. It was, so to speak, politically bankrupt. He wants to use Valdemar’s team, abuse it and take advantage of leisure TV time, the huge election budget available there and other Salamis, to ensure a prominent place in the Brasilia court of power. Angry lower-clergy candidates, stabbed in the campaign, hunted down by extremist forces and inaugurated at the Olympus of the country’s command, are no more. He has tried the advantages of the high sphere and does not want to leave the bone. Overall, and by acting, the glasses sound depressing, lying. The membership of the PL contains the moderation of both. Valdemar, coming from Zilindro, reborn from the ashes like a parliamentary phoenix, as always, rose to the right of the liberating Messiah to make losses that would make a profit. Bolsonaro, instead, in the same “vibe”, chose the ideal partner and ran into his arms to raise the most hidden absolutist dreams of state control. In his hunger for power he joined physiology. Today the captain can do whatever he wants. Distributing secret budget amendments, buying votes, designing imaginary orange orchards with relatives and friends, breaking lava jets, burying the fight against corruption and nothing will move you. It will be armored. Protected. Supported by husband Valdemar’s retirement. The spectators of blind fans will also clap. Those who work on electoral grievances – where systematic criticism of the opposition is valuable, never the elected one, even if both fall into the same trap – do not see the flaws in the “fiance” of Falik Metonimis, who was to defile the government with the inevitable story. Romance – from an intellectual level that is limited to teenagers – from the first “golden shower”. This is the same Bolsonaro who calls his vice president a “boring brother-in-law”, treats opponents like prostitutes and says he cries in the bathroom in a psychological crisis over the illusion of a relationship. Just don’t tell him about Sergeant Aristides, who would be your judo instructor. All care can produce little and unexpected consequences. The story didn’t go well and the captain was taken to the heights of occupation when a pedestrian cursed her, nicknamed “The Little Bride of Aristides”. It was for the angry president to order the immediate arrest of a protester on charges of genocide – the power of genocide, without being embarrassed by other common insults. It snatched him from her mind in general amazement. Like this? If the President himself is an unconditional fan of such filthy language, then what is the reason for the revolt? Go find out! There is an answer in the history of mysterious legends. For the time being, it is worthwhile to celebrate the arrangement of a certain monthly employee Valdemar and his pretending captain. Happy ending for now.

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